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Head Think Tank Geoff Tate

With pleasure, we submit this review of Queensryche, witnessed Sunday, 8 August, at House of Blues in Dallas, Texas. As you all know, I tend to see bands multiple times, and Queensryche is no exception.  This was the sixth time seeing them. This one came with their own twist.  They call it Queensryche Caberet.  So Queensryche Caberet does not come to as a surprise to us that know the band well.  Queensryche is different than many bands in that they are much deeper and somewhat political than the “hey baby I want to make love to you” bands.  Surely, most of their lyrics are deep, meaningful and well crafted, not throw away lyrics. You would also know that they like the theatrical.  They toured with a play written around their hit album “Operation Mind Crime”. OMC was horrible to listen to in concert. When I saw them, they were the headliners at a night in Rocklahoma, a night where half of the crowd got an early start to their nightly debachery.  (Should have stayed, they lost the costumes that night and played a straight up 40 minute set that was great).  Queensryche, because of its depth, just does not tranlate well into straight up concert settings. Somehow, there is a void in energy, and, well, it is hard to explain.  This is why I welcomed this version of Queensryche: Queensryche Caberet.  They went for a setting, a mood if you will. In fact, they have been trying to get in the media previous to the shows to goad audience to dress in costume as well….they have a little more work to do in this area.  I only saw three people who likely fit this bill. Of course, this is uptight Dallas.  Not surprising. The crew consisted of at least 6 women and two guys who were part of the show.  One chick substituted a dancing pole with a floor length curtain from which she did her acrobatics.  Same on the other side of the stage with a giant hanging ring. Then of course, there was the straight up dancing to keep the guys roped in.

Musically, they were tight, tight, tight. Interestingly, they left a couple of their top songs on the table, Silent Lucidity (which despite its mellow and dark demenor, it always has gotten great response.  The other, to my sadness, was Eyes of A Stranger.  If you any of you were with this site in the beginning when we did our top 10 favorite songs, Eyes of a Stranger is one of mine.

Queensryche Guitarist Laying It Down

There were about 400 in attendance this evening. It was an older, but very enthusiastic crowd.  In fact, it struck me a bit how enthusiastic they were.  My friends along for the ride were not as impressed with this.  But I was.  The visual effects, without trying to be too fancy or think tanky like OMC works. It substitutes for the fact that Queensryche just does not translate that well in the live concert setting. Tate’s voice was very strong. He went on all notes, all parts.  No backing down. In the end, this was an enjoyable evening that worked on several levels.

I now estimate, as part of our reviews, the revenue the show likely took in.  This one I estimate at just short of $20,000 revenue, not including HOB resturaunt operations for the night which I have no way of estimating

Go see this show. If it comes to Vegas, really go see it. People are less hung up out there. But just be cautioned: although they do not announce the new stuff, in the end, this is mostly new music off recent CDs.  But noone really seemed to mind……enjoy,

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