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On December 30, 2009, in Other Interests, by admin

…the Follow Me button on the right of the website. This, of course, is tied to Twitter, the one of the social web programs available that has gotten wide popularity. If you punch this, will you see it come up as “iamjimmorrison” as the account to follow. I use this sound bite in my apparant mulitple personalities. Of course, no surprise to the reader who participated in the Top10 favorite songs list. Any future top 10 favorite songs or other lists will likely be dominated by The Doors. So no surprise….but the real discussion here is social networking. This twitter account is not really used.  I do not put updates on it despite the call from my domain/web comrades (something which I am still learning) who use Twitter, Facebook and others to build traffic. A couple of things here…..1) There are only so many updates one can do during a day if you have a real job, and 2) I am perplexed and very careful not to try to use friends as a means to sell something, which, is what most of what my comrades do.  Yes, I have ads on this site. Yes, I would love for those to partake if they see something of interest or need, as it helps defray costs of a format like this blog which I choose to do instead of Facebook so our collective music can be available to those interested. (Still hope to add a lot more).  But I do not want to be in the position to spam friend network.  These sites take a shitload to maintain.  Yes, I am trying to build traffic to this site (this is what the related links under posts is all about), and yes, I am interested in continuing my learning in this industry for income streams, this site being one of my early entries. But bottom line, this site is for personal use.  I do many known and calculated errors on this site for SEO purposes and building traffic because I use this forum for my personal blog and interests. By definition, it will never be one that has so much traffic driven to it for commercial purposes. There are others for this purpose, others, that are not blogs that hit my social network, but mini-sites with landing pages designed for commercial.  There will be more from me as well, as I own a few names that would be decent for this purpose. is one of my sites for the above purposes.  (yes, the name is a bit grotequesly catchy, isn’t it!). I amy even try a few names for comment in this forum before I develop.  Becuase, this is one of my interests as well as music. Other sites include South Padres Lodging . This was my first and developed by hand and, it shows. And of course, some of you know I have a consulting practice with a good friend and the technically competent person who helps me with this mess.  Kurt developed our site Penland Corner Consultants, and it is really cool….a practice that is slowly beginning. 

Bottom line of all this rambling, I have backed off of Facebook, do not really do Twitter (over 50 follow me without any updates….all it is tied to someone selling something), interests like these keep me out of trouble, maybe earn a little $$ (very little as of now),  and certainly provide an outlet for discussion. Now back to the music after the New Years

Do not forget, Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant NYE. Be there

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