My God is Your God

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My God is your God. Interesting.  That says a lot about today’s environment, politically and religiously. One does not have to look far among social media, news outlets and any other source from which you gather your information to mold your opinions. We are a country is distinctly divided. This is no news flash. The political landscape of America is littered with  opinions structured along the lines of  partisan politics. There has always been a Democratic Party and a Republican Party in this country. Throw in a few independents, and a few party wannabes like the Libertarian party, our landscape is pretty much been unchanged politically for decades. Interestingly though, as we motor our way to another election year;  the landscape seems to be changing whereby politics seems to be quickly becoming a vehicle for religious platforms. Constitutionally, separation of church and state be damned. It seems that the Republican Party and its offshoots like the Tea Party are siding more and more along religious lines and beliefs;  inserting them into the public eye for political gain.

This is the simple reason that I introduce this as a political discussion.This is how it has become in our country today. It is always dangerous to stereotype or categorize one group of people or another as having certain characteristics or beliefs. But in this instance, how can you possibly avoid it? We have gone so far to even have accusations that certain media outlets favor certain parties and beliefs, all in the name of reporting  news.

So let’s examine the political landscape as it relates to religious beliefs. The political right appear to side with a staunch Christianity bordering on evangelical and beyond. The political left is largely silent on this issue, however, certain conclusions can also be drawn from the stereotypical standpoint that they are all atheists, or at best agnostics.

All of this leads to a grotesque abandon of the point. Politics is not about religion. Nor should it ever be. But as the days pass, it appears that this line is being drawn from both a political standpoint and a personal beliefs standpoint.

The trouble this that so many people are now basing their opinions upon their beliefs. People are free to believe in a way they wish to believe. But to insert those beliefs into politics by which laws presumably would be created over the future years is simply not acceptable to the greater good of the country.

Most Christians have certain sets of rules that they follow as interpreted by the Bible. Not only do they interpret them, but in accordance with the Scripture, at least in their opinion, everyone should abide by the same set that they apply. Their  God is the only God out there and the only way to heaven, however you interpret that. Those who do not abide by those rules are destined for hell. In these rules are a boatload of premises that have the effect of robbing individuals who do not believe in the same set of rules as the evangelical Christians; potentially having the effect of stripping them of personal freedoms. Freedom to marry how they wish. Freedom to believe in another God that is not theirs. Freedom to make choices about their own bodies and well-being. I think you get the point. The basic premise of these people is that you must believe the way they do, their God, their Bible, and their interpretation of the Bible. Other religions or lack of any religous beliefs be damned.

Okay. They are free to believe the way they wish to. We can acknowledge that. All that is required in return is to let anyone else believe the way they wish to live. But that is not the way of a religion that is basically imperialistic in its nature. Okay. I’m not in the position to change anyone’s mind about how they believe. That is not my place for me to tell them how to live just as it is not their place to tell me how to live. But my God may not be the same as your God.

I do not mean to just single out the Christian faith. Most religions by their very nature are imperialistic in their intent. It seems every religion is out to save other people to convert to their religion. The basic premise for this is a fear of loss of control. The mentality is “if you do not believe the way I believe, I cannot control your actions and thought”.  Again, it is a control mechanism for one sect of humans to manage or dictate what another sect of humans should do or don’t do. It’s a simple as that. Yet today most of the military conflicts in the world are based on religious preference and imperialism. This religious imperialism has cost thousands of lives at a great financial cost to America and its allies. In a country that believes in freedom for all, how can there possibly be a premise that all must live along a line of a specific religious value? Was not this country founded as a place for all live, believe, and prosper with the freedoms that this country is supposed to offer? Was this country not founded as a result to escape religious and other oppression?

There is not a place for religion and politics in coexistence. By definition of each religion that I am aware of, each has it’s own mentality of “its my way or the highway.” There is no way to serve the greater good of all people in this country  based on a set of rules dictated by one group or another. Politics and leadership of the country must address the needs of all the people, not just a chosen few.  As well, olicy needs to be determined for the greater good of all who live in this country.

My God may not be your God. Celebrate that. We were founded on the diversity of opinion from those who oppressed us.  Why in the world would we want to make the same mistakes that led to the founding of this great country to begin with?




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Politics As Usual?

On December 19, 2012, in Politics, by admin

Now that we are long past the election and all the senselessness that is associated with this process, it is a good time to reflect where we are as we head into this ‘fiscal cliff’ scare. You have heard of it.  Everyone and his dog is concerned that the government, more specifically, the politicians cannot get their act together to come up with a meaningful financing package to keep the country running. So the question is, will this be politics as usual?  I am amused by the fiscal cliff discussions and related scare.  There is absolutely little chance that this will affect us.  And as before, they will likely come up with a stay of execution figuratively speaking for a month or two while the political crackpipes try to get their party agenda largely instilled. However, the result is that you and I see our stock portfolios tread in volatility while all of this meandering mess tries to work itself out people on both sides of the isle, many of whom have no concern of the real answer or compromise in favor of some partisan agenda. Both parties are well guilty as sin on this.  Both parties have somewhat lost sight on the fact that they represent hard-working people, many of whom have to get by on a daily basis financially.  I do not know about you, but I rather despise some unconnected partisan politician making decisions that will very well affect my standard of living, without seemingly being concerned what is best for us.  I get it.  The country is way deep in debt, and this is not good. Foreign interests hold so much of U.S. debt that it is scary to think what this could mean if you are one of those worriers that constantly think the end is near……well….

There are a few things to think about here. All of us would collectively like to see the country return to financial strength, yes?  I believe most would agree. There are many ways to consider to do this, some very painful, others, not as much. We want jobs resulting in a serious reduction in unemployment. The list goes on.  Almost everyone would agree, I believe, that jobs are a key factor in the health of the economy. With this there is a lot of talk of serious government cut back of spending. Agree in principal. However, it is very easy to say that the government needs to cut back ‘xx%” in spending.  But what it seems everyone loses sight of is what that really means.  If the government cuts 20% of spending, lets say for analytical discussion, how many government jobs does this involve? While these figures a bit out of date, in March of 2010, there were over 22M government employees.  If you reduce spending by the above amount, how much of this is actual employment versus other forms of government funding?  I do not know this answer, but I would venture to say more than half of this would be labor force.  So you reduce government payrolls by 2.2M, what does that do to the unemployment rate? The economy? Further, some of the spending cuts would come from systems and technology the government purchases from private industry.  In these times where companies lay off simply if they forecast lower earnings, what further effect will these reductions effect?

All in the argument seem to boldly state their position……most it seems state it right along their party agenda of choice.  It seems little thought is really dedicated to the big picture and the effects thereof.

Do not get me wrong. There is no easy answer. The country needs a giant financial enema to turn the finances around.  The problem is, that enema is painful to the average American.  It would mean substantial job loss and a period of extended great recession symptoms.  We can do that.  No problem, just I do not want to be the one who loses my job because of the shrinking opportunity in the work place due to this bitter pill we would have to swallow. I do not think you do as well.

Politics as usual? Yes. We will not leap off the fiscal cliff, and it will be OK.  Still, in America and in Washington, we have become so party oriented that I believe all of us have lost sight on the big picture and the effects thereof.  This is to encourage all to think individually, not just be the New Zealand herd listening to our shepard party……..whatever that may be for you.  Force politicians to do their job for the right reasons, not some party alignment. Enough.  You have heard enough.  Peace

Words of wisdom here are ‘baby steps’. Balance is a very important virtue in this process.

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