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Favorite Bands

A Day To Remember from Ocala, FLA

It was suggested to this site that I obtain and review A Day To Remember’s latest album release, “What Separates Me From You”. Previously, I have not been familiar with the group  in detail.  I had of heard of them, but never exposed to their music.  What Separates Me From You was release on November 15 of 2010, obviously to catch the Christmas buying season. This is the fourth release from this quintet from Ocala FLA. These guys are considered punk/pop/metalcore.  Interesting designation. I find this quite descriptive. The band has a full sound laced with heavy guitars that anchor each song. As is consistent with the metal side of this designation, there are few guitar riffs or leads in the music.  With each offering, there seems to be a a formula for the song that includes the metal portion on the song followed by a much more melodic and listen able chorus that drives the song home. The punk designation is not entirely fitting in my opinion.  Outside of the fact that most of the songs are shorter overall and consistent in length, I hear few indications of punk in the music…..I guess I can see it somewhat, but really, this is much more metal and melodic metal than anything.  From my perspective, this is good. Once again, the sound is full, vivid, and the musically, the group is very together in their their sound.

As with most true metal bands, the vocals are not  the charismatic souring voices of rock.  It does contain the usual gravel growl voicing that is normal for Metalcore offerings. I am OK with this, but in the end, I would rather have strong vocal that drive the music rather than the what we see from lead singer  Jeremy McKinnon…But I quickly admit I come from another era of vocals in rock music. Also, harmonies are non-existent as well….consistent with metal and punk designations.

What Separates Me From You

Stronger offerings on this album are those that do offer a strong pop choruses coupled with the strengths of lyrics in the versers of the songs.  “All I Want”  is one that stands out on the album.  This appears to be the most downloaded song from iTunes from this album, yet I am not convinced this is the strongest of the songs on the album.  I thought “Better Off This Way” was the clear winner on this album.  Again, it followed the same formula I discussed above. The album turns much heavier in sound with “Sticks and Bricks” and “2nd Sucks” and “You Be Tails I’ll Be Sonic”.  These balance out the more poppy side of the sound in the others, although Sticks and Bricks, although considerably heavier than most on the album, follows the formula of a more pop ridden chorus as well.

The lyrics are strong, and the album loosely contains a theme.  The beginning entry starts with McKinnon growling “I am fueled by all forms of failure”. I like that. Other song titles and themes follow suit to a degree. Of course, you will have to get a hold of the liner notes in order to review the lyrics in more detail, as they are not easily discernible in the metal voicing on the songs, sans the choruses. The strong lyrical content lends credence to the band’s credible musical approach.  It would seems these songs were not necessarily written with the goal of getting airplay….that always makes for better music.

That said, I believe this band should received good airplay.  When researching the sales of this album, one of the designations noted was that this week, it was marked by billboard as one of the albums that have received increased airplay over the last ratings period.  It was listed #64 in the Billboard hot 200.  Up from #117 from the prior reporting period, it is apparent that airplay must be making a difference.  The album peaked at #11 during its release “bullet”, so the momentum seems to be reversing based on this airplay. I apologize, I do not have total sales figures.

Overall I give this album a 7 out of a total of 10.  Good offering.  I am happy I invested.  If you would like to purchase, the link here (immediate following this sentence)  takes you to Amazon for truly the lowest price for this CD. Or if you prefer, go through the the iTunes link below this post.  What Separates Me From You

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Hinder: All American Nightmare Review

On December 7, 2010, in Concert Reviews, by admin

Hinder "All American Nightmare" Released Today

Hinder Website

Please let me enduldge myself: This is my little passion of a rock band. Even though they get largely panned by the media as a Motley Crue wanna be, I have gone on record on this site previously stating they are one of the best rock bands to come out in the last 5 years. Today, Hinder released their third album, “All American Nightmare”.  Rumor has it they pulled this forward to a December release from a previously planned January or February release. Hinder, from Oklahoma City hit the scene several years back with the instant single hit “Lips of An Angel” which climbed both the pop  and country charts (the latter was a re-make by John Anderson). The initial album sold north of 3M copies, quite a feet in this age of iTunes.  Their second follow up sold over a million copies, but not much further. The second was a lavish production in packaging and excess, including DVD about the making of the album. With the lessor sales, I have no doubt the record company took a bath on this one.  The second was a near carbon copy of the first in song writing style…something probably not noticed by the average consumer. The footprint was amazingly similar.  “Without You” copied the style and format of writing of “Lips Of An Angel”. “Use Me” was a footprint of “Get Stoned”, and so on.  The whole album was hook laden.  I am not saying they did not try anything new on the second, but clearly it was a 80% attempt to duplicate commercial success.  Tough call.  This is a fickle, at best, music industry filled with a buying public with serious Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.


