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Top 10 Lists

Country Music Is So….

On February 17, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

I think these are actual songs. Interesting list sent in from a friend.  Love the names

Country Music Is So….

Top Ten Country & Western Songs

10. I Hate Every Bone In Her Body But Mine
9. I Ain’t Never Gone To Bed With an Ugly Woman But I Woke Up With A Few
8. If The Phone Don’t Ring, You’ll Know It’s Me
7. I’ve Missed You, But My Aim’s Improvin’
6. Wouldn’t Take Her To A Dogfight ‘Cause I’m Scared She’d Win
5. It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass All Day
4. My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend And I Miss Him
3. She Took My Ring and Gave Me the Finger
2. She’s Lookin’ Better with Every Beer
And the Number One Country & Western song …

1. I’m So Miserable Without You It’s Like You’re Still Here

By the way…I think the number 10 song above is not a country song, but written by C.C. DeVille of Poison, at least he always sings this when he demands his solo time at a Poison concert (off key ususally, as well)

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Top 10 Fogelberg Songs…Do We Care?

On February 15, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

Today’s post comes from Dave with my comments edited…he took it upon himself to list his top 10 list of Dan Fogelberg songs. The question I have for you out there is, do we care? While much can be argued about his work depending upon your musical background or tastes, I believe we should care. Some call his work a sappy collection of songs that at best, may be reflective of the era in which he was popular. I would agree to a great extent.  “Run For The Roses” is a prime example of this…and there are others.  However, there is a complexity to his works that go far beyond the songs that were the hits.  Dave even indicates this below in that his favorites largely were not the radio airplay songs. I chose one of his songs in my top 10 that we ran a while back.  One of his albums is in my top 10. It is somewhat paradoxical, because I dislike much of his stuff as well. But if you listen to most of the fine works on “Netherlands”, the music, the themes, and lyrical content are superb. So I decided to go ahead and publish this list below, as it largely does reflect the better of Dan Fogelberg…although I would add “Netherlands” and “Sketches” to the list below and remove “Part of the Plan”.  Of course, Fogelberg is no longer with us….passed a away a few years ago after battling cancer for several years.

Here is my Top 10 Dan Fogelberg Songs
1) Gambler
2) Part Of The Plan
3) Tulamore Dew/Phoenix
4) The Last Nail
5) The Reach
6) Netherlands
7) As The Raven Flies
8) Along The Road
9) Scarecrows Dream
10) The Innocent Age
Note that only one of those was a “hit” (I think). That would be # 2……

Thanks Dave

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Top 10 Lists, The Next Frontier

On February 5, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

Well, after the last input of rather interesting mix of rock, punk, and a few unidentifiable top 10 bands, it is time to consider what the next frontier in in Top 10 lists.  I have given a lot of thought, so many catagories to go down. Some indicated that the top 10 lists for music were difficult to come up with.  Seems there is an implied finality to the lists.  I propose these can be living lists that change with your times. My top 10 groups have been set through 1 and 2, but there have been changes through the years to others, especially the last 5. Bottom line, we change, and so do our tastes in Top 10 lists of music, concerts, or whatever.

So I ponder on the next frontier. I am considering the reverse…a top 10 list of worst music and concerts, etc.  Of course with this, I think the selections demand a bit more explanation as there is no telling what will end up on these lists and why.  Now I have a lot of lazy readers, and frankly, I do not expect too much of them.

I think we will start of with  the top 10 worse music groups, since we just finished our top 10 favorite groups.  This will be more difficult for me as there is a world of qualifiers.  But I will give it a shot in another post….

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Back To Top 10 Favorite Bands

On February 2, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

Back to the top 10 lists with a late entrant from Robert.  Always interesting stuff, I had to open it back up.  Check out the list. I know he struggled with it for quite some time. Without further rumbling from me, here it is:

My comments will be on a follow up post…let it soak into you guys for a while

Jay from reddgranite.com requested such a list, so here it is.

Top Ten Bands

Apologies to Jay for taking so long to compile this list. It was very hard. I am happy that this is for bands, as it will provide me with the opportunity to squeeze out another top ten list of solo artists, some of whom might have otherwise made this list.

1. Van Halen – The most influential guitarist since Jimi Hendrix, two very different but equally great (at least on vinyl) singers, album after album in which I know every single song. It is probably a cliche for someone in my demographic to love VH so much, but so be it.

1a. Motley Crue – While VH and AC/DC turned me in favor of hard rock and away from the pop of Top 40 radio, it was the Crue that really turned me into a metalhead. I bought their first album based on the cover alone, having never previously heard of them. It did not disappoint. As with Van Halen, even their bad albums are good.

