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Original Music

Back To Top 10 Favorite Bands

On February 2, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

Back to the top 10 lists with a late entrant from Robert.  Always interesting stuff, I had to open it back up.  Check out the list. I know he struggled with it for quite some time. Without further rumbling from me, here it is:

My comments will be on a follow up post…let it soak into you guys for a while

Jay from reddgranite.com requested such a list, so here it is.

Top Ten Bands

Apologies to Jay for taking so long to compile this list. It was very hard. I am happy that this is for bands, as it will provide me with the opportunity to squeeze out another top ten list of solo artists, some of whom might have otherwise made this list.

1. Van Halen – The most influential guitarist since Jimi Hendrix, two very different but equally great (at least on vinyl) singers, album after album in which I know every single song. It is probably a cliche for someone in my demographic to love VH so much, but so be it.

1a. Motley Crue – While VH and AC/DC turned me in favor of hard rock and away from the pop of Top 40 radio, it was the Crue that really turned me into a metalhead. I bought their first album based on the cover alone, having never previously heard of them. It did not disappoint. As with Van Halen, even their bad albums are good.

3. Rainmakers – They have been forgotten by many, but these Kansas City-based roots rockers had a moment in the sun in the late ‘80s, with a couple of catchy hits and a string of interesting albums. I normally do not pay much attention to lyrics, but lead singer Bob Walkenhorst’s writing is so insightful and meaningful that even I became enamored with it. Though Walkenhorst is a typical flaming liberal these days, in his early days he wrote some right-leaning tunes. “Government Cheese” and “Drinkin’ on the Job” are in my head every single day, with the latter featuring my favorite lyric of all time, “The generation that would change the world is still looking for its car keys . . . .”

4. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – With a punk heart and a rock-n-roll soul, Joan Jett has always been about the music. (Yes, I know that sounds generic, but it is true and it is the kind of thing that she would say.) She has whipped out plenty of quality original material, and she can cover a song and make it her own better than anyone else in rock history. A reviewer of Jett’s movie “Light of Day” said that she could act, but that she couldn’t sing. What a hack. Her voice is amazing. I could listen to the “Bad Reputation” album every day for a year and never tire of it.

5. Violent Femmes – Every frat-boy on Earth bought the Femmes’ debut album (on cassette) and wore it out playing “Blister in the Sun” at every party held from 1983-1987, but so few people gave their later albums a listen, and it is simply unfair. Their subsequent works were just so damn consistently inconsistent, with Gordon Gano’s pained vocals being the common thread. Their show at the Peony Park Ballroom in 1986 ranks at or near the top of my list of concerts attended.

6. Throw Rag – Here is an obscure one for you. These boys are a punkabilly outfit formed in 1998. A friend and I discovered them by accident when they opened for the Stiff Little Fingers in Dallas. Though he has now left the band, lead washboard player and head nudist Action Craig “Jacko” Jackman (“the new face of rock-n-roll”) brought comedy and a high level of energy to the outfit. Lead singer Capt. Sean Doe (trivia – he is the cousin of Crispin Glover) is quite the showman as well. They have only had four studio albums, but they are all great.

7. New York Dolls – These boys have been shy on the album release front as well, but it hasn’t hurt them. Part glam, part punk, they set the bar high for the many pretenders who followed them. Though their career was derailed by drugs and other bad things after only a couple of years, their two albums released in the ‘70s featured one catchy gem after another. After taking a thirty-year or so vacation that included David Johansen turning into Buster Poindexter for a while, the surviving members found each other again. To the surprise of many, they still had their songwriting chops and released two more superb records. They also returned to the stage, where they are older, wiser and less flamboyant, but still hugely entertaining.

8. Iron Maiden – How can any list be complete without an entry from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal? Bass player and primary writer Steve Harris has persevered through many a lineup change (including three lead singers), but has never sold out or changed the band’s soaring lyrical stylings and multi-guitar (three at current count) attack. It was a difficult to choose these boys over Judas Priest, but I gave them the nod because they were at the top of their game right out of the gate, while it took the Priest a few albums to really figure out what they wanted to do.

