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Live Performance

Motley Crue and Poison Review

On June 15, 2011, in Concert Reviews, by admin

Every once in a while you must imbibe. Once in a while you must throw caution to the wind and pursue true Bohemian attitude.  This is what I considered ding to go drive 110 miles to see a mid-week concert featuing Motley Crue and Poison. This was the 7th time seeing Motley Crue, and now double digits for Poison at 10. Naturally I was drawn to this event given my musical taste of which most of you are well aware. Given the harsh economical times, I decided that I would take advantage of $16 tickets….yes, that includes all the bullshit fees Ticketmaster places on the tickets.  Welcome to a mid week concert.  My thought process was that I can always sneak up closer to the stage to get a better view of the bands to write this review. Plan executed. But lets first go over the show…..

The New York Dolls (warning, not sure this is official site) opened.  Reformed in 2004 with David Johannason at lead, these guys put on a nice show if you like the pop/punk influence. They were a tight band, but really, misplaced on this bill.  Apparently Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue consider them an influence and that is how they got on this bill.  Well, good for Nikki not selling out, as these guys, while good, just was not a match for the other two bands from a musical genre point of view.( Sorry Robert, I know you were pissed in your own way for missing the first two songs while delivering my ticket to me. )

Next was Poison. Brett Michaels cashed in one of his nine lives to appear unscathed once again after a bout with potential death inclusive of a hole in his heart…or some medical thing as this.  But here is my tribute to him.  This dude has been a Type 1 diabetic for well over 40 years.  He injects himself with insulin about 4 times a day. He has lived his rock lifestyle. He survives.  In fact, he looked great on the stage this hot Texas evening. For personal reasons which I will not go into (but read the lyrics of “Learning To Breathe” on the Song Lyrics page of this site), I have the most respect for this person and what he has gone through.  OK. Enough mush.  That said, the show was all Poison.  They have not changed in several years.  They always open with “Look What the Cat Dragged In” (really a clever song lyrically if you peel the onion back). The show is full of Brett Michaels fake smiles. He plays the audience, but really never looking into the eyes of anyone of the concert goers. It comes off quite fake.  He has to kiss D.D. Deville’s ass so many times during the concert. I would not be surprised if C.C.’s acknowldgement by Michaels was not written into the contract…..and this night, it was over the top.  That said, C.C. was spot on in his guitar.  Looking good and drug free (for many years now, sans one relapse) he is was force on the stage. Also in the Poison show is the solos.  Guitar, Drums,  Really shitheads?  I know you can play those instruments,. why do this?  And why did not bassist Bobby Dahl get a solo? OH well, Poison is Poison, and I will continue to support them. I have seen Michaels 4 times solo as well, and well, he is consistent there as well with his plastic smile…..but still……..

Motley Crue. What can you say?  I have seen versions of this band missing original members. But they have been basically back together as originals since 2004. Each member has his own branding.  Vince Neal, the lead singer is well know for his debauchery….( I once witness him clock a sound guy on a solo tour, and yes, the sound guy was a rental for the gig….read,  lawsuits in Dallas ensued). Bassist Nikki Sixx was known for his near death experience with heroin addiction.  Mick Mars, the quiet one branded himself in mystery, kind of the implied satanist of the group.  In reality, he has battled a life long health issue called ankylosing spondylitis, which is an advanced form of arthritis of the hip and back.  Tommy Lee was branded for his big ‘you know what’, sex tapes, and his twice shortly lived marriage to PamelaAnderson. Now he does the DJ circuit in top clubs when not touring.  I snuck down from my hill side perch to get a good view of Motley Crue.  They all look good.  Mars moves decently considering his position.  Nikki Sixx, looks fantastic, although sporting a few extra pounds.  Neal the same.  They are a tight band, know the moves of each other on stage, and put on one hell of a show. The stage was elaborate.  Colorful…..and topped off by a circular roller coaster rail where Lee’s drum kit, and Lee, could go upside down.  In fact, Lee pulled a dude from the audience to strap onto the elaborate set up and take an upside down ride as well.  While I am there more for the music and performance, this was entertaining.  Neals voice is very bit as strong as the earlier days.  AT times, however, he would float off key between phrases which is a sign of not enough volume in feed back speakers, or fatique. (Great voices and singing require one to be in good shape). They played nearly two hours, but some of that time was the drum kit thing, which easily consumed 15 minutes overall. Of course, all the hits were there.  But I like their newer music as well.  They played ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ very early in the set.  I think this is one of the better Crue songs out there. These guys are entertainers…….they are great to see in concert.  I will go every time I have a chance, even if it is a hillside in the 100 degree Texas hot…….