All American Nightmare Cover

With All American Nightmare, gone is the lavish packaging. Gone are the girly pictures in a multi-page spread inside the CD packaging. Largely gone are the obvious hooks.  To a lessor extent, the song structure is a bit more complex with most entires. Now of course, reviews and reviewers are nothing more than opinions, all based upon what the reviewer expects. I expected some growth in their musical approach. I got it overall. This album sounds much less like the others.  There is a distinct blues approach in the guitar riffs The songs continue to be rather short in length, but they pack good music into them.  There are only ten songs, so overall, you can listen while you empty the dishwasher and then get on with your life.  One day I would like to see this band break out with some jam in thier music.  Put in a song that is 6:00 plus. Play lead more than in the riff or the musical bridge. Their guitarist Blower is just dying to break out if I read his actions properly in the 5 times I have seen this group live (Check out the post from last week, here). The subject of the lyrics are still pretty much still Hinder. Drinking, chicks, rock music, all of the normal.  Audiences are likely to be quite bored with the same ole same ole. This is not quite the careful album of the others, as the music once again sounds a bit different without loosing their signature Hinder sound. Back to expectations. I just expected that they would progress a little more. Take a few more chances…lenghten the songs, play some lead, be a little careless and less structured in the music, breakout, and be musically wild like they like to convince you they are in their lives….not gonna happen here, apparently.

I imagine they are still playing straight into their target demographic, younger twenty somethings. I do not fit this group. I am a music nut who listens to songs on multiple levels. So take the opinion for what it is.  Overall, this is very listen-able music.  A little less (very slightly less) poppy than their first two outings. The hard rock songs are a bit more harder, but then there are a few more slower songs as well. The main strong point of this album is that the songs have a very personable, listen-able feel to them. None of them are going to motivate you to push the songs viral into your Facebook  or other Social Network friends, but the whole album can be listened to as back ground or unoffensive party music. Each song is well produced in signature Hinder style.  The musician ship is tight and Austin Winkler’s voice continues to be strong in the pseudo gravelly sound that is his style .On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I give this effort a 6. This is worth the buy or download from iTunes.  Out of the 10 songs, about 3-4 will find their way onto my iPod/iPhone. (I do not load entire CDs, I cherry pick based on the best ((in my opinion)) songs). I will tell you, that I purchased this at Best Buy although I seriously dislike Best Buy.  I wanted the CD as I pay close attention to packaging as well as the music. The suggested price of this CD is $9.99….so if you see it in a store higher than that, do not buy it.  It is marked up past the suggested.  Best Buy went the other direction on the release day.  I purchased for $7.99, a full $2 less than suggested retail and what you will likely be able to purchase “All American Nightmare” on iTunes as a download.

Seems Hinder has put themselves on sale to push CD/downloads. Ah, they continue to bow to that great commercial god, who feeds these musicians well . I predict this will have an issue breaking the 1M mark in album sales. I think largely, the buying public is beyond this group in its current format as it refuses to change…..but, that said, I like them, and I think those who like this kind of music will if they give themselves a chance to listen.


