The final installment.  After this, I will summarize my list, and then start adding lists for several of you that have sent your list to me in e-mail.

This next one has been heard lately….I say lately, actually for the last 7 or so years as the opening theme song for the television show CSI Miami. This song strings it all together, great lyrics, great rock song, great bridge (although a bit too long for my A.A.D.D. tastes), great playing on guitar and drums, and it really captured a lot of the impressionism that I was exposed to as I went through the HS/College years back in the dark, dark ages. The song, of course is

Won’t Get Fooled Again……The Who.  Once again, too long to put into MP3 file here, so watch CSI Miami for a brief taste or look it up on the internet.  But what I will offer here is, how can you not like a song that came off of that the album cover below?

Top 10 Album Cover?

Top 10 Album Cover?


The last song I will take the criticisms of my fellow critic, Robert.  He will dog me for this one. Conversely, this may surprise those I play music with. Do not have the MP3 version of this either, but in the end, you should look this one up. The song captures great, meaningful lyrics, with a production that is top notch, combining a full orchestra song into, albeit, quite a mellow (soft rock?) song. This was a tough pic from another song on the same CD, the artist was specifically great at capturing moments in lyric and expanding the piece with a tremendous music.  He passed way too early….

Netherlands….Dan Fogelberg.  This can stand to show you I am not only hard rock oriented (or hair band, more specifically) and that my tastes are varied.

Fire away, Robert.

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Top 10 List Delayed For Today

On November 21, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

But I did have a rather unique thing with this website and posts today. The Google ads that appear on this screen(s) queue from the content in the website. So, since yesterday’s post listed When The Musics Over from the Doors as one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time, naturally, Google picked up on that and I have ads related to the Doors.  One  caught my interest, and I clicked on it (oops, publishers not supposed to do this…but I did, so there) had a title of Daryl Hall (formerly of Hall and Oates) with the Dorrs Ray Manzarak and Robby Krieger. 

The resulting click took me to this website you clan click through here or through the Google ad if it shows again after this post (since Google will reset based upon content here. What a great website this is. It is a music jam site where Daryl Hall invites musicians of all kinds into his California home to jam.  In this case, it was with the aforementioned Doors guys. The third Door, John Densmore was not present, as is the case with many of The Doors events as he seems to believe the toher two are living off the legacy of Morrison and are too commercial.  He may be right, with the tours with guest singers (Scott Stapp of Creed and Ian Astbury of The Cult).  But I found this to be interesting. They do a combination of original music for the groups in question as well as a few Hall and Oates songs.  Highly producted and this is one of 20 or so “episodes” that were on the website.  Professionally done, interesting, with a variety of musicians reflecting tastes across the board.  Check it out.

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More Today…the Next Two

On November 19, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

Todays entries seem to have a underlying theme of “dirty hippie”.  Robert knows oh too well that I am one, I expect his comments accordingly.  OK. Here it goes….and, without even trying, I know both of these song files are too big to place the MP3’s in here…so sorry about that

When The Children Cry – White Lion.  I bet a get backlash on this one, if even many of you even know this group. Suffice it to say, this song, when I year it has a profound effect on me for reasons we will not go into.  In the end, it is a song about getting rid of government, from a viewpoint of innocence. Lets all just go into our little corners, build our huts, gather our wood, and grow happily old without all this bull shit political non action that results in daily news no better than a British tabloid.  We are not the country we once were….but oh so many are afraid to admit it. Its that pride thing going again…..