Unfortunately, the crowd for this event was seriously off.  Call it mid week blues.  Hard to cut loose and party when you have to get up the next day and return to the job you hate…….. When I got closer to the stage, the same.  They did not have a pit for this event.  This is a mistake.  Screw you legal people, you likely drove that decision. Go see them the Crue, you will be glad you did.


Saturday March 19 brought Warrant, Slaughter and Firehouse to a club in Grapevine Texas; Glass Cactus. I could not possibly miss a chance to see these so called 80’s hair bands perform in a small venue.  First about the venue, this is one of the best venues out there if you are into the whole ambiance thing. If you are into the rock and roll music lifestyle, not so much.  This is a club on the shores of Lake Grapevine. The deck has a 270 degree view of the lake. The clientele tends to be a bit swanky. The pure reason my concert friends will attend an event here, no matter who is playing. OK.  More wine, and I will continue. For $25, I could not resist seeing this line up. I do not have the issue of the venue.  I actually like it alot. It holds about 1500 in total.  Regretfully, it doubles as a younger peoples club after the concerts, so young assholes begin filling the place and a DJ takes over playing black music that whites try to imitate to think they are black.  Ugh

Firehouse (click on link for website)

Not a whole lot of people know this group. I have three CDs from them.  I love them. Lead singer CJ Snare has one of the best set of pipes in the industry.  Tonight however, I was quite disappointed.  The mix was not good. The sound was muffled as much too much bass….Snares vocals were not featured by the mix. Clearly, for the most part, he still can sing to the years of when they were most popular. He did go the low route on one of their mellow hits “When I Look Into Your Eyes”, a ballad that features his voice and changes keys for the higher at the end.  He ducked back at this point and went an octave lower, a true sign that a voice is tired. The band was fairly tight. They played an hour and addressed all of their “hits” such as they are.  Overall, they disappointed. The sound mix and a fairly rigid performance stole away the opportunity to establish a bond in a smaller club setting.


Slaughter (website under construction, so I do not put a link here)

This is one of my daughters favorite bands of the 80’s (daughter is 23……..loves the bands).  I am with her. They had two songs that made great radio airplay.  The group is headed by a dude named Slaughter, and I am not sure if he just rents the rest of the players from the session pool. But the music, (look folks, you need to look beyond the “hits”) is great. The group puts on an energetic show. Slaughter has packed on a few pounds. 15 maybe. So he does not have the sex appeal he once had (according to the daughter….get real you homo phobes), but he still commands a stage in a very singular manner. He has a very screeching voice (just Google slaughter fly to the angels….you will recognize the song). The band is very tight. The mix was on.  They made Firehouse look like they needed to drop off of this tour.

Warrant (Click on name for website)

So let me begin by saying that this is the 9 time seeing Warrant. Warrant is a 80’s ahri band that had a cadre of hits topped by a top five single; “Heaven” . The lead singer and primary writer was Jani Lane. The problem here is that Lane is bestowed by demons of multiple varieties. He is bipolar.  He is an addict. He is a talent that wastes his life away.  I have seen Warrant 6 times with Lane, 3 without.  In all times past, I thought the group sucked without Lane.  The problem is, they sucked with him as well. The last time I saw Lane with Warrant was when my daughter and I attended a one time festival in Houston called “Rock The Bayou”. Lane sucked. He sabotaged the performance of the other Warrant original members (one of the few groups touring today who are all original….sans Lane now). My daughter loves Warrant, the good Warrant when they are on.