Queensryche Caberet

On August 10, 2010, in Concert Reviews, by admin

Head Think Tank Geoff Tate

With pleasure, we submit this review of Queensryche, witnessed Sunday, 8 August, at House of Blues in Dallas, Texas. As you all know, I tend to see bands multiple times, and Queensryche is no exception.  This was the sixth time seeing them. This one came with their own twist.  They call it Queensryche Caberet.  So Queensryche Caberet does not come to as a surprise to us that know the band well.  Queensryche is different than many bands in that they are much deeper and somewhat political than the “hey baby I want to make love to you” bands.  Surely, most of their lyrics are deep, meaningful and well crafted, not throw away lyrics. You would also know that they like the theatrical.  They toured with a play written around their hit album “Operation Mind Crime”. OMC was horrible to listen to in concert. When I saw them, they were the headliners at a night in Rocklahoma, a night where half of the crowd got an early start to their nightly debachery.  (Should have stayed, they lost the costumes that night and played a straight up 40 minute set that was great).  Queensryche, because of its depth, just does not tranlate well into straight up concert settings. Somehow, there is a void in energy, and, well, it is hard to explain.  This is why I welcomed this version of Queensryche: Queensryche Caberet.  They went for a setting, a mood if you will. In fact, they have been trying to get in the media previous to the shows to goad audience to dress in costume as well….they have a little more work to do in this area.  I only saw three people who likely fit this bill. Of course, this is uptight Dallas.  Not surprising. The crew consisted of at least 6 women and two guys who were part of the show.  One chick substituted a dancing pole with a floor length curtain from which she did her acrobatics.  Same on the other side of the stage with a giant hanging ring. Then of course, there was the straight up dancing to keep the guys roped in.

Musically, they were tight, tight, tight. Interestingly, they left a couple of their top songs on the table, Silent Lucidity (which despite its mellow and dark demenor, it always has gotten great response.  The other, to my sadness, was Eyes of A Stranger.  If you any of you were with this site in the beginning when we did our top 10 favorite songs, Eyes of a Stranger is one of mine.

Queensryche Guitarist Laying It Down

There were about 400 in attendance this evening. It was an older, but very enthusiastic crowd.  In fact, it struck me a bit how enthusiastic they were.  My friends along for the ride were not as impressed with this.  But I was.  The visual effects, without trying to be too fancy or think tanky like OMC works. It substitutes for the fact that Queensryche just does not translate that well in the live concert setting. Tate’s voice was very strong. He went on all notes, all parts.  No backing down. In the end, this was an enjoyable evening that worked on several levels.

I now estimate, as part of our reviews, the revenue the show likely took in.  This one I estimate at just short of $20,000 revenue, not including HOB resturaunt operations for the night which I have no way of estimating

Go see this show. If it comes to Vegas, really go see it. People are less hung up out there. But just be cautioned: although they do not announce the new stuff, in the end, this is mostly new music off recent CDs.  But noone really seemed to mind……enjoy,

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Concert Review of Scorpions and Ratt

On July 25, 2010, in Concert Reviews, by admin

Been a while since we took in a concert. I took the opportunity to join good friends to see Scorpions and Ratt at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas.  A midweek concert worked well for my schedule.  I honestly expected a somewhat sparse crowd for a mid week event. Of course, I am not the biggest Scorpions fan and somewhat more of a Ratt fan, but still, neither are on my top group radar. It all proved to be an interesting enough night.

Venue. Briefly, this venue holds about 6,000 total in three lower sections and a fairly massive upper section.  Between the sections are several suites for the true party types….but that is what you get, a party, cause you are not close to the band.  Our seats for this event were not nearly as close as I usually get. The venue is somewhat pie shaped from stage outward.  Good sound for the most part.  The extreme sides can be challenging, and this where we were for the seats

Crowd. Here was my biggest surprise.  I estimate the crowd to be around 4500. This is what I consider very good for these bands on a Wednesday night.   The average age of the crowd was easily close to 40. Conservative looking for the most part, and really controlled in the audience response. Ratt was trying to get more out of them, but the Geritol age had apparently kicked in. I estimate the crowd 60% male.  Nearly half were in more professional looking attire (I being one them since I drove in straight from work).

Ratt. Ratt: The punctual band. They fell right in line with the corporate rock requirements.  Started right at scheduled 8:00, and played exactly 3 minutes over what they were supposed to.  Now thats calculated and friendly to the corporate rock word of  timed contracts. This was the 8th time seeing Ratt, the sixth with Stephen Pearcy at the helm.  For those of you not quite familiar with this outfit, Pearcy is the original lead singer.  But this unit is prone to bouts of moodiness and outright  asshole attitude made him difficult as a band mate and not accepted by the audience.  In the current years, however, we have seen a more mellow Pearcy. Still quite cocky, but that is OK. He engaged the audience fairly well.  He was gracious for the most part….but he did give the impression he was not all that into the show.  Every time there was a musical bridge, he walked backstage during the lead solo. There was no interaction between Pearcy and Warren Di’Maritini, the long time guitartist. There was interaction between Pearcy and the other band mates, most specifically, the guy who came over from Quiet Riot (do not know his name) after Kevin DeBrow kicked. The sound was not mixed very.  Guitars far overshadowed vocals, and even the drums. The band was moderately tight, but nothing special. They did many more background vocals than I remember them doing in other outings. Overall, decent, not great, just decent.  Pearcy needs to stay on stage and look like he is engaged.

