Top 10 Lists, The Next Frontier

On February 5, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

Well, after the last input of rather interesting mix of rock, punk, and a few unidentifiable top 10 bands, it is time to consider what the next frontier in in Top 10 lists.  I have given a lot of thought, so many catagories to go down. Some indicated that the top 10 lists for music were difficult to come up with.  Seems there is an implied finality to the lists.  I propose these can be living lists that change with your times. My top 10 groups have been set through 1 and 2, but there have been changes through the years to others, especially the last 5. Bottom line, we change, and so do our tastes in Top 10 lists of music, concerts, or whatever.

So I ponder on the next frontier. I am considering the reverse…a top 10 list of worst music and concerts, etc.  Of course with this, I think the selections demand a bit more explanation as there is no telling what will end up on these lists and why.  Now I have a lot of lazy readers, and frankly, I do not expect too much of them.

I think we will start of with  the top 10 worse music groups, since we just finished our top 10 favorite groups.  This will be more difficult for me as there is a world of qualifiers.  But I will give it a shot in another post….

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