Another Loss In Musicland

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Never was a Knack fan, but the industry lost another one…this time to cancer:

The Knack lead singer Doug Fieger dies

AP, Feb 15, 2010 5:01 am PST

Doug Fieger, leader of the power pop band The Knack who sang on the 1979 hit “My Sharona,” died Sunday. He was 57.Fieger, a Detroit-area native, died at his home in Woodland Hills near Los Angeles after battling cancer, according to The Knack’s manager, Jake Hooker.

Fieger formed The Knack in Los Angeles 1978, and the group quickly became a staple of Sunset Strip rock clubs. A year later he co-wrote and sang lead vocals on “My Sharona.”

Fieger said the song, with its pounding drums and exuberant vocals, was inspired by a girlfriend of four years.

“I had never met a girl like her — ever,” he told The Associated Press in a 1994 interview. “She induced madness. She was a very powerful presence. She had an insouciance that wouldn’t quit. She was very self-assured. … She also had an overpowering scent, and it drove me crazy.”

“My Sharona,” an unapologetically anthemic rock song, emerged during disco’s heyday and held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard pop chart for six weeks, becoming an FM radio standard.

It became a pop culture phenomenon, parodied by Weird Al Yankovic and others and sampled by rap group Run DMC.

In 1994, “My Sharona” re-entered the Billboard chart when it was released as a single from the soundtrack of the Ben Stiller film “Reality Bites.”

“My Sharona” gained attention again in 2005 when it was reported that George W. Bush had the song on the presidential iPod.

Their songs, about young love and teenage lust, included the hits “Good Girls Don’t,” “She’s So Selfish” and “Frustrated.”

The Knack continued to release albums and tour through the mid-2000s but they never replicated the success they enjoyed with their first two albums, “Get the Knack” and “… But the Little Girls Understand.”

Fieger battled cancer for six years. In 2006 he underwent surgery to remove two tumors from his brain.

He is survived by a sister, Beth Falkenstein, and a brother, attorney Geoffrey Fieger of Southfield, Mich., who is best known for representing assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian.

A Los Angeles memorial service for friends and family is being planned.

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On The Road Again

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So I find myself this time of the year on the road back and forth in Central Texas attending BU basketball. With a round trip drive totalling nearly 250 miles by the day’s end, I spend a lot of time in the car driving, so I find the need for entertainment.  The wife unit works on the way down and often on the way back, so I am on my own. Now most of you know my musical tastes as hard rock, with a heavy emphasis on the 80’s hair bands. But this, like any other form of music, can get old real quick.  Thank God for Satellite Radio. With the nearly 200 channel offering, I can tune into most anything I wish.  So what, pray tell, is the music/content that I listen to?  It may surprise many of you:

  • Spa Channel.  Yes, you heard it.  This station plays nothing more than the unusual, but relaxing music you would get during a massage….(OK, no jokes here)
  • Jazz Channels.  There are several on Sirrius. While I tire of them quickly, they are always enjoyable for a bit.
  • Classical Channels. Again, there are several choices here.  I stay away from the opera channel, (considered and grouped with the classical channels on Sirrius).  I would rather be shot.
  • Comedy Channels. A good change from music, and generally very funny.  They play clips of many varieties, and each clip lasts generally no longer than 3-5 minutes, perfect for my Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Coffeehouse Channel. This is for singer, songwriters doing mostly accoustical sets of music. I leave this station when they start doing covers of Beatles songs, because, as most of you know, communist me hates the Beatles, in any form

If you see a trend of music that generally relaxes, congratulations, you got the word! What I do not listen to may surprise you as well:

  • Playboy Channel. Because there is only so much of chicks talking about going down on eachother that you can take before it gets very old.  I guess I never did understand the allure of the 1.900….chat lines
  • Country Stations.  And there are a shit load.  Just say “no” to country
  • Classic Rock Stations. This is largely because classic rock was/is so overplayed, its like, enough already!
  • Howard Stern. Consider him very funny, and as you know, I love irreverant humor, but he too is over-exposed and it gets old. o much of anything just gets old…and he has been out there a long time now talking about fake jugs, midgets, and fart jokes. Let it go Howard.

So that is a little summary of my Sirrius radio tastes.  We have a total of three lines for our cars and home system….I just like the product.  Oh yeah, I really appreciate that you can pick up BU men’s basketball on 161 for the away, non-televised games.  Oh yeah, I really like not being bombarded by commercials as we as Americans have way too many commercials thrown at us daily. (Check out the Sirrius radio ad at the end of this post….lol)

Peace Hippies

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