3. Rainmakers – They have been forgotten by many, but these Kansas City-based roots rockers had a moment in the sun in the late ‘80s, with a couple of catchy hits and a string of interesting albums. I normally do not pay much attention to lyrics, but lead singer Bob Walkenhorst’s writing is so insightful and meaningful that even I became enamored with it. Though Walkenhorst is a typical flaming liberal these days, in his early days he wrote some right-leaning tunes. “Government Cheese” and “Drinkin’ on the Job” are in my head every single day, with the latter featuring my favorite lyric of all time, “The generation that would change the world is still looking for its car keys . . . .”

4. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – With a punk heart and a rock-n-roll soul, Joan Jett has always been about the music. (Yes, I know that sounds generic, but it is true and it is the kind of thing that she would say.) She has whipped out plenty of quality original material, and she can cover a song and make it her own better than anyone else in rock history. A reviewer of Jett’s movie “Light of Day” said that she could act, but that she couldn’t sing. What a hack. Her voice is amazing. I could listen to the “Bad Reputation” album every day for a year and never tire of it.

5. Violent Femmes – Every frat-boy on Earth bought the Femmes’ debut album (on cassette) and wore it out playing “Blister in the Sun” at every party held from 1983-1987, but so few people gave their later albums a listen, and it is simply unfair. Their subsequent works were just so damn consistently inconsistent, with Gordon Gano’s pained vocals being the common thread. Their show at the Peony Park Ballroom in 1986 ranks at or near the top of my list of concerts attended.

6. Throw Rag – Here is an obscure one for you. These boys are a punkabilly outfit formed in 1998. A friend and I discovered them by accident when they opened for the Stiff Little Fingers in Dallas. Though he has now left the band, lead washboard player and head nudist Action Craig “Jacko” Jackman (“the new face of rock-n-roll”) brought comedy and a high level of energy to the outfit. Lead singer Capt. Sean Doe (trivia – he is the cousin of Crispin Glover) is quite the showman as well. They have only had four studio albums, but they are all great.

7. New York Dolls – These boys have been shy on the album release front as well, but it hasn’t hurt them. Part glam, part punk, they set the bar high for the many pretenders who followed them. Though their career was derailed by drugs and other bad things after only a couple of years, their two albums released in the ‘70s featured one catchy gem after another. After taking a thirty-year or so vacation that included David Johansen turning into Buster Poindexter for a while, the surviving members found each other again. To the surprise of many, they still had their songwriting chops and released two more superb records. They also returned to the stage, where they are older, wiser and less flamboyant, but still hugely entertaining.

8. Iron Maiden – How can any list be complete without an entry from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal? Bass player and primary writer Steve Harris has persevered through many a lineup change (including three lead singers), but has never sold out or changed the band’s soaring lyrical stylings and multi-guitar (three at current count) attack. It was a difficult to choose these boys over Judas Priest, but I gave them the nod because they were at the top of their game right out of the gate, while it took the Priest a few albums to really figure out what they wanted to do.

9. Cars – For some reason, this group of incredibly talented musicians and writers have been largely forgotten by radio and the kids of today, despite having sold tons of records and made scads of influential videos. The only reasons that I can fathom for this is that they broke up after only a few albums, and because they never really fit into a single musical classification. They were not hard rock, they were not metal, they were not punk, they were not really New Wave (though some claimed they were) . . . they were just The Cars. They probably would have ranked higher on my list, except that they were a dog in concert. Ric Ocasek hated to tour and it showed.

10. Replacements – Drunken catchy rockin’ pop. Goddamn these guys could put some thought into a song . . . or not. Half fun, half bitter, half angry, half not-giving-a-fig, all drunk, they put on a helluva show, whether it was on vinyl or live.

Just outside the top ten:

11. Ratt – Ratt is SO underrated. I saw one tv show on VH1 that referred to them as a one-hit wonder. Unbelievable. They guys just flat out jammed, with five excellent albums and many hits. Unfortunately for the fans, lead singer Stephen Pearcy is a major twit who left the band on more than one occasion, causing them to lose favor with the public, as least as far as being a headliner with huge album sales was concerned.

12. Pixies – Black Francis, Kim Deal and the rest were a band that surprised me back in the day. They were one of those alternative groups that was just so different, yet endlessly interesting. Fast-slow-soft-loud-English-Spanish . . . it was tough to follow what they were doing, but it was impossible not to love the songs.

