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On September 6, 2010, in Travel, by admin

Continuing with our obsession for Las Vegas travel, we turn now to Vegas travel planning.  For those not familiar with Las Vegas, planning a trip to maximize your time there becomes important.  Las Vegas is much more than gambling. So where do you go?  You Google ‘Las Vegas Travel” and you get over 53M results. Google “Vegas Travel Planning” and you get 478K results. All of the usual hitters come up as well. Fodors, Govegas, Travelocity….the many choices.

There are a few websites that I like to focus when planning Vegas travel planning. and are good sites.  As you may tell by the names they are related, owned by the same company. So the format and content is largely the same for both. focuses a bit more on things to do outside of Las Vegas, but otherwise they are the same.  You can book your room here.  Plan your dinners, nightclubs, etc. I like the feature  to search restaurants based upon price and location.  They should have extended the search feature to include food type.  In order to find a good steak house, you have to search through all the listings. The nightclub listings are very informative, and you will need this, as the top clubs in Vegas can be challenging and intimidating to get into for those not familiar.

If you are looking more into what to do, my preferred website is This is a very comprehensive listing of things to do in Vegas.  A slick website that is easily navigated to target your subject area. It also includes reviews from users on hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc. While reviews from users can be all over the map, these seem to be as informative as they are opinionated. Their listing includes many off strip locations as well.  Although along that line, they did not list a couple of great off strip resturaunts that really should be included in any website on Vegas. (Pasta Mia, Thai Spice, and Rosemary’s). This shows that no website can cover it all. This site also offers good hotel information, and most importantly, it keeps its data up to current status.  Changes in the entertainment or dining scene are quickly updated on this site. This often can be an issue when using the web to gather good information.

One site you may be tempted to click because it ranks high in the Google search engines is  This site is owned by the convention and travel bureau of Las Vegas.  Because of this, they do not put specific hotel property or other true travel information that you require when planning Las Vegas travel.  They do go the extra mile to give general information on what to do in Las Vegas, but even this is not as useful as  the other sites listed above.

Of course, you can visit a number of sites when planning your Las Vegas travel.  There is pleasure in this as well.  So go out and visit sites for yourself. Currently the Google ads on this site have links to Las Vegas as well.  Some of these are informative sites as well so you can check them out.

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