9. Cars – For some reason, this group of incredibly talented musicians and writers have been largely forgotten by radio and the kids of today, despite having sold tons of records and made scads of influential videos. The only reasons that I can fathom for this is that they broke up after only a few albums, and because they never really fit into a single musical classification. They were not hard rock, they were not metal, they were not punk, they were not really New Wave (though some claimed they were) . . . they were just The Cars. They probably would have ranked higher on my list, except that they were a dog in concert. Ric Ocasek hated to tour and it showed.

10. Replacements – Drunken catchy rockin’ pop. Goddamn these guys could put some thought into a song . . . or not. Half fun, half bitter, half angry, half not-giving-a-fig, all drunk, they put on a helluva show, whether it was on vinyl or live.

Just outside the top ten:

11. Ratt – Ratt is SO underrated. I saw one tv show on VH1 that referred to them as a one-hit wonder. Unbelievable. They guys just flat out jammed, with five excellent albums and many hits. Unfortunately for the fans, lead singer Stephen Pearcy is a major twit who left the band on more than one occasion, causing them to lose favor with the public, as least as far as being a headliner with huge album sales was concerned.

12. Pixies – Black Francis, Kim Deal and the rest were a band that surprised me back in the day. They were one of those alternative groups that was just so different, yet endlessly interesting. Fast-slow-soft-loud-English-Spanish . . . it was tough to follow what they were doing, but it was impossible not to love the songs.

13. Motorhead – Lemmy is a god. The man invented thrash and for that he makes this list.

Two that might have made the list had they quit music in 1988:

a. R.E.M.

b. Metallica

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Top 10 Favorite Groups

On January 8, 2010, in Favorite Music, Uncategorized, by admin

And now to continue with the top 10 favorite groups in order, starting with number 5.

Journey  www.journeymusic.com.  One of the several groups dubbed as “supergroup” of the 70’s this band started in the SF bay area with a strong line up of initial songs, but most importantly, one of the strongest and best voices in the music business, Steve Perry. Interestingly, the line up changed after the first few albums and in came Jonathan Cain to play keyboards, replacing Greg Rollie. Cain came from another famous group, The Baby’s.  It was his infusion of influence that changed Journey into the hits machine it became.  Fortunately, they did not loose their harder rock sound completely as Neal Schon continued to a force on guitar, but the merge of the styles hit straight to pop chart home. Perry left the group over a 15 years ago, but Schon and Cain still anchor Journey, importing an amazing slew of replacement singers that sound very close to Steve Perry. No other group has done a better job of copying the lead vocalist, by voice anyway, because the latest incarnation of the copycat is a short  guy of Phillipino descent with supposedly dead on voicecopy of Perry….hmm.  Failed to mention, original member Ross Valory still in group as well.

Bread   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_(band)  I am gonna get shot for this one, but it is what it is. This goes back to my early influences in music, before I turned angry and got into hard rock. David Gates led this group and has most recognition, but in reality, this was a very talented group. The late James Griffen (whom I have met) wrote nearly as many songs for Bread as Gates, though most were not the chart toppers, he was the rocker of the group. He passed away in his native Memphis Tenn. of  Leukemia. The original group contained Rob Royer on bass. He too wrote some of the early hits. But the last line up gained most recognition with Larry Knechtel, a well know LA studio musician on bass and Mike Botts on drums (Larry played base for my beloved Doors on Strange Days album). My iPod is filled with these guys songs. When I am in a rocking mood, I just shuffle past the Bread songs