13. Motorhead – Lemmy is a god. The man invented thrash and for that he makes this list.

Two that might have made the list had they quit music in 1988:

a. R.E.M.

b. Metallica

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Daves Response to Kelly

On January 15, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

From Dave on Kelly’s Top 10…the post is below all that related website stuff…so read down.  We will be putting more updates from Haiti in here as well……PLEASE DONATE. THEY NEED THE HELP!

My response:
1) I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the Walrus…..What can I say, great minds think alike….goo-goo-ga-joob
2) Goin down to the crossroads with my bottle on my side…Good choice, brought the real blues back to the attention of americans who had either forgotten them or never knew them
3)Nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, hey-hey-hey, good bye….Very interesting choice. Influential, but only had what 4-5 hits?
4) I just want to celebrate another day of living…..I LOVED this group in high school. Great stuff. Should get played a LOT more on “classic” rock stations than it currently does.
5)One is loneliest number… (I refuse to dicsuss that bullfrog fella)…Actually my favorite of theirs was one of their lesser known hits called, “Pieces of April”.  Great song, They had many hits.  Norm was a big fan of “Out in the Country” . He used to be able to play it, before he became a rich and famous professor/published author and bon vivant-around-town.
6) Inna-gadda-da-vida, baby…..Wow–what an interesting choice.  EVERY garage band had to do “Innagada….” I actually had both of their albums and they were’nt bad.  Since Gene Krupa or Buddy Rich in the Big Band Era, no group had more impact on drum solos… not even my hero, Bun E Carlos (my long lost twin–but I digress)
7)Well, she got her daddy’s car and she’s cruisin to the hamburger stand now…..As I mentioned in my comments on Marty’s list. I understand how folks would include them, they were just not for me.
8)Well c’mon all of you big, stong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again, He’s got himself in a terrible jam, a way down yonder in Afghanistan– wait, that’s not right, is it? Or is it?……wow, this one really surprised me…..I dont get it, but there you go….
9)The finest years I ever knew, where all the years I had with you….Good choice, not surprising.
10)And when I die, there’ll be one child born, in the world to carry on, carry on……Another surprising choice. Had some good stuff. I was more of a Chicago fan, rather than the blues oriented BST, but had some good stuff.
Kelly, as always, you are an interesting unit.  Some different choices there…..

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After that rather stunning and moving post on Haiti below, we are back to the top 10 music lists.  One note on Haiti….I take a personal interest not only for the safety of our family friend, but as well, I did business there for 2 years.  I helped sell all of the equipment that was still operational after the quake to let our personal family friend send this note (unfortunately, the telecom switches, while still operational, no longer work as the battery backup unit finally ran out of juice), but it may be some time before service can be back up.

Please consider donating toward relief efforts

Our top 10 groups today comes from Kelly, our bookee…uh, I did not say that!  Comments after the list,as well as in the body

MY lisit:
     1) The Beatles-what other group has had more and substaining impact on music than these 4,their music covered by more artists than any other, far more hits than misses Ugh
      2)  CREAM- great riffs from Ec, rock,  ballads, blues, what a power trio Good call, “In A White Room” Great song
      3)  SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE-energy, drive, a group that did what many could not bring racial diversity to music huh?
      4)   RARE  EARTH- great songs, doing some ofv Motown’s tunes with RnR energy drums, horns,always one of my favorites
      5)   THREE DOG NIGHT-one of the best hit groups of the 70’s -harmonies from Chuck , Danny and Corey wow Nice
      6) IRON BUTTERFLY-ok ok but for a great 60’s groove, and not just because of the 17 min. inagotadavida listen to ssome of the other stuff
      7) BEACH BOYS- just fun stuff from america’s beatles Another group that deserved not to be
      8) COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH-just for you Dave,  hey   they did have some hits
      9) BREAD- what song writting  and I do have the double cd greatest hits if you want to copy it Dave Seems all of us have this one in the list
     10) BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS- I just love those horns, vocals by David Claton Thomas, great power , rock and roll love songs  
 So again the ? begs why are always stopping at 10??  Because your boy Marty could not even come up with 10! Yours musically Kelly

My god, another Beatles top. My peeps must smoke crack…I HATE THE BEATLES.  There, I said it again.  Thanks Kelly for the list, now get your ass busy back to booking the Dazzling Weasel FacesYou are way below your quota and you will not get paid unless you get busy!


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Landing Page

On January 11, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

For the convenience of the increasing traffic on this site, I have decided to put the blog “discussion” page back as the landing page so you do not have to navigate to that page to put up comments to a post. We are still doing the Top 10 favorite groups and favorite music subjects.  The top 10 will continue for some time in  different flavors, includng “worst of”. Sprinkled in between will be concert reviews (Anvil coming up the 26th) and other music news and tidbits.

