Travelogue 009: Montana from Jason Hockney on Vimeo.

We at do not follow the typical internet formula. Nope. Instead of focusing in on one subject over and over, we take our bohemian attitude and spread it over a variety of subjects and content. Yes this is a music site, but it is so much more. Even at the expense of traffic…..(woe is the site that dances around subjects, bad for traffic and ad conversions!). WEll, we bring you different things here at redd…. and today it is no different! So we begin a series with yet another one of our expert contributors, Jason Hockney. Seems he has a knack of bringing his video cam along for the ride to a variety of interesting places and meeting some interesting people. This travelogue takes us to Montana….and the wilds and strange folks who live where man is not meant to exist…..

And you cannot resist the opening quote “they used to eat Indians in their canoes…its true”
Tune in. Intestesting stuff. And more will follow.

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