Great White  www.greatwhiterocks.com Somebody needs to help these guys with SEO on their website, they barely make the first page. I remember exactly where I was when I heard of the nightclub fire in Rhode Island killing 99 people as a result of pyro technics in the concert. This was an unfortunate incident that took the life of their bassist at the time Ty Longely….(better known in porn movies). These guys came from Redondo Beach CA, and rode success of what most people remember now as one or two songs.  But they have a rich catalog of great music lead by Jack Russell’s (not the dog) unique voice, and Mark Kendall’s blues laced rock guitar riffs. I have seen these guys 16 times and concert (the most by far of any group), and will go see them again, as they continue to tour…and fortunately for them, most people have forgotten of that dreaded night in January 2001

Styx  www.styxworld.com  Back to the Illionois connection. I am from Kenosha Wisconsin. This group, in the earliest of 70’s played many local venues in the area. The hit song “Lady”, which was a chart topper around 1975, actually was known to us in the area since about ’72. Styx was founded by The Panozzo brothers and Dennis DeYoung (no, JY is not the godfather of Styx like they like to say in concert). DeYoung, a trained musician and music teacher has a unique voice and brought in keyboards.  James Young came shortly thereafter, bring a growling rock guitar style. After their first album on a national label A&M,(there were four on the Wooden Nickel label which had a distrubution agreement with RCA at that time), a member left the group.  Styx recruited Tommy Shaw, and the stage was set for them to become their 70’s supergroup. Everyone could sing, most could write, and inspite of DeYoung being quite egotistical, he at least was smart enough to understand the talen of Shaw. After their run in the 70’s, the strain took its toll, DeYoung was forced out of the group as he wanted to write ballads and just plain nutty ass songs, and the rest wanted to rock. Lawsuits  later, Styx still is Tommy Shaw and JY, with an occassional visit by Chuck Pannozzo, founder on bass. Bother John died of natural causes related to excessive alcohol consumption (as did the other member who left the group).  DeYoung releases his solo music today, with little fanfare with the exception of popularity in Canada (Quebec).  See much earlier post on DeYoung in this forum. I have seen these guys 12 times, adn the still tirelessly tour today, and I will continue to  see them as long as they are out on the road.

Doors  www.thedoors.com  No surprise here for those of you who know me. I have had a strange facsination with these guys from the late 60’s.  Sure Light My Fire was wildly popular, but I cut my teeth on the “Waiting for The Sun” album, whose only hit on it was Hello I Love You. (See favorite songs post). Totally misunderstood, controversial, and accused of many things in the day, they sold millions of albums in a relatively short period of time before Morrison’s death on July 3 1971. I will not attempt to explain my love for this group, it works on so many levels for me. I admit to being somewhat of a historian on the Doors and  Morrison. And yes, the movie released over a decade by Oliver Stone was a decent portrayal of the personality and captured the times.  I am not certain how many of you realize just how crazy these times were in America….they certainly made an impression on me.

OK, I Wussed Out…

On January 4, 2010, in Live Performance, by admin

My peeps tell me that the NYE event at Don Carlos Restaurant in Waco went very well. I would not know, as I wussed out due to weather conditions in my area.  OK. Slam me for this one, its OK. A Northerner like myself should not be concerned about rain at freezing conditions.  But in the end, the Southerners are concerned, and we Northerners end up being co-dependent (psych term, look it up) on their concern. Really, I got a late start, and as I returned from work, all southward outlets were jammed in traffic. I could have made it there, and in time, but would have been in horrible mood. Audiences or the DWF do not need soured redd…and thats it. Stayed home with a fire.

Looking ahead on the site, we will get back to top 10’s.  This time it will be of your top 10 favorite groups.  This time, however, we will put them in order from bottom to top.  Once again, there will be some explanations throughout, and this time, I plan to put 5 on each day covering two days.  Once again, comments or separate mails are welcome, you can post yours in comment section or mail me at jay@reddgranite.com. I will assure it get posted.