So I was a real skeptic to see Warrant with yet another lead singer. All prior editions failed fairly miserably. I did not even get the name of the current singer.  Did not care. Figured they would suck as usual.  But after listening to them, my questions is Jani who? This dude had a voice. Yes he made an attempt to sound like Lane, but not so much. He clearly had his own identity. He was fucking terrific. He nailed each song (there is not a song they will play in concert that I do not know…sans the new stuff). His stage presence was excellent.

Warrant - they guys who have struggled through for years

Truly, this was one the second best Warrant concert I have witnessed. The first was when Lane went through a period of sobriety and being really thankful that fans stuck with him and the group over the years and his exploits. Back at the Bronco Bowl ( you Dallas peeps know what I speak of, but I digress) Every note was hit by this guy ( I really ought to get his name…..commenting peeps, help me out). His stage presence excelled. The original members embraced his presence.  Yes, there was a little kissing ass…..what do you expect?  But bottom line, this guy rocked, and so did Warrant.

As is true with most of these groups, they have a new CD coming out.  They played a few from it. It is too bad, there is just not airplay for these groups, and airplay is still king and dominated by the shits that come to this club after the concerts like this are over. The new music rocked. It is very blues rock based. My CD friends who collect them need to find a buy on this.  A++. And I just do not hand out these kind of endorsements…but this is derserved.  I will seek out to find when they play next to go hear them

Go see them. True fans ( and I know you are limited bunch) will not be disappointed.

Now a quick note: Jani Lane is currently filling in for Jack Russell as the lead singer for Great White. Seems Russell had a serious medical issue that has sidelined him since November.  Seems Russell has more medical issues that initially thought. For years, he evidently has taken a steroid to help his voice…stay strong…..and the result is not only his current medical issues, but a degradation in bone structure where he falls alot………very sad.  Word is, despite of my above review on Lane, he is strong  as Russell’s replacement, and they are cooking as a group and playing Warrant hits as well…..if this is true, I may need to work to see Great White for a 17th time…… after all, they are my original and favorite ‘hair band’ even despite the fact that they burned a Rhode Island night club that resulted in 99 people losing their lives, including their then basis  Ty Longly. I will see them again, no matter who is singing, and apparently Lane is doing a crack up job.

Peace. And go see Warrant.


Ozzy:The Blizzard of Odd

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Thursday night on January 20 brought 62 year old Ozzy Osbourne to American Airlines Center Dallas, Texas. This is a stop in the current tour to support his latest CD. The opening act was Slash and his band. Slash came on stage about 7:20p, about 10 minutes before the stated start time. The band was definitely tight and well prepared. A five piece group, led of course by Slash included another guitar, bassist, and a lead singer, Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge fame. Clearly, the lead singer is trying to copy Axel Roses’ voice. When Slash played his own music, it was based in blues rock. Quite good overall. It was reasonably received by the crowd, but in the end, the quintet would have to play Guns N Roses to keep the crowd propped up throughout the set. As mentioned, the voice of Kennedy did a reasonable job of imitation, and the tightness of the band reasonably pulled off the the sound of GNR. Slash, of course, had his branded black hat and sunglasses outlining his frizzed hair…no changes here. They played until 8:10 p.m.

Click Pic for larger version

Slash Looking Like Slash

Ozzy was sporting a lot of new blood in his band lineup. Gone is Zak Wilde. A new drummer sits atop the kit perch. At a certain moment, when you see Ozzy out there, you wonder when Sharon is going to let him kick back, as he kind of needs to. The show was typical Ozzy. The same old “the louder and wilder you are the longer I play” statement over and over to the crowd, even though the corporate stopping point on this venue is 10:45.  I have seen Ozzy now 9 times, and it has always been the same. It is getting old. Also also consistent to Ozzy, was the high pressure fire hose, this time it was filled with a foam/water combination, a sort of Ibiza foam party, if you will. In fairness, Ozzy douses himself as well. This leaves the overly conservative venue cleanup crew mopping the first 20 rows while the concert is going on. Get a grip AA.