And for the page redd granite who, it is buried back there.  Many of you know who were are anyway.  Comments on format and content always welcome…

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Top 10 Favorite Groups Continued

On January 9, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

This one is from Dave, my song writing partner….a few comments first. He loves the Beatles. Listed them as one and two, then sent me a mail stating he forgot ZZTop. See what happens when you get too far into the Rum?  I cannot do the Beatles, they would be in my bottom 10.  Now Dave loves everything England, and maybe that has something to do with it, but this Doors freak just does not get it.  Of course, that said, you do not see any of my hair bands on his list….he can say the same for me

1) The Beatles
2) The Beatles
3) The Eagles
4) The Who
5) Creedance Clearwater Revival
6) Moody Blues
7) Alan Parsons Project
8) U2
9)  Boston
10) The Rolling Stones
Just out of the Top 10,
ACDC, The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills & Nash, The James Gang, Genesis, The Dave Clark 5, Men at Work,  The Doors, Journey, The Grassroots, America, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,
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Top 10 Favorite Groups

On January 8, 2010, in Favorite Music, Uncategorized, by admin

And now to continue with the top 10 favorite groups in order, starting with number 5.

Journey  www.journeymusic.com.  One of the several groups dubbed as “supergroup” of the 70’s this band started in the SF bay area with a strong line up of initial songs, but most importantly, one of the strongest and best voices in the music business, Steve Perry. Interestingly, the line up changed after the first few albums and in came Jonathan Cain to play keyboards, replacing Greg Rollie. Cain came from another famous group, The Baby’s.  It was his infusion of influence that changed Journey into the hits machine it became.  Fortunately, they did not loose their harder rock sound completely as Neal Schon continued to a force on guitar, but the merge of the styles hit straight to pop chart home. Perry left the group over a 15 years ago, but Schon and Cain still anchor Journey, importing an amazing slew of replacement singers that sound very close to Steve Perry. No other group has done a better job of copying the lead vocalist, by voice anyway, because the latest incarnation of the copycat is a short  guy of Phillipino descent with supposedly dead on voicecopy of Perry….hmm.  Failed to mention, original member Ross Valory still in group as well.

Bread   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_(band)  I am gonna get shot for this one, but it is what it is. This goes back to my early influences in music, before I turned angry and got into hard rock. David Gates led this group and has most recognition, but in reality, this was a very talented group. The late James Griffen (whom I have met) wrote nearly as many songs for Bread as Gates, though most were not the chart toppers, he was the rocker of the group. He passed away in his native Memphis Tenn. of  Leukemia. The original group contained Rob Royer on bass. He too wrote some of the early hits. But the last line up gained most recognition with Larry Knechtel, a well know LA studio musician on bass and Mike Botts on drums (Larry played base for my beloved Doors on Strange Days album). My iPod is filled with these guys songs. When I am in a rocking mood, I just shuffle past the Bread songs

Great White  www.greatwhiterocks.com Somebody needs to help these guys with SEO on their website, they barely make the first page. I remember exactly where I was when I heard of the nightclub fire in Rhode Island killing 99 people as a result of pyro technics in the concert. This was an unfortunate incident that took the life of their bassist at the time Ty Longely….(better known in porn movies). These guys came from Redondo Beach CA, and rode success of what most people remember now as one or two songs.  But they have a rich catalog of great music lead by Jack Russell’s (not the dog) unique voice, and Mark Kendall’s blues laced rock guitar riffs. I have seen these guys 16 times and concert (the most by far of any group), and will go see them again, as they continue to tour…and fortunately for them, most people have forgotten of that dreaded night in January 2001

Styx  www.styxworld.com  Back to the Illionois connection. I am from Kenosha Wisconsin. This group, in the earliest of 70’s played many local venues in the area. The hit song “Lady”, which was a chart topper around 1975, actually was known to us in the area since about ’72. Styx was founded by The Panozzo brothers and Dennis DeYoung (no, JY is not the godfather of Styx like they like to say in concert). DeYoung, a trained musician and music teacher has a unique voice and brought in keyboards.  James Young came shortly thereafter, bring a growling rock guitar style. After their first album on a national label A&M,(there were four on the Wooden Nickel label which had a distrubution agreement with RCA at that time), a member left the group.  Styx recruited Tommy Shaw, and the stage was set for them to become their 70’s supergroup. Everyone could sing, most could write, and inspite of DeYoung being quite egotistical, he at least was smart enough to understand the talen of Shaw. After their run in the 70’s, the strain took its toll, DeYoung was forced out of the group as he wanted to write ballads and just plain nutty ass songs, and the rest wanted to rock. Lawsuits  later, Styx still is Tommy Shaw and JY, with an occassional visit by Chuck Pannozzo, founder on bass. Bother John died of natural causes related to excessive alcohol consumption (as did the other member who left the group).  DeYoung releases his solo music today, with little fanfare with the exception of popularity in Canada (Quebec).  See much earlier post on DeYoung in this forum. I have seen these guys 12 times, adn the still tirelessly tour today, and I will continue to  see them as long as they are out on the road.