When The Music’s Over – The Doors

This next song is the second entry of the Doors.  Running 11:00 minutes in length, to me it is an anthem of decay and what man has done to the earth and our enviroment. Not a tree hugger, folks, do not worry.  Just a poigniant view of our world.  Despite the hippie type subject of this song, Morrison was no hippie.  He lived in the times, but his personality and 149 IQ were guided in complete different directions (I never got that IQ when his Shaman spirit jumped into my soul in July of 1971, j..ju…just kidding, really)…so this subject area was a departure from many of the other songs written by him where there were personal experiences or observations involved. I remember my roomate (undoubtedly becoming concern over my deepening affinity for The Doors back in ’74)   Mark offering a branch when he heard this song indicating how interesting it was…….thanks Mark, you were good to put up with me way back then and now as well……but I know one thing he heard that he loved, as I do about this song: that hypnotic organ intro with Morrison’s sarcastic snear and scream that sets the tone for this song and the chaos of the times back then (and now)

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And Finally…..The Next Two

On November 18, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

Life got ahead of me, but here we are back again.  Today are two more entries for my top 10 all time favorite songs.  For those who want to comment, read the last post on this page, some hints and instructions included there.

The next one comes from a group out of the 80’s, once again. I have seen this group 9 times total in concert as they are one of the many Hair Bands that tour yearly, only, this one is graced with a bi-polar lead singer that unfortunately, when he seemingly hasn’t taken his meds, pulls the great group performance down with him.  I have seen Jani Lane shine, and then, not so much.  As a result he is in and out (currently out) of Warrant seemingly more than we change our underwear.  Sorry for the bad pictorial. The song is “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. It has a decidely southern flavor with great guitar work, and I do not know, just love the song, and it is difficult to really pin down why.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Warrant   File too big, check the web for down loads

The next song gets away a bit from the hard rock tastes.  I am not certain how to classify this song or group.  But this song reminds me very much of a relative that was instumental in my upbringing. The meloncholy mood of this song with its matter of fact approach to death is refreshingly like this relative, and somehow, “Old and Wise” just seemed to fit her description totally.  I am reminded of her every time I hear this, and, even though the song is a bit grim, the matter fact approach of the song and her personality leave me always in a better mood after listening. It also incorporates heavy strings into rock/pop music, which I have always enjoyed.

Old and Wise – Alan Parsons Project    2-05 Old And Wise

Next two very soon. And I know one of them I will not be able  to load because of file size, it runs 11+ minutes.  Anyone have an idea what that could be?

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Top 10 Continued?

On November 17, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

Naw, I let the night get away from me again.  Had to listen to Lady Bear basketball.  Will try at lunch tomorrow for the next two!

By the way, there are some questions coming on posting comments.  Under the Discussion page, go to the bottom, beyond the reference links and the ads (I am going to cut back on those bastards!). At the end, where it has reference to comments, just click on this, (even if it says no comments.A form will come up.  Use you first name only.  You do have to put in e-mail address.  Do not worry.  This is not shared or published. It is used by the software to assure that the comment is not spam. website is optional.  Then just post your comment and click submit.  When it does go through, for some reason. you will get several error and warning messages.  Not sure why this is, but rest assured, your comment has gone through for me to moderate and approve….once I do, it will show up in the comments section right there.

Please comment.  I know I have weird tastes…fell free to tell me so.  Several others have given me top 10 lists of their own whcih I will publisdh when I summarize mine in a few days.

Peace hippies!

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We Will Continue The Top 10 Tonight

On November 16, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

Too little time for this post to go into the next two top 10 songs….since I post the MP3 versions as well for those who have media on their desktop to be able to listen to MP3 format (and who doesn’t?) so I will try to continue tonight.. ..meanwhile, as well, I have another top 10 list to post from a friend and will do so here when I summarize my final 10 that I have gone into here….again, for those just looking in, I am listing my favorite top 10 songs of all time, a difficult task at best, in groups of two so I can explain some of the rather odd selections, without the post going for long that you ADD’ers out there would not go to the end.  Check back again…we resume shortly

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Time For The Next Two

On November 13, 2009, in Favorite Music, Uncategorized, by admin

As usual this will also be posted on Facebook through this handy little tool on the website…so here are the next two.  Bro Kurt was expecting a Doors song, and he got one.  For those of you who know me, when I publish a list of favorite groups, the Doors will be my number one as they have been since 1967.