Ozzy’s performance was quite good overall. Now when I say this, I am evaluating based upon his past performances, and the fact that he is a 62 year old that has fried himself 80 times past the electric chair over the years with consistent abuse of whatever….his voice was OK. For the most part, he was on key, which has been a consistent issue in the past times I seen him. His mannerisms consist of truly the odd. At a certain moment, he shuffles across the stage like as if he has an imaginery walker in front of him. He shuffles his feet, his hand before him limply faced to the ground, head sort of preceding the body; kind of like Nicholson in “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” after the character has had his frontal lobotomy.  And when Ozzy tries to get into the music, he jumps in place SORT OF to the beat of the music. There is no question is trying to give it his all. In spite of the fact that I joke that if he was not Ozzy, the Sharon branded Ozzy, he would be simply odd looking in his old white guys rhythm.

(Click on each pic for larger size)

Ozzy Larger Than Life

Sharon drives him in order to cash every red cent in on his branding. I really think, like most musicians, his ego requires himself to be up in front of the thousands of people playing his music, so maybe he is fortunate to have such a business minded wife.  Toward the midpoint of the 2 hour set, I noticed his hands shake everytime they were free of the microphone. This is probably another reason he hangs onto the mike with a death grip. Sure enough, in comes the drum solo, the guitar solo, and whatever. Bottom line, though Ozzy technically played a two hour set, he was absent from the stage for 20 minutes while we had to struggle through musicians banging wildly on the set.  OK.  We know you can play the instruments guys, it is why you are up there and I am not.  No need to prove yourselves.  But really, Ozzy needs this break.  He came out after nearly 20 minutes to finish approximately 30 minutes worth of material.  His strength renewed, he proceeded, as usual to throw buckets of water on the front 5 rows. Enter in the moppers once again. So he had the strength to pick up buckets of water….this is good.  The sound was a bit different from when I have heard him in the past.  The band was tight as usual, but this time, the sound has been mixed differently to really kick in the guitars.  Heavy, heavy guitar sound that drove the quintet signature with each song.  I appreciated this, and a great improvement. It really makes the songs sound truly heavier metal, once again.   Good touch. It makes the music drive more squarely into your head, perhaps bypassing Ozzy’s ever weakening voice. He played all of his solo material and good renditions of Iron Man and War Pigs from the Sabbath days. The new guitarist is named Gus G.  They are trying to brand him as a viable replacement for Wilde.  He was good, no doubt, but it just is not Zak Wilde, who plays and drinks on stage as if he will not live another day.  There have been too many good guitarists sharing that stage with Ozzy, he should just let this Gus G. develop on his own instead of trying to market him down our collective throats.

After nearly two hours, and right on time to meet the corporate deadline (I love these, how we have come along from the days of concerts where the band ((read this the Doors and others of the day)) shows up two hours late and plays until whatever).  Ozzy did one encore, and left 8 minutes on the table before his and the corporation’s collective bed times. In attendance was about 9,000 fans on a Thursday night. In order to create a more tight scene for Ozzy given the lighter attendance, they sealed of the third deck, and transferred all of those nose bleed ticket holders to the lower bowl….no doubt pissing those people off who really paid for the lower bowl.  But it did make for a much more energetic scene.  The lighter attendance can be blamed on the bad economy, yes, but really, there have been a lot of shows competing for Dallas area music buffs dollars this year, so I think it was as much a Thursday night thing as much as souring economic times.