Doors  www.thedoors.com  No surprise here for those of you who know me. I have had a strange facsination with these guys from the late 60’s.  Sure Light My Fire was wildly popular, but I cut my teeth on the “Waiting for The Sun” album, whose only hit on it was Hello I Love You. (See favorite songs post). Totally misunderstood, controversial, and accused of many things in the day, they sold millions of albums in a relatively short period of time before Morrison’s death on July 3 1971. I will not attempt to explain my love for this group, it works on so many levels for me. I admit to being somewhat of a historian on the Doors and  Morrison. And yes, the movie released over a decade by Oliver Stone was a decent portrayal of the personality and captured the times.  I am not certain how many of you realize just how crazy these times were in America….they certainly made an impression on me.

Now its time to move onto favorite music groups of all time.  This time, we will list in order from 10 to 1.  I will list in two posts  of 5 each.  As usual, feel free to comment, or mail me at jay@reddgranite.com with your list and I will be happy to post. And no, if you think this is going to be filled with Led Zepplins, Who’s, and the like, you are dead wrong.

10. Head East. www.headeast.com. Most remember this group more as a one hit wonder than a top 10 band. But many albums and a long history dating back to 1969, they go far beyond their branded hit “Never Been Any Reason”  Actually, I liked their follow up album to Flat As A Pancake, “Getting Lucky” much better than the signature album.  Fronted by a great voice in John Schlitt.  For those of you in the Christian Rock arena, he fronted Petra for two decades until the band broke up.  Now he has solo career. Maybe I like these guys because of their Central Illinios start. Have a look at the website.  They still tour today, only the founder and resident ass hole Roger Boyd is the only original. Owns rights to the name, I believe.

Queensryche. www.queensryche.com. Often confused as a hair band, these guys carved a separate path laced with highly intelligent lyrics and a different sound.  A true think tank type of group. A bit theatrical. My daughter will shoot me on this one, as we have seen them several times in concert together, and well, I agree with her, they just do not translate well into concert. But still like them anyway….and if you read earlier posts on top 10 songs, they have one of my top 10, “Eyes Of A Stranger”  Because, each of us a just a little bit insane.

Dokken. www.dokken.net. Rockin with Dokken. Great band with not only the dynamics lead vocals, but if you listen closely, some of the best guitar riffs in the industry. Of course, the latter was due to the talents of George Lynch, who split long ago from the group.  Rumored to be returning, but seemingly at a stalemate, since George wants to return only if Jeff Pilsner, another original member is on tour. Jeff is off doing some work for a Christian music project and ‘not available’.  Seems George wants Jeff there to counter the sometimes bipolar personality of Don Dokken. Loose the bottle Don if you cannot handle it.

REO Speedwagon. www.speedwagon.com    Man, whats with the Illinios connection here?  From Rockford, Illinios, they started out as a truly hard rock band turning into a hits writing machine which moved them squarely into pop. Still touring endlessly these days…usually with another Illinios outfit and favorite, three band mates are original members. Met lead singer Kevin Cronin once at the Orleans in L.V., was staying on the same floor as us.  Nice guy, but really, I do like the music.  See story about one of their songs in the comments section under the favorite songs posts by Dave earlier.  It is quite humorous.

Warrant. www.warrantweb.net. Speaking of bipolar…ex,ex,ex,ex,ex, hell, I cannot remember how many times lead singer Jani Lane has been in and out of this group.  Cannot get his shit together. . Unfortunately, he is the voice.  Other groups with prolific lead singers have done a good job of replacing them, but not Warrant.  I have seen these guys 12 times. About 2/3 of them with Lane.  I have seem him do tremendous shows, and drunken slobberly shows. Too bad. The group knows they need him, thats why they keep putting up with him time and again. Right now, Lane is out. Have not seen the new guy, and I will go see them with him at the helm. Cannot hurt. But this is a group that really needs Lane in there.  And, by the way, they go far beyond the seemingly only song people remember from them, “Cherry Pie”. Just listen to the greatest hits CD….OK, you have to like melodic rock and a bit of raunch, but truly great stuff.

Next five in next post. Comments welcome.

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