This song however, is a bit different in meaning.  The Doors started on Venice Beach in Los Angeles California (my personal mecca) in 1965 with Jim Morrison sharing lyrics with Ray Manzarek (the goofy keyboardist). There are a few songs written by Morrison that have Venice beach influences, and this one is not different.  It was written when Morrison saw a tall, good looking, black woman walking down the path at Venice Beach. Flash forward to April 16, 1988. My wife is getting ready for a necessary C-Section in the birth of our daughter. The anesthesiologist wanted to lighten the air (as I was invited and did go in be with my wife for the whole procedure) by asking if we wanted any music during the C-Section. We told him of our affinity for the Doors, and he happens to have a CD in his office. As my daughter was born, right at point of delivery, the above song was playing, and it was very appropriate on so many levels:

Hello I Love You…The Doors    1-02 Hello I Love You

My second favorite group of all time is Styx. They were a local legend long before ever hitting it big, playing at the Brat stop in Kenosha, Memorial Hall in Racine, all over the area. The song “Lady” was known to us long before it ever became a hit, played locally since ’72, and not becoming a hit until ’75. Long background on this group and history, a bit of it captured in an earlier post on the website. “Show Me The Way” was released on an album at a time after the mega super group hits of the 70’s were over, and they were trying to make a comeback (sans Tommy Shaw).  Cannot remember the year. No lengthy discussion on this song and why it makes the top 10, just to say, I think this is what many struggle with throughout their lives, whether they can admit it or not

Show Me The Way…Styx 02 Show Me The Way

Thats it for today. May take the weekend off before continuing.

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OK. So I lied again.  I am going to break these up into increments of two per day, over five total posts to add up to the top 10 favorite songs.  I will then summarize the list at the end of the time. And by the way, this is not in sequence from 1-10 or 10-1….I will attempt that on the summary, if I can, but will be difficutl


Some of you have responded back in Facebook, this will be posted there as well, but you need to put comments directly on this site under “Discussion” page. And for those of you who commented in Facebook, you may be surprised by this list.  OK. Enough.  Here are the first two:

Eyes Of A Stranger…Queensryche             08 Eyes Of A Stranger MP3 version here

Because you never really know who in the mirror is staring back at you. My daughter and i have seen this group many times.  She absolutely hates them, and me, well, not the best live group, but they have their moments.  The “think tank” of the hair band era (if there could be such a phrase for this time) their lyrics and song structure was always a bit deep.  not exactly a party band. The last time Jordan and I seen them, they did the entire “Operation Mindcrime” stage production….many people left. Again, they are just different, but with of the best lyrics in the business.

Rock Me…Great White.  Sorry, mP3 File is too big…you will just have to look for it yourself!

And for something completely different. I have seen this group 16 times and will continue to extend that record when i get a chance.  This song makes it for its music, the blues laced rock and lead guitar by Mark Kendall.  It was also the first song that got me into ‘hair band’ an era that would stick with me for a long time, even into my now very old, and decrepit age…this group survived the nightclub fire in Rhode Island, loosing a bassist to that blaze.  Thought they would never recover, but a good legal team and willingness of them to play clubs (this time without the pyrotechnics), and a small but devoted fan base, they still continue today….

So there are the first two…….

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Change in Top 10….

On November 11, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

OK y’all.  I think I am going to do the post for the top 10 in pieces.  This way the entire list will build, leaving more for explanation….and at the end, I will summarize to the top 10.  Along the way, would love to get comments for partial lists from you guys as well…again, just add your list to the comments sections as I post.  Identify yourself by at least first name so I can put a face on the list…

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Are You Ready?

On November 11, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

I am still working on the top 10 list.  I would love to see the participation of all of you on your top 10 songs. I will place the post with my top 10, and any of you can create your list in the comments section to my post. I will end up explaining briefly some of my choices, and believe, some will take explanation, and you are welcome to do the same, I believe there is room in the comments column.  I know some of you are working on yours, tough task really. You should see the post in a day or two as I still struggle with the list….I listen to my iPod (good place to start) and forget a song, so it ends up being a constant moving target. 

Figure em up, everyone, post up.  Should be cool to see your inputs

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