Scorpions on Stage in Grand Prairie Texas Scorpions. What is it about midgets with booming voices? Like the recently departed Ronnie James Dio, the lead guy for the Scorpions, who stands maybe 5′ tall has a voice that just soars.  Not as good as Dio’s was, as he was at the top in my book, but a great set of pipes, nonetheless. Admittedly, I am not a big Scorpions fan.  This is the third time that I have seen this German outfit. I am not sure if there music was overplayed back in the day or what, I am just not that big of a fan. The show tonight was the best that I had seen out of the three outings I have witnessed.  This show was set with an interesting stage where the drummer rose far above the stage. Well lighted, it was a good set and more dramatic than that I have seen in the past. The Scorpions made themselves sound and act like headliners.  There was much energy in the show, and the crowd embraced it for what they could being their age and Texas roots conservative pussy roots. There was great interaction between all of the original members of this band.  Hell, you do not even know they are German except for two things:  Lead singer slurs his words as if he is liquored up (he was not); as English is not his main language, although I am sure much better now than when they started 25 + years ago. And the second was lead guitarist Rudolph Schenker….not that boy looks and acts German….almost like the Hans and Frans act from Saturday night live many years ago….what also impressed me about Rudolph was his array of guitars.  He easily carted out 8 different guitars, one being a cool looking Fly-V acoustic.  I want one.  Was not close enough to get brand, or it may have been made especially for him.  He was his usually energetic self, running wildly across the stage. Scorpions act also incorporates calculated photo ops….this is where the band gets together and plays next to each other so the audience can shoot pictures. Klaus (lead singer, re3member now fist name, not last)  was his usual drum stick throwing self, easily tossing 100 sticks into the audience.  Hell, I bet some in the front got multiples.  (yes, I have a drum stick from Scorpions on another outing…he throws so many, you can hardly miss)

They played from 9:40 until 11:10, popping the corp. suits requirements by 10 minutes over.  They were tight and together.  Overall very good.  The few new songs they played I liked as well, including the one ballad. (Takes balls to play a ballad on new music minutes, but that is part of their signature)  But speaking of ballads, my one disappointment was they left off two crucial songs from the set :  Still loving You (yes, that power ballad) and Rhythm of  Love. Especially the missing of Still Loving You, because this song, with his voice, is just pheonominal.

Business. I estimate this concert took in revenues in excess $380,000.  4500+ people, at average of  $60 per ticket (yes, they were expensive) and at $20 average concession spend, and $20,000 for the parking robbers.  Not bad for a Wednesday night

I think this is a decent show to go see.  It really comes down to how much you want to spend for these groups……peace

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Best New Group…

On March 5, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

…to come out in a long time is Hinder. I know what your are thinking: there is nothing new about this group, they have been out for 4-5 years now through their two albums. I know and I understand. Maybe it is my comment on the music scene (for rock) over the last five years.  But I must say, I listen to their two cds constantly, have learned and perform my accoustical versions of several of their songs, and eagerly await the third album from them. Now they do have their issues, be assured.  Many of their songs come across quite homogeneous sounding as they definitely write with a formula.

Further, their second album, pictured here, is really a carbon copy of the first when it comes to song writing. Listen closely and you will see what I mean.  Two of the songs that received great airplay from the first CD, “Get Stoned” and “Lips Of An Angel” were basically repeated with “Use Me” and “Without You”.  Listen closely.  You do not have to be a song writer to see what I mean. But, that said, I do not care, still all great music and each cd is entirely listen-able filled with great songs.  Interestingly, I consider their lyrics quite well written given the fact that they are aimed squarely at the commercial market to maximize airplay. I know the first CD sold well over 3M, maybe more.  The second got off to a slow start, never had a “bullet”, but I think has sold well over the longer term due to consistent air play from rock stations and some pop station with “Without You”. This song was not the hit that its protege “Lips of An Angel” was, as I believe that made it to top 10, and as well, was covered by a country artist as well and made it to the top 10 of the country charts actually during the run up the charts for the Hinder version. This made for very interesting dynamics, covering two large markets with two different versions and artists….of course all royalties landing in the pocket of Hinder. This is one of the reasons I put this in my playlist.  Between the two, millions of people are familiar with the song, and I try to have songs on my list when  I join the Dazzling Weasel Faces on stage…to have some music that appeals to others than our target 40-50 year olds

Check out Hinder on the web as well. Again, not a new group, but the best that has come out in rock solidly over the last 5 years….you are now free to argue with me.

