OK, I Wussed Out…

On January 4, 2010, in Live Performance, by admin

My peeps tell me that the NYE event at Don Carlos Restaurant in Waco went very well. I would not know, as I wussed out due to weather conditions in my area.  OK. Slam me for this one, its OK. A Northerner like myself should not be concerned about rain at freezing conditions.  But in the end, the Southerners are concerned, and we Northerners end up being co-dependent (psych term, look it up) on their concern. Really, I got a late start, and as I returned from work, all southward outlets were jammed in traffic. I could have made it there, and in time, but would have been in horrible mood. Audiences or the DWF do not need soured redd…and thats it. Stayed home with a fire.

Looking ahead on the site, we will get back to top 10’s.  This time it will be of your top 10 favorite groups.  This time, however, we will put them in order from bottom to top.  Once again, there will be some explanations throughout, and this time, I plan to put 5 on each day covering two days.  Once again, comments or separate mails are welcome, you can post yours in comment section or mail me at jay@reddgranite.com. I will assure it get posted.


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