The American Airlines venue is not my favorite concert hall. Too big, questionable acoustics, and generally leaves a limp feeling toward the show. But Ozzy did an appreciable job, along with management on the venue to make it look and sound a bit smaller, to create a good buzz in the venue.  The crowd, who looked to average around an age of 40 or so,  was definitely responsive and appreciative. I am sure Ozzy will be back.  If this tour is coming to your city, check him out.  It is worth the investment of time and money overall, if nothing more than to see him hopping on the stage as the Blizzard of Odd……

Sammy Hagar And Cheap Casino Action

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Fashion Plate Sammy Hagar

Always A Party With Sammy

I see  a load of concerts yearly. Far too much of my budget gets allocated to concert events.  Well, WTF, call it my bucket list if you will. But there are few concert events that I look forward to more than to see Sammy Hagar. And in the end, each time I am not disappointed.  This version of the Sammy show took place at an unusual venue, but one in the Dallas area that has been very aggressive in booking events.  This was held in the Winstar Casino, Thackerville, OK. For my Russian spamming friends, this is 1.5 hours north of the city center of Dallas, TX, USA. (I continually wish to upgrade your geographical skills and knowledge of the US if you are going to spam sites with the latest in male enhancing rip offs.)

This a strange place for a concert.  The thing is, this casino gets major acts to play there.  I get it. Host a show, and an additional 1200 people or so will come to your casino who would not have otherwise.  The thing is, they recently put an addition on to the casino.  It resulted in a new room for a venue, replacing the old make shift venue where they lined up chairs on a flat floor 40 rows deep.  It reminded me of the latest kumbya church. So they allocated a new room for the venue, and the result was a room much the same.  If I was an artist, I would charge double to play this shitty venue. It is hard to generate any kind of energy in a smaller venue when all of the seats are serially located away from the stage by row on a flat surface. WE were fortuate, we had seats about 5 rows back.

For anyone who has not been to a Sammy Hagar show, you are swinging and missing at the plate.  His shows are always a party, from the straight ahead non stop rock which mixes his solo, Van Halen and Montrose days together.  Hard to remember that this guy started his career in Montrose, circa 1973 or so. Of course, his signature bar was set up serving him his branded Tequila from attractive chicks.  The winter version of the Sammy Hagar waitresses are Jeans and a tight shirt. The summer version is always bikini clad. God love Sammy.

For those of you not too familiar with Sammy, he is branded in the rock world in a similar manner that Jimmy Buffet is branded in the, well, I am not so sure what world. Sammy has his Cabo Wabo Cantina, his signature Cantina/music venue in Cabo San Lucas which he has now franchised across the nation in travel destinations, much like Buffet’s Margarita-ville.  Also same has his branded Tequila. Sammy has branded himself as a beach rat party boy.  His show supports this branding.  Non stop activiety.  Needless to say, there are no power ballads in the Sammy Hagar set list. The show started off with a video of concert clips and general party times while on tour.  Many of the clips came from the Cabo Cantina, no doubt guest musician appearances at his annual birthday bash the second weekend in October.  Sammy Hagar Tequila Site. He then broke into several of his hit singles of his solo career, including my favorite of his, “I Can’t Drive 55”. This produced instant energy, at least as much as this rather poor arena would allow. I thought the show overall was very good.  He kept his intensity up all night long for the roughly 1.75 hour set. If anything, I felt he cut it a bit short overall, leaving good songs on the table like “Sam I Am.” There was not an opening act, so it would have seemed he could have played longer.  There was not encore as well.

This appearance was the 5th time seeing the Red Rocker. It ranks among one of the lower appearances.  Overall, as I said, I liked the show, but there were issues.  His supporting band of  well over a decade was sloppy at best.  Normally they are a very tight unit.  Tonight, it seemed as if guitar riffs, rhythm, and bass all collated together to result in a less than succinct sound that I am used to from this outfit.  Perhaps Hagar let on the reasoning:  this was a last leg of this part of the tour, and he personally was headed back to Cabo San Lucas after the show.  If so, this could attribute to the less than stellar musicianship. Sammy’s voice, however, was top form.  He does not cheat on the high notes as so many aged rockers do. His energy guides him through.  The other thing I observed?  This guy is just happy.  No brooding spoiled rock star.  He truly enjoys being up there partying for the masses.  It is infectious.  You end up happy as well, and feeling good you spent the coin to come.

Even though it was not one of the better outings that I have seen Sammy Hagar, I still enjoyed the show immensely as did those I was with at this concert.