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Rainy NYE. Don Carlos in Waco

On December 31, 2009, in Uncategorized, by admin

Taking a few minutes before heading out to hit the road for NYE festivities at Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant, I 35 South in Waco, Texas. Will join the Dazzling Weasel Faces www.dazzlingweaselfaces.com for a long night of sets and music and laughter. Any of you local peeps to Waco, come on out, we will  have you up in front of a microphone singing “Having My Baby” or some other whacked music. Anything for a quick laugh. Again, I will bring my sets….we will only have the Tak 12’er with me tonight.  Just feel like being laid back, so the full  array of guitars will not make the trip with me tonight. We play from 8-12 tonight….but my guess there is no way we knock off at 12, who is the stoner who set that schedule up? Again, we will have a few new things tonight, and I will mingle with the local peeps in the crowd tonight as well….forgot the  beads, anyone have beads?

I will be joining the Dazzling Weasel Faces www.dazzlingweaselfaces.com at Don Carlos Mexican restaurant, 4651 Interstate 35 South, Waco, Texas. This will be a show on New Year Eve, Thursday, December 31 from 8-12p. Yeah, like right, as if we will knock off at 12 on NYE.  Check out Don Carlos at http://www.doncarlosrestaurants.com. We will be in the mood to cut loose, and given the amount of time for this show, I will likely have an extended set to play from so Marty can rest…..he will need it, far past his bed time! With this set, we will perform more than the usual original music from redd and DWF, and we look forward to play them.

We look to see you there.  Even if you have a party elsewhere that evening, begin the evening with us.  Good food and drinks with our performance to warm you up for the New Year Festivities.  See you there.

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And The Last Top 10

On December 19, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

…before we move to another catagory…will be another top 10. But this time groups, in order. Getting tougher.

 But first Marty from www.dazzlingweaselfaces.com list.  I had lost it and Dave replaced, and, Marty knows how to write formatted mails, unlike some other folks we know.

  Always been a softie, always will be.  Not ashamed of it, either.   Here’s what I sent to Jay:    
  Top 10 Favorite Songs – Marty Floyd   Jay has asked for my top 10 favorite songs, so here goes.  I’ve always been a sucker for harmonies, beautiful love ballads, and the Beatles, so this list will be heavily weighted accordingly.  Also, the more I thought about it, the more there were some I just couldn’t leave off of my favorites list, so there are more than 10.  

1.  If You Could Read My Mind (written and recorded by Gordon Lightfoot) – I’ve always been a sucker for folk music harmonies and beautiful love ballads.  This one has great lyrics and absolutely perfect production.  I loved it the first time I heard it as a 16-year-old in 1971, and ever since then I’ve loved it more and more every time I’ve ever heard it.

  2.  For My Lady (written by Ray Thomas and recorded with his band, The Moody Blues) – I’ve also always loved the ocean, and this is an incredibly beautiful song which combines a love song with seafaring imagery.  The recording utilizes a concertino and makes you feel like you’re on an old sailing ship bounding over the waves out on the high seas.  The live version from Red Rocks, Colorado (1992) is awesome for the orchestral background, even if composer / singer Ray Thomas did mess up the lyrics.  

3.  Superstar (written by Leon Russell, recorded by The Carpenters) – this song was enhanced to perfection by Karen Carpenter’s voice.  It doesn’t matter what type of music you prefer; the warmth and richness of Karen’s voice puts her up there with any woman who ever sang a note on the planet.  I don’t know whether the following is true, but I’ve read that the version that was commercially released by them was the first time she ever sang it.   The rest (no particular order):  

I’ll Be Back (written by Lennon/McCartney, recorded by The Beatles) – Lennon said this is a rip-off of a Del Shannon song (although he didn’t particularly name the particular song, I’d have to say he was referring to “Runaway,” based on the chord progression).  He also said once that this was an early favorite of his, which I’ve always found to be personally gratifying, since it’s always been one of my favorites.  The double-tracked harmony absolutely fascinated me when I was younger, and I still consider it to be a great recording.  

