Many of you know that the our “Low Budget Review Guy” is likely to review a cadre of things…films, travel, shopping experiences, you name it, all in the name of the what usually the less expensive experience. Well, LBRG is a rum guy. Big time. So he weighs in with his latest rum review, with comment by me of course:

My latest rum project is called, “Flor De Cana”, a product of Nicaragua. Per their label, they have been making rum since 1890. This 80 proof dark rum comes marketed in years aged of 4, 5, 7, 12 and 18. I purchased the Grand Reserve 7 years. The manufacturers state their rum has won 72 international awards in the past 5 years. You never really know how accurate those statements are, but I had read a good review, so I tried it. Those that have read my previous rum reviews know that I have migrated over the years from the white, or silver rums, to the golden and/or dark rums. I have found that the darker rums have a stronger “rum” taste, and although maybe don’t mix as well with some fruit juices or for Boat Drinks, the darker rums mix great with cola or diet cola (or my current fav Cherry Coke Zero). If you find a fruit juice or party mix that blends well with the darker rums, the end product can be sensational. So, for my palate, you may have a roller coaster– some lower lows but the highs are exhilarating. This Flor de Cana is a moderate priced rum, about $20 at my local Twin Liquors. As always, first I pour a shot to sip straight, slowly because 80 proof is 80 proof. Most rums are 80 proof, but I have seen a few lower and some that are 92 proof (scary). I like to try a straight shot to actually taste the rum. It has a forceful “bite” but not overpowering. It has elements of vanilla, and a backtaste of blackberries. It caresses the tongue, slowly before a strong finish. I would not recommend it as a sipping rum. But most rums are not, nor are they distilled that way. Rums are made to mix and match, to mingle and jingle and dance the sun down. Or, in my brother’s case, to salute the sun as it comes up. Mixed with cola, this rum is very pleasant. Mixed with fruit juice, it blends well. I will try it with a party mix in a blender this weekend. In short, a pretty good, but not great, rum. A good rum value for the price. My top 3 favorite rums are still:

Plantation Grand Reserve
Goslings Black Seal

The Quest Continues….

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