The Biz:  This venue holds about 1500.  About 1200 were present at an average ticket price of $40..  Parking is free, so no revenue from there.  I estimate the total bar intake was was around 15K.  Total estimated revenue was $63,000, plus whatever was spent on casino gambling and a few hotel rooms since this is a bit of a ways from Dallas. So they made well for this show.  This venue seems to do well, as they continue to book strong B list and some A List acts.  Next up here, Goo Goo Dolls……

Scale of 1 to 10, I give the show a 7y, overall


UPDATE: Below I indicate that I was not certain which tow cities that Zombie and Cooper were playing…I believe before Halloween. Interesting, when you click on this post (click on the headline and it goes just to this post) the Google ad has Zombie and Cooper tickets. When clicking through this, there are only two dates listed for Cooper (only)…..Council Bluffs Iowa (surprised they even let an act like this play in that backward locale…and Phoenix AZ, labeled “Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding.”  Now thats one that would be interesting to see…

Saturday brought on another annual event in the Dallas Fort Worth area….KEGL’s Freaker’s Ball.  This was the second of a two night affair.  The first night featured Papa Roach, Seether, and Godmack. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the first night. The second featured Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, in a kind of Halloween themed current meets the past. Nice touch. Both shows promimently featured the Halloween theme, without the performers even trying since this is what they do as their regular act.

Cooper’s act started the show rolling. He was in good form. It featured a 5 piece band to back up a long Cooper set. This was done in full make up and theatrics, only this time, the chick on stage was not his daughter as I had seen last time that I saw a Cooper show.  Good thing, the daughter thing was a bit creepy. The band supporting Cooper was sound as was Cooper’s performance for the most part. I just cannot understand, however, why he cannot sing the last hit song he had, “Poison”, on key. This is the second time I have seen him, and same thing. He must realize it, as this time he kind of turned it into a weak hip hop spoken version.  Great song, poor delivery.  But his voice and theatrics for the rest were top notch. Clearly he benefited from the fact this is a limited run on live performances. I will see Cooper again, given the chance. It is a very entertaining show. Even if this is not your thing, at least on Halloween, it works at a certain level.

This is the fifth time seeing Rob Zombie.  I still do not quite know what to make of this guy. He is branded somewhere between a satanist and a a guy who just loves the old scary movie and a good scare. I do not regularly listen to his music, and none of it is on my iPod (thought my family does include Rob Zombie on iPod. Here is the first thing I think you need to know about Zombie: he is highly intelligent, and he really understands personal and musical branding. Oh yeah, a lot of people really like his rather strange and deranged flicks. Musically, he carries a venue. This particular stop included a lot of stage gimmicks he really does not need to use, but given the Halloween theme, worked well. From tall fire breathing monsters to a straight up stage, he had it all. It does not matter if you know Rob Zombie music or not.  It all comes across energetic and infectious due to his great live performing capabilities. The crowd reacts. The night ties on a cool buzz at a level that starts high and never backs down. He is not hung up on himself as most performers are.  He simply delivers a show that is natural, in your face, and at the highest caliber because, that is simply what he does. This is Rob Zombie.

The band supporting Zombie was tight, but faceless. It was not about them, and Zombie was not about to let it be. The set lasted about an hour twenty minutes.  The obligatory encore was preceeded by Zombie bringing on the security of the venue on stage proclaiming that they had informed them that it would cost $10,000/minute for them to continue. Of course, when he did, the gullable crowd went nuts.  Of course, this stunt was at 10:45….15 minutes before the official cut off of this venue.  (Don’t you just love corporate rock?) Surprise! They left the stage at 11:02p, two minutes after cut off.  Must of cost them $20,000.

Great concert….I would tell you to go see them, but there are only two left in cities I cannot name.  Attendence for this event was approximately 4500 (venue holds 6K).  From the parking lot early on, it looked like the attendence was going to be low.  Afterall, it is difficult in todays shitty economy to hold two nights of rock shows and expect sell outs. But the attendence was higher than the parking lot would have indicated.