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Back To Top 10 Favorite Bands

On February 2, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

Back to the top 10 lists with a late entrant from Robert.  Always interesting stuff, I had to open it back up.  Check out the list. I know he struggled with it for quite some time. Without further rumbling from me, here it is:

My comments will be on a follow up post…let it soak into you guys for a while

Jay from reddgranite.com requested such a list, so here it is.

Top Ten Bands

Apologies to Jay for taking so long to compile this list. It was very hard. I am happy that this is for bands, as it will provide me with the opportunity to squeeze out another top ten list of solo artists, some of whom might have otherwise made this list.

1. Van Halen – The most influential guitarist since Jimi Hendrix, two very different but equally great (at least on vinyl) singers, album after album in which I know every single song. It is probably a cliche for someone in my demographic to love VH so much, but so be it.

1a. Motley Crue – While VH and AC/DC turned me in favor of hard rock and away from the pop of Top 40 radio, it was the Crue that really turned me into a metalhead. I bought their first album based on the cover alone, having never previously heard of them. It did not disappoint. As with Van Halen, even their bad albums are good.

3. Rainmakers – They have been forgotten by many, but these Kansas City-based roots rockers had a moment in the sun in the late ‘80s, with a couple of catchy hits and a string of interesting albums. I normally do not pay much attention to lyrics, but lead singer Bob Walkenhorst’s writing is so insightful and meaningful that even I became enamored with it. Though Walkenhorst is a typical flaming liberal these days, in his early days he wrote some right-leaning tunes. “Government Cheese” and “Drinkin’ on the Job” are in my head every single day, with the latter featuring my favorite lyric of all time, “The generation that would change the world is still looking for its car keys . . . .”

4. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – With a punk heart and a rock-n-roll soul, Joan Jett has always been about the music. (Yes, I know that sounds generic, but it is true and it is the kind of thing that she would say.) She has whipped out plenty of quality original material, and she can cover a song and make it her own better than anyone else in rock history. A reviewer of Jett’s movie “Light of Day” said that she could act, but that she couldn’t sing. What a hack. Her voice is amazing. I could listen to the “Bad Reputation” album every day for a year and never tire of it.

5. Violent Femmes – Every frat-boy on Earth bought the Femmes’ debut album (on cassette) and wore it out playing “Blister in the Sun” at every party held from 1983-1987, but so few people gave their later albums a listen, and it is simply unfair. Their subsequent works were just so damn consistently inconsistent, with Gordon Gano’s pained vocals being the common thread. Their show at the Peony Park Ballroom in 1986 ranks at or near the top of my list of concerts attended.

6. Throw Rag – Here is an obscure one for you. These boys are a punkabilly outfit formed in 1998. A friend and I discovered them by accident when they opened for the Stiff Little Fingers in Dallas. Though he has now left the band, lead washboard player and head nudist Action Craig “Jacko” Jackman (“the new face of rock-n-roll”) brought comedy and a high level of energy to the outfit. Lead singer Capt. Sean Doe (trivia – he is the cousin of Crispin Glover) is quite the showman as well. They have only had four studio albums, but they are all great.

7. New York Dolls – These boys have been shy on the album release front as well, but it hasn’t hurt them. Part glam, part punk, they set the bar high for the many pretenders who followed them. Though their career was derailed by drugs and other bad things after only a couple of years, their two albums released in the ‘70s featured one catchy gem after another. After taking a thirty-year or so vacation that included David Johansen turning into Buster Poindexter for a while, the surviving members found each other again. To the surprise of many, they still had their songwriting chops and released two more superb records. They also returned to the stage, where they are older, wiser and less flamboyant, but still hugely entertaining.

8. Iron Maiden – How can any list be complete without an entry from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal? Bass player and primary writer Steve Harris has persevered through many a lineup change (including three lead singers), but has never sold out or changed the band’s soaring lyrical stylings and multi-guitar (three at current count) attack. It was a difficult to choose these boys over Judas Priest, but I gave them the nod because they were at the top of their game right out of the gate, while it took the Priest a few albums to really figure out what they wanted to do.