 I’ll Follow the Sun (written by Lennon/McCartney, recorded by The Beatles) – This one is a deceptively simple song, yet rather sophisticated in its structure (particularly the use of the 7th off of the 4-chord in the melody).  The early Beatles’ harmonies were as good as any ever recorded.  The blend of Lennon’s and McCartney’s voices from their early recordings has never grown old, as least not to my ears.  I’ve come to believe producer George Martin probably never got enough credit for the Beatles’ early sounds.  Many of their early recordings have a qualitative difference that in retrospect is conspicuously absent from most contemporary recordings of  the day; yet not long after the Beatles hit it big, recordings of numerous other bands (the Hollies come to mind) began to emulate the style.  

I Feel Fine (written by Lennon/McCartney, recorded by The Beatles) – for my money, one of the greatest feel-good rock-and-roll songs ever, despite the fact that they finished writing it in the studio because they needed another filler song (it went to #1 on the charts).  It’s also one of the first songs to use feedback on the recording.  Finally, when my daughter was a little girl, I used to dance with her to this recording.  

And I Love Her (written by Lennon/McCartney, recorded by The Beatles) – still the prettiest thing McCartney ever did, and one of the prettiest that ever came down the line, by anybody.   Cherish (written by Terry Kirkmen, recorded by The Association) – Along with the Beatles “And I Love Her” and Climax’ “Precious and Few,” this is one of the prettiest songs that ever came down the line.  

Precious and Few (recorded by Wilt Nims, recorded by Climax) – Along with The Beatles “And I Love Her” and The Association’s “Cherish,” this is one of the prettiest songs that ever came down the line.   Only the Heart May Know (written and recorded by Dan Fogelberg) – this is from my favorite album of all time, “The Innocent Age.”  It’s a typical Fogelberg ode to the lost innocence of youth, which was pretty much the theme of this entire album.  Emmylou Harris sang harmony with him.  

 Forever Autumn (written by Jeff Wayne, Gary Osborne and Paul Vigrass, recorded by Justin Hayward) – This is a relatively obscure song, although I believe Justin (better known as lead singer on much of the Moody Blues material) released it as a single in the late 70’s.  The lyrics and melody for this song are absolutely haunting.  Justin has said it’s one of his favorites to perform, and although he frequently does it in his solo performances, but it’s not been included in the Moody Blues play lists during the times that I’ve seen them live.  In my opinion, Justin Hayward has the most soulful voice in popular music today.  

Oh, Pretty Woman (written by Bill Dees and Roy Orbison, recorded by Roy Orbison) – Reportedly inspired when Orbison’s wife interrupted Dees and Orbison as they were trying to write a song, and when she asked for some cash, they replied, “A pretty woman like you doesn’t need money!”  It is, quite simply, the greatest feel-good rock-and-roll song of all time.  After 45 years, it still hasn’t grown old.  At all.  

Don’t Worry Baby (written by Roger Christian and Brian Wilson, recorded by the Beach Boys) – another great feel-good rock-and-roll song, with the Beach Boys’ inimitable harmonies.  It is Brian’s clone of “Be My Baby,” which is his favorite song, and would likely be on this list, except it’s a little before my time.  

Ryhthm Of The Rain (written by John Claude Gummoe, performed by the Cascades) – my favorite pre-Beatles rock-and-roll song, and of the few from the era which has what I would consider to be of the same high-quality recording style as much of the early Beatles material.  

Unchained Melody (written by Alex North and Hy Zaret, recorded by the Righteous Brothers, among many others) – This is simply the most intensely beautifully rock-and-roll ballad of all time.  As I did research to make my selections for this list, I learned that the song was first used in an obscure prison film (1955) called “Unchained.”  It was been recorded over 500 times, but the best known and definitive version was done in 1965 by the Righteous Brothers.  

   There’s a WHOLE bunch more that I could have put on a favorites list, but I’ll stop for now.

Thanks Marty.  Impressive, you are the only guy to list the writers….

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And Now The Answers….

