Music’s Dark Night

On February 1, 2010, in Live Performance, by admin

Now that another grammy night has come and gone, I must say, I can certainly live without these self engrandizing events in the music industry, and really, for any other industry as well. Everyone musician loves to hear their songs heard and enjoys the energy of performance.  But this pomp and circumstance is far from any musical roots. In my mind, it simply forwards America’s strange curiosity of the “beautiful people” and all else that is what makes our stupid reality shows on the networks thrive. No, and quite the opposite, most of these people came from questionable backgrounds and upbringing, the streets, or whatever their story happens to be.  And further, many of these people’s best songwriting efforts captured their early life style challenges.  It is what makes an “edgy” song in many cases.

But here they are, walking the carpet in these silly gowns, taking way too long in their ‘thank you’ speech, spewing poorly written jokes that some producer forced them to read from a queue card….I mean, common, where are these people’s sense of original self?  It is nice to be noticed, but is that what is driving them?  Is it just a simple equation of money and fame and the trappings that come with this success?  Whatever, I think it would be cool if they spent a little more time reflecting the origins of their music. At least, thats for those on that stage that wrote their own music.  At least I can have some respect for that…the others, well mostly they are manufactured by the music marketeers, the consumer buying public buys right into the concept.  That fuels more of these events, and well, you know.

Maybe I am just bitter that I am writing this and not there…but I do not think so. So here is to the small club performers, the original songwriters, and those who perform from the gut because that is why they began writing in the first place. You are the true musicians, and never let me see you on that stage in the future

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Rainy NYE. Don Carlos in Waco

On December 31, 2009, in Uncategorized, by admin

Taking a few minutes before heading out to hit the road for NYE festivities at Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant, I 35 South in Waco, Texas. Will join the Dazzling Weasel Faces for a long night of sets and music and laughter. Any of you local peeps to Waco, come on out, we will  have you up in front of a microphone singing “Having My Baby” or some other whacked music. Anything for a quick laugh. Again, I will bring my sets….we will only have the Tak 12’er with me tonight.  Just feel like being laid back, so the full  array of guitars will not make the trip with me tonight. We play from 8-12 tonight….but my guess there is no way we knock off at 12, who is the stoner who set that schedule up? Again, we will have a few new things tonight, and I will mingle with the local peeps in the crowd tonight as well….forgot the  beads, anyone have beads?

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