9. Cars – For some reason, this group of incredibly talented musicians and writers have been largely forgotten by radio and the kids of today, despite having sold tons of records and made scads of influential videos. The only reasons that I can fathom for this is that they broke up after only a few albums, and because they never really fit into a single musical classification. They were not hard rock, they were not metal, they were not punk, they were not really New Wave (though some claimed they were) . . . they were just The Cars. They probably would have ranked higher on my list, except that they were a dog in concert. Ric Ocasek hated to tour and it showed.

10. Replacements – Drunken catchy rockin’ pop. Goddamn these guys could put some thought into a song . . . or not. Half fun, half bitter, half angry, half not-giving-a-fig, all drunk, they put on a helluva show, whether it was on vinyl or live.

Just outside the top ten:

11. Ratt – Ratt is SO underrated. I saw one tv show on VH1 that referred to them as a one-hit wonder. Unbelievable. They guys just flat out jammed, with five excellent albums and many hits. Unfortunately for the fans, lead singer Stephen Pearcy is a major twit who left the band on more than one occasion, causing them to lose favor with the public, as least as far as being a headliner with huge album sales was concerned.

12. Pixies – Black Francis, Kim Deal and the rest were a band that surprised me back in the day. They were one of those alternative groups that was just so different, yet endlessly interesting. Fast-slow-soft-loud-English-Spanish . . . it was tough to follow what they were doing, but it was impossible not to love the songs.

13. Motorhead – Lemmy is a god. The man invented thrash and for that he makes this list.

Two that might have made the list had they quit music in 1988:

a. R.E.M.

b. Metallica

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Daves Response to Kelly

On January 15, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

From Dave on Kelly’s Top 10…the post is below all that related website stuff…so read down.  We will be putting more updates from Haiti in here as well……PLEASE DONATE. THEY NEED THE HELP!

My response:
1) I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the Walrus…..What can I say, great minds think alike….goo-goo-ga-joob
2) Goin down to the crossroads with my bottle on my side…Good choice, brought the real blues back to the attention of americans who had either forgotten them or never knew them
3)Nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, hey-hey-hey, good bye….Very interesting choice. Influential, but only had what 4-5 hits?
4) I just want to celebrate another day of living…..I LOVED this group in high school. Great stuff. Should get played a LOT more on “classic” rock stations than it currently does.
5)One is loneliest number… (I refuse to dicsuss that bullfrog fella)…Actually my favorite of theirs was one of their lesser known hits called, “Pieces of April”.  Great song, They had many hits.  Norm was a big fan of “Out in the Country” . He used to be able to play it, before he became a rich and famous professor/published author and bon vivant-around-town.
6) Inna-gadda-da-vida, baby…..Wow–what an interesting choice.  EVERY garage band had to do “Innagada….” I actually had both of their albums and they were’nt bad.  Since Gene Krupa or Buddy Rich in the Big Band Era, no group had more impact on drum solos… not even my hero, Bun E Carlos (my long lost twin–but I digress)
7)Well, she got her daddy’s car and she’s cruisin to the hamburger stand now…..As I mentioned in my comments on Marty’s list. I understand how folks would include them, they were just not for me.
8)Well c’mon all of you big, stong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again, He’s got himself in a terrible jam, a way down yonder in Afghanistan– wait, that’s not right, is it? Or is it?……wow, this one really surprised me…..I dont get it, but there you go….
9)The finest years I ever knew, where all the years I had with you….Good choice, not surprising.
10)And when I die, there’ll be one child born, in the world to carry on, carry on……Another surprising choice. Had some good stuff. I was more of a Chicago fan, rather than the blues oriented BST, but had some good stuff.
Kelly, as always, you are an interesting unit.  Some different choices there…..

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After that rather stunning and moving post on Haiti below, we are back to the top 10 music lists.  One note on Haiti….I take a personal interest not only for the safety of our family friend, but as well, I did business there for 2 years.  I helped sell all of the equipment that was still operational after the quake to let our personal family friend send this note (unfortunately, the telecom switches, while still operational, no longer work as the battery backup unit finally ran out of juice), but it may be some time before service can be back up.

Please consider donating toward relief efforts

Our top 10 groups today comes from