Monday night November 29 saw Hinder, Saving Abel, My Darkest Days, and Default foll into town on this post Thanksgiving holiday Monday night. This was held at the Palladium Ballroom, Dallas Texas. I could not miss the opportunity to see Hinder in a small venue.  Saving Abel, and My Darkest Days were also on the bill.  Default was as well, but not reviewed as alas, traffic hang ups had us inadvertently hanging up on Default.  No worries, had seen them twice previous with only moderate results.

My Darkest Days

Canadian Band founded by the most successful Canadian band

It started with My Darkest Days. This is an interesting outfit from Toronto, Canada.  Fairly new to the national scene, they were discovered by fellow Canadian Chad Kroger of Nickelback.  Not bad backing.  The group was founded by lead singer Matt Walst, whose brother plays bass for Three Days Grace. So they are no stranger to the head start in a clogged industry.  I was impressed with these lads. They have a straight ahead approach to the music and stage presence.  I had already known them from their single which I down loaded into my iPod a few weeks back (not realizing they were on this bill).  I will be downloading a few more. The music is labeled ‘post grunge’, whatever that means. I found it to be very hard with melodic hooks for choruses that fit well into the music. Nothing musically is too difficult here.  I was impressed with the harmonies, however. The second guitarist, a multi hair do colored Mohawk kind of guy shared vocals with strength, and exquisite harmonies.  There you go….there is no harmonizing in grunge.  Great act.  Hope they see more success.

Saving Abel was next.  This is the third time seeing them, the first in smaller venue.  These guys will release their second album shortly. They played the single off of the new album, one that is decent, but nothing to get too excited about.  It is a clever lyric for the chorus and that is about it.  I was not too impressed this time with this group. I cannot put my finger on it, but it just seem the act and presentation was false on several levels.  It did not help when the lead singer started tearing up during yet another tribute to our military (one day I would really like to see any number of these bands quit the tributes, dawn the battle fatigues, and really understand what the military goes through daily.  Not that I know either, but I’m just sayin’. This guy wiped, or pretended, to wipe tears from his eyes from the moment he introduced the song and throughout.  At a certain moment, I felt like I was listening to, well, most of you know what…will not say it here. And the drummer, he must have been high as a kite. He glared in awesome wonder around the room as he adequately addressed his drumming duties.  His pupils were the size of dollar coins. Oh wow, man. I am not saying that Saving Abel was bad, it just did not do much for me on this night. The friends I attended with enjoyed them immensely, so trust their judgement.  They go to alot of concerts as well. As for my opinion,  They are better suited on a multi-band bill in a larger venue playing the allotted 40 minutes.


We will see what the new album brings

Hinder. Now these guys from OKC yield a variety of opinions from music listeners.  There was a group that frequently goes with us to concerts that would not pay to see them. Too soft (not the word he used).  Others write them off as a pop band who has worn out the welcome carpet with their intentional designs to mirror the Motley Crue lifestyle (self admitted by Hinder). Other consider them just plain pop music. However, I tag them as the best band to come out in the last five years.  They have had some staying power.  The first album sold north of 3 Million, the second approached 2 Million…now kids, this is not easy in the days of downloads.  They played four songs off of the new album to be released Tuesday, 7 December. I can tell you that from what I heard, the sound will largely be the same as the previous two. Overall the performance was good and well received by the rather sparse crowd of 200 or so. The highlight of the evening was a strong rendition of “Better Than Me” and a strongly performed “Without You”.  On “Lips of an Angel”, they cheapen the guitar up which makes the song less effective.  Hell, I play the song more complexly when performing it acoustically than he does.

As mentioned, the crowd was small.  Clearly the band names in stock this evening could not draw folks out on a post Thanksgiving holiday Monday.  That says something as well. I estimate total revenue for this event at $7,000, parking, drinks, and ticket prices added up.  Ouch.  Somebody lost their ass………

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