On December 13, 2009, in Favorite Music, Uncategorized, by admin

Ooh Child – Spiral Staircase. This was on Dave’s Top 10

Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes – Edison Lighthouse. No idea what happened to them .

Vehicle Baby – Ides of March.  Who could avoid hearing this song in the late 60’s?  It played everywhere.

Incense and Peppermints – Strawberry Alarm Clock.  One of my personal one hit wonder favorites.  The late 60’s and the chaos of the era greatly influenced my upbringing in my puritanical family.

Snoopy vs. The  Red Baron – Royal Guardsman. The first song on the radio my parents let me listen, and boy, did that open the komona.

Precious and Few – Sonny Garachi.  Last I heard he was a salesman in Cleveland.  I joke not.

Don’t Give Up On Me Baby – David Soul, of Starksy and Hutch fame.  (early 70’s TV show for you youngans)

C’mon Eileen – Dexter’s Midnight Riders. Catchy tune. Or was it Runners?

Always Something There To Remind Me – Naked Eyes. MTV, when they actually played videos in the 80’s created alot of these groups and one hit wonders….a huge supply of these

Broken Wings – Mister, Mister. Technically not a one hit wonder. Created by the same MTV above, they actually had several follow up CDs, just never got airplay again.

In The Year 2525 – Zager and Evans.  Robert in his comment below says they are from Lincoln Neb.  I did not know that

Don’t Pull Your Love Out On My Baby – Hamilton, Frank and Reynolds. These guys actually wrote a slew of hits for other artists in the late 60’s early 70;s

There you go.

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Another e-mail input here…Mark is long time friend dating back to the dark ages at BU.  Thanks for coming up last Saturday, Mark…great to have you.  As you can see, Mark is a man of few words in e-mails.  So I posted his top 10, adding the group names, where I know them.

won’t get fooled again  The Who
behind blue eyes    The Who
take it easy   Eagles
honky tonk women   Rolling Stones
black dog   Led Zepplin
stairway to heaven  Led Zepplin  (just could not go with this one, too easy)
shoot to thrill  AC/DC
sweet child ‘o mine     Guns and Roses  (still remember driving to the beach in ’87 with this blaring on radio)
photograph  Def Leppard
another think coming  Judist Priest
honorable mention:
fortunate son  Not sure here
lucky man(elp)..elp stands for Emerson, Lake and Palmer
story in your eyes   Moody Blues
eagle and the hawk (marty, don’t drop dead here!)   John Denver?  Even Marty had no John Denver
hot smoke and sassafras   No Clue
pinball wizard.  The Who
Obviously bent to rock set, and really, Mark was very responsible for launching my 80’s hair bands…he was the one who introduced me to the great Dokken…among others.  Mark and I were always the hard rockers of the group.
Interesting, there are now three different votes for “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the Who…and I swear none of coordinated these lists.
Good goin Mark, thanks for the…and if any of you outside our circle looking in care to mail your top 10 posts (as opposed to leaving them in comments section which is always an option, you can e-mail me at jay@reddgranite.com
thanks all
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And Now….Dave’s Top 10 Plus

On November 30, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

OK folks.  Now we have the Top 10 favorite from Dave.  He is my musical partner in this redd granite thang. Here is the list with a few comments of mine below