Estimated revenue once tickets, alcohol, and parking were tallied: $190,000

Good night overall.

Redd Granite in Wisconsin

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Redd Granite live with the Dazzling Weasel Faces on their US Summer Weasels Ripped My Flesh Tour:

Friday, July 9 – Tailgators, Kenosha Wisconsin

Saturday, July 10 – Cooler Near The Lake

Will be a great time for all, come out if in the area. Posts and Pics will be uploaded on reddgranite.com and dazzlingweaselfaces.com sometime next week…that is if Marty gets his act together…..are we taking bets?


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Music’s Dark Night

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Now that another grammy night has come and gone, I must say, I can certainly live without these self engrandizing events in the music industry, and really, for any other industry as well. Everyone musician loves to hear their songs heard and enjoys the energy of performance.  But this pomp and circumstance is far from any musical roots. In my mind, it simply forwards America’s strange curiosity of the “beautiful people” and all else that is what makes our stupid reality shows on the networks thrive. No, and quite the opposite, most of these people came from questionable backgrounds and upbringing, the streets, or whatever their story happens to be.  And further, many of these people’s best songwriting efforts captured their early life style challenges.  It is what makes an “edgy” song in many cases.

But here they are, walking the carpet in these silly gowns, taking way too long in their ‘thank you’ speech, spewing poorly written jokes that some producer forced them to read from a queue card….I mean, common, where are these people’s sense of original self?  It is nice to be noticed, but is that what is driving them?  Is it just a simple equation of money and fame and the trappings that come with this success?  Whatever, I think it would be cool if they spent a little more time reflecting the origins of their music. At least, thats for those on that stage that wrote their own music.  At least I can have some respect for that…the others, well mostly they are manufactured by the music marketeers, the consumer buying public buys right into the concept.  That fuels more of these events, and well, you know.

Maybe I am just bitter that I am writing this and not there…but I do not think so. So here is to the small club performers, the original songwriters, and those who perform from the gut because that is why they began writing in the first place. You are the true musicians, and never let me see you on that stage in the future

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And the DWF Tanked Another

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I regretted to see a blog posted somewhere in my searches that Selena’s Table in Waco has closed. Recall that the Dazzling Weasel Faces played a live performance for a Waco Humane Society fundraiser and redd joined in…well, as how of the DWF have joked about for years, their live performance have driven another business; out of business.  This is a long standing inside joke of the rather dry sense of humor for the Weasel boyz.

I confirmed with Marty while in Waco last night, and yes, they have closed but apparantly are looking for a new, less expensive rent place to re-establish business. Here is to their success to find a new location. A few words of advice from a customer: 

  1. Select a place that is easier to find with better drive up appeal. (Although rents will drive this I bet)
  2. Do not locate next to a wine bar…nice to bring bottles in, but (and now for the seguay to the third)
  3. Do consider putting full bar operation in. The owner told me he did not want the liablity, but in the end, even with the hassles of that and the TABC, it is still what is going to drive your restaurant business.
  4. Do continue with live performance from the DWF and friends

I hope the re-open.  After the fund raiser on Halloween night (see this link from Waco Tribune Herald http://www.wacotrib.com/blogs/content/shared-blogs/communities/Music_Notes/ ) we went to Selena’s Table with the family.  Great menu, nice decor. Hopefully, they can get it back together

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Rainy NYE. Don Carlos in Waco

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Taking a few minutes before heading out to hit the road for NYE festivities at Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant, I 35 South in Waco, Texas. Will join the Dazzling Weasel Faces www.dazzlingweaselfaces.com for a long night of sets and music and laughter. Any of you local peeps to Waco, come on out, we will  have you up in front of a microphone singing “Having My Baby” or some other whacked music. Anything for a quick laugh. Again, I will bring my sets….we will only have the Tak 12’er with me tonight.  Just feel like being laid back, so the full  array of guitars will not make the trip with me tonight. We play from 8-12 tonight….but my guess there is no way we knock off at 12, who is the stoner who set that schedule up? Again, we will have a few new things tonight, and I will mingle with the local peeps in the crowd tonight as well….forgot the  beads, anyone have beads?

