UPDATE: Below I indicate that I was not certain which tow cities that Zombie and Cooper were playing…I believe before Halloween. Interesting, when you click on this post (click on the headline and it goes just to this post) the Google ad has Zombie and Cooper tickets. When clicking through this, there are only two dates listed for Cooper (only)…..Council Bluffs Iowa (surprised they even let an act like this play in that backward locale…and Phoenix AZ, labeled “Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding.”  Now thats one that would be interesting to see…

Saturday brought on another annual event in the Dallas Fort Worth area….KEGL’s Freaker’s Ball.  This was the second of a two night affair.  The first night featured Papa Roach, Seether, and Godmack. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the first night. The second featured Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, in a kind of Halloween themed current meets the past. Nice touch. Both shows promimently featured the Halloween theme, without the performers even trying since this is what they do as their regular act.

Cooper’s act started the show rolling. He was in good form. It featured a 5 piece band to back up a long Cooper set. This was done in full make up and theatrics, only this time, the chick on stage was not his daughter as I had seen last time that I saw a Cooper show.  Good thing, the daughter thing was a bit creepy. The band supporting Cooper was sound as was Cooper’s performance for the most part. I just cannot understand, however, why he cannot sing the last hit song he had, “Poison”, on key. This is the second time I have seen him, and same thing. He must realize it, as this time he kind of turned it into a weak hip hop spoken version.  Great song, poor delivery.  But his voice and theatrics for the rest were top notch. Clearly he benefited from the fact this is a limited run on live performances. I will see Cooper again, given the chance. It is a very entertaining show. Even if this is not your thing, at least on Halloween, it works at a certain level.

This is the fifth time seeing Rob Zombie.  I still do not quite know what to make of this guy. He is branded somewhere between a satanist and a a guy who just loves the old scary movie and a good scare. I do not regularly listen to his music, and none of it is on my iPod (thought my family does include Rob Zombie on iPod. Here is the first thing I think you need to know about Zombie: he is highly intelligent, and he really understands personal and musical branding. Oh yeah, a lot of people really like his rather strange and deranged flicks. Musically, he carries a venue. This particular stop included a lot of stage gimmicks he really does not need to use, but given the Halloween theme, worked well. From tall fire breathing monsters to a straight up stage, he had it all. It does not matter if you know Rob Zombie music or not.  It all comes across energetic and infectious due to his great live performing capabilities. The crowd reacts. The night ties on a cool buzz at a level that starts high and never backs down. He is not hung up on himself as most performers are.  He simply delivers a show that is natural, in your face, and at the highest caliber because, that is simply what he does. This is Rob Zombie.

The band supporting Zombie was tight, but faceless. It was not about them, and Zombie was not about to let it be. The set lasted about an hour twenty minutes.  The obligatory encore was preceeded by Zombie bringing on the security of the venue on stage proclaiming that they had informed them that it would cost $10,000/minute for them to continue. Of course, when he did, the gullable crowd went nuts.  Of course, this stunt was at 10:45….15 minutes before the official cut off of this venue.  (Don’t you just love corporate rock?) Surprise! They left the stage at 11:02p, two minutes after cut off.  Must of cost them $20,000.

Great concert….I would tell you to go see them, but there are only two left in cities I cannot name.  Attendence for this event was approximately 4500 (venue holds 6K).  From the parking lot early on, it looked like the attendence was going to be low.  Afterall, it is difficult in todays shitty economy to hold two nights of rock shows and expect sell outs. But the attendence was higher than the parking lot would have indicated.

Estimated revenue once tickets, alcohol, and parking were tallied: $190,000

Good night overall.

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