1) Maggie Mae —  (Rod Stewart and Faces) —wow, that mandolin part at the end, still brings chills–from a special time in my life
2) Because   —-   The Dave Clark Five — maybe the perfect ballad (and that Vox organ!)
3) Let It Be—– The Beatles –my all-time favorite Beatles tune, shows how even under stressful, chaotic conditions, turbulent emotions,  the “end of the dream” ,the end of an era that shook the world to it’s roots, can still produce a balm for the soul,  magic melancholia. I still choke up when I hear it…
4) Here Comes the Sun — The Beatles  —George Harrison‘s finest song
5)Rocky Mountain Way—Joe Walsh  —proved a man can play lead and rythym guitar at the SAME TIME.  Wow–power chord and wa-wa pedal extraordinaire
6) Layla–Eric Clapton –original “hard rock” version.  Can anyone play with Clapton? No–never can, never will.  The piano break towards the end is amazing.  The first time I heard the song I dropped my jaw in amazement. Few songs have ever done that.
7)Ooooh Child –Artist unknown, but believe they were “one-hit wonders” . The way the song starts soft and slow and builds to crescendo is inspiring.
8)Sister Golden Hair–America —yeah, yeah, the lyrics make no sense–so what. A song from another special time in my life. One of those, “It’s-our-song” things.  I still smile, even when I play it and sing it live.
9)Won’t Get Fooled Again — The Who — The genius of the power chord maestro.  Tough one to pick over Pinball Wizard and Baba Oreilly, but the lyrics, go far beyond their usual pre-punk, tough, working class life, disillusionment to real political statement in a kick-ass rock song. The greatest recorded scream in rock history opens the song.
10)There’s A Place in the World For a Gambler — Dan Fogelberg — One of my hero’s.  Again a tough call, but lyrics, music, arrangement make my list.
Just out of the top 10:
A Hard Day’s Night–The Beatles — oh John, we hardly knew ye, but when motivated and focused…Damn, you were the best….
Back In Black —   AC/DC  What can I say?  The perfect Rock and Roll Riff.  Tough to leave out You Shook me all night long, and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap…does anyone have as much fun with lyrics? (Except maybe Joe Walsh)
Landslide  —Fleetwood Mac  —Stevie Nicks can write some great songs, but the arrangements are incredible (See ‘Gypsey”)
Roll With The Changes—REO Speedwagon  –Maybe the greatest Piano riff of all time…..
As you can see, Dave added a few extras under honorable mention. There a few comments worth noting. Musical taste catagories for Dave is hard to pin down.  He likes a variety, and I think you can certainly see that from the above list. Interestingly, we share “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the Who….and one of our future lists will have this as well. Hmm.  I think we are all a bunch of angry people! The Fogelberg song does not surprise. When I join the Dazzling Weasel Faces, we usually close with this….I have never heard the recording, but this is one that brings out our harmonies in the very best way.
A quick comment on one honorable mention song with two stories:  “Roll With The Changes” by REO…1) we were playing b-ball in the gym.  We were good enough to hold court on a weekend afternoon as long as we wished usually (winner keeps court).  This day, we were sucking, and threatened by an early exit from the court.  Some dude walks in with his boom box (cassette tape for all you young’ans) The first song is the one above, and it is so inspiring, we just started playing out of our heads, made up a huge deficit, and keep the court the rest of the afternoon when we should have been studying. 2) I believe this is the same day I walk into the gym to start our basketball day. I am wearing sweats. and a t-shirt. We are going to be skins in the pickup game, so i take off my shirt (I could do this back then). I then start to take off my sweats to get to my shorts(?), nope, I got the pants down around my ankles with all of my teammates rolling in laughter, as I had forgotten my gym shorts underneath the sweat pants. So here I have these pants around my ankles, tighty whiteys high, not even realizing until I figured out what they were laughing about……
…oh well, I still have no self respect
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Now That The List Is Done…

On November 25, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

Several comments have come back that it is really difficult to come up with a list of Top 10 Favorite Songs. I can understand.  One of the reasons I broke this into five groups of two is that it was difficult to come up with the Top 10. Well, I must say, the Top 10 likely will change over time. There are a few like “Eyes Of A Stranger” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that have been stable in my Top 10. Others, not so much. So it is OK if this varies a bit, try to capture it now with what is going on in your world now….after all, thats part of what makes these lists valid in each of us….

Again, now that I am complete, I will be posting others who sent mails with their lists, as they were less comfortable with how to leave comments here.  That is OK.  This way, I can capture them all in one post for all to see….I promise I will not comment too much, afterall, my tastes are pretty screwed up  by most books.

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