Final Four Notes

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Final Four weekend approaches quickly. The tournament wraps on Monday with the finals. This will have been one great tournament this year, no matter who comes out on top. There have been so many lower seeds advancing to levels not seen by most of the programs. There have been great last second endings to games in regular and overtime, enough to give my 460 pound relative a heart attack. As I often do, I feel it necessary to pull for the underdog. Since the Baylor men fell to Duke in a Elite 8 game for which I am still reeling (they really could have won this one), I turn my sites to the true underdog in this series. Butler. Where is Butler? Not sure. I think Indiana. What is the school’s overall attendance? Do not know, but I think it is really small. But here they are on a national stage with a coach barely old enough to date, let alone coach a final four team. (In reality, he really is in his early 30’s, but he looks like he is 14). I do not know much about their game, and obviously, not the school either, and I am apparently too lazy to look things up on Google or Wikipedia to add to the content of this post. But I am there, supporting them to do the difficult. No bets for me, just support. I will note however, that they will be playing close to home. So there is no excuse for all 32 of your Butler supporters to get to Indianapolis and support your team’s unlikely run into the final four and beyond.
I will not be watching the game on Saturday as I will be in Austin area soaking back some old stomping grounds and enjoying an evening on the deck at the Hula Hut. This is en route to San Antonio for a Sunday Final Four game which will square off my Lady Baylor Bears against the 77-in-a-row-winning UConn. What an unlikely pairing here. Both coaches have shown great respect for the other’s team. Let’s face it, the way the Lady Bears had been playing in Big 12 play, with all of their freshman gathering large chunks of playing time, I am surprised they made it past the first round. Sorry guys, I watched a lot of pain in person with my season tickets to the Lady Bears as well as a separate trip to Austin to watch them get thumped by the Lady Longhorns, who exited from the NCAA tournament very early. So the fact they are in the Final Four is a true credit to this bunch. Everyone watch and support. It may not be pretty.

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Lady Bears in Final Four

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What a season. Tonight, the Lady Baylor Bears defeated Duke in what was a potential sweep for the Blue Devils in Elite 8 play. Hats for both schools having both men’s and women’s in the Elite 8. As most of the nation knows, BU men fell to Duke on Sunday 78-71 in a game that went to the wire where, likely, the team with much more experience in big games closed the deal vs. the the team who as just as talented, but not as used to being on the big stage. It takes a lot to win at this level. Hats of the men for a season where they were picked to finish 10th in the Big 12 conference, but went to the Elite 8 in the NCAA tournament. Barring defections to the NBA for two of the players, these guys will be a force next year with the nations no 3 ( player coming in.

But hte Bu women, well, with 6’8″ Briteny Griner the media rage, they wer picked to win the Big 12 in pre-season polls. Instead, their youthful team just reeked in Big 12 play. However, tonight, they earn a birth to the Final 4 in NCAA tourney with a win over Duke. This after mowing oer 1 seed Tennessee. next up, Connecticut, with a 80 something win streak, I do not expect the Lady Bears to get pass them. But then, I did not expect them to be anywhere close to the the Final 4 as well. So, hats of to them. I will have my happy fat ass in a seat in San Antonio this weekend. Baylor Nation, you need to be there as well. What a great season!

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