Take a break from the Top 10 lists today to provide a review of the latest concert, last Thursday, 3 December, at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas.  Teh lineup was “Alt Rock” bands, which means likely a guy my age should not be in the pit at this event. Screw them.  I am there and will be  for the foreseeable future. The line up consisted of Dead Before Sunrise, Flyleaf, Papa Roach, and headliner Breaking Benjamin. 

I ahve review this facility in other posts, and will not repeat here.  Just scroll down to other posts if you are curious of the venue.  Just know that a reported 4500 was at this event, I think the place will hold around 6,000. The audience was mostly in their early 20’s, and very enthusiastic for a cold December night. This concert was part of a local radio station promotion for Christmas concert.  Love the number of strip clubs advertised for a “Christmas” concert event.

Dead By Sunrise.  Never hear of them before.  Got in about a third of the way through their set.  I was very impressed, and will be checking out some of their tunes here in the near future on iTunes.  They were a melodic alt rock band with good driving, yet controlled music.  Decent stage presence, I was just impressed with most of the songs I heard.  Would definitely pick up a CD from these guys. Without knowing them really, not sure if any of their songs were known by the audience, it seemed they had consistent acceptance from a audience that was largely filing into the venue during their performance.  OK. Update….it all falls together now…now I realize why I liked them so much, and the familiarity.  As I go to chase a link to out here, I realize this is Chester Bennington solo band, Chester the great voice lead singer of Linkin Park.  Check them out here. Carl, please note…. www.myspace.com/deadbysunrise

Flyleaf.  I always get a kick out of seeing this group.  I like them alot. They are from Texas (all members but the lead vocalist from Belton, Texas, and lead vocalist is from Arlington).  They put on a great engeretic show, great music. Also, these guys are a blatanly Christian group, and they are not shy about this in their performances.  It always is very entertaining to look around to all the stoners, betting into the music, without a clue of the groups content.  Check them out.      www.flyleafmusic.com

Papa Roach.  This is the 6th time seeing these guys, and I must say, it is consistent all along.  Now in the early days, lead singer Jacoby used to bang his mike on his forehead until it bled, but he does not do that anymore. (Probably comes from cleaning up the drugs a bit) That antic was likely something they thought they needed to do go separate themselves, and with the normal IQ of a rock concert go’er, that probabaly resenanates much like caged all out fighting seems to for a certain audience. Now they have many CDs and have no lack of airplay. I enjoy these guys. The lead singer came out into the audience, a staple of their performance.  They are pure energy, and in this, it can even get a bit dull at is so consistent. The main guitarist of this group is very, very good.  I have been impressed with his work from the first time I saw them when they had only one hit. Just check out the pics on landing page of website, and it says it all.      www.paparoach.com

Breaking Benjamin.  Third time to see these guys.  I have always been impressed by their rather non rock music stage presence.  This group looks like a bunch of co9llege roomates who got together to form a band to avoid studying (sounds a bit familiar). They hold court well as a headliner, and in this role, they were the most tight muscially of all the groups. The lead singer is rather looming in his presence, standing an apparant 6’4″.  Great voice. He is also impressive in that he plays guitar on every song, and he and the main cuitarist exchange complexities of arrangements on each song. Difficult to do this as a lead singer and keep the great presence on stage. They have one of the best written rock songs of several years, “Breath”, and live, it sound every bit as good and impressive as the cd. (Alot of critics do not like this, but I do). Audience reaction to B.B. dwindled a bit after P.R., and B.B. even admitted follwing them is tough….but that is just for the nutty crowd.  Musically, they have nothing to hide, and they know it. For different reasons of the aforementioned, I like these guys as well.    www.breakingbenjamin.com

Probably will be off of the concert tour for a while as the busy holiday season rolls in.  If anyone takes in a concert and wants to post a review, just comment here, or email me at jay@reddganite.com


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