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Fashion Plate Sammy Hagar

Always A Party With Sammy

I see  a load of concerts yearly. Far too much of my budget gets allocated to concert events.  Well, WTF, call it my bucket list if you will. But there are few concert events that I look forward to more than to see Sammy Hagar. And in the end, each time I am not disappointed.  This version of the Sammy show took place at an unusual venue, but one in the Dallas area that has been very aggressive in booking events.  This was held in the Winstar Casino, Thackerville, OK. For my Russian spamming friends, this is 1.5 hours north of the city center of Dallas, TX, USA. (I continually wish to upgrade your geographical skills and knowledge of the US if you are going to spam sites with the latest in male enhancing rip offs.)

This a strange place for a concert.  The thing is, this casino gets major acts to play there.  I get it. Host a show, and an additional 1200 people or so will come to your casino who would not have otherwise.  The thing is, they recently put an addition on to the casino.  It resulted in a new room for a venue, replacing the old make shift venue where they lined up chairs on a flat floor 40 rows deep.  It reminded me of the latest kumbya church. So they allocated a new room for the venue, and the result was a room much the same.  If I was an artist, I would charge double to play this shitty venue. It is hard to generate any kind of energy in a smaller venue when all of the seats are serially located away from the stage by row on a flat surface. WE were fortuate, we had seats about 5 rows back.

For anyone who has not been to a Sammy Hagar show, you are swinging and missing at the plate.  His shows are always a party, from the straight ahead non stop rock which mixes his solo, Van Halen and Montrose days together.  Hard to remember that this guy started his career in Montrose, circa 1973 or so. Of course, his signature bar was set up serving him his branded Tequila from attractive chicks.  The winter version of the Sammy Hagar waitresses are Jeans and a tight shirt. The summer version is always bikini clad. God love Sammy.

For those of you not too familiar with Sammy, he is branded in the rock world in a similar manner that Jimmy Buffet is branded in the, well, I am not so sure what world. Sammy has his Cabo Wabo Cantina, his signature Cantina/music venue in Cabo San Lucas which he has now franchised across the nation in travel destinations, much like Buffet’s Margarita-ville.  Also same has his branded Tequila. Sammy has branded himself as a beach rat party boy.  His show supports this branding.  Non stop activiety.  Needless to say, there are no power ballads in the Sammy Hagar set list. The show started off with a video of concert clips and general party times while on tour.  Many of the clips came from the Cabo Cantina, no doubt guest musician appearances at his annual birthday bash the second weekend in October.  Sammy Hagar Tequila Site. He then broke into several of his hit singles of his solo career, including my favorite of his, “I Can’t Drive 55”. This produced instant energy, at least as much as this rather poor arena would allow. I thought the show overall was very good.  He kept his intensity up all night long for the roughly 1.75 hour set. If anything, I felt he cut it a bit short overall, leaving good songs on the table like “Sam I Am.” There was not an opening act, so it would have seemed he could have played longer.  There was not encore as well.

This appearance was the 5th time seeing the Red Rocker. It ranks among one of the lower appearances.  Overall, as I said, I liked the show, but there were issues.  His supporting band of  well over a decade was sloppy at best.  Normally they are a very tight unit.  Tonight, it seemed as if guitar riffs, rhythm, and bass all collated together to result in a less than succinct sound that I am used to from this outfit.  Perhaps Hagar let on the reasoning:  this was a last leg of this part of the tour, and he personally was headed back to Cabo San Lucas after the show.  If so, this could attribute to the less than stellar musicianship. Sammy’s voice, however, was top form.  He does not cheat on the high notes as so many aged rockers do. His energy guides him through.  The other thing I observed?  This guy is just happy.  No brooding spoiled rock star.  He truly enjoys being up there partying for the masses.  It is infectious.  You end up happy as well, and feeling good you spent the coin to come.

Even though it was not one of the better outings that I have seen Sammy Hagar, I still enjoyed the show immensely as did those I was with at this concert.

The Biz:  This venue holds about 1500.  About 1200 were present at an average ticket price of $40..  Parking is free, so no revenue from there.  I estimate the total bar intake was was around 15K.  Total estimated revenue was $63,000, plus whatever was spent on casino gambling and a few hotel rooms since this is a bit of a ways from Dallas. So they made well for this show.  This venue seems to do well, as they continue to book strong B list and some A List acts.  Next up here, Goo Goo Dolls……

Scale of 1 to 10, I give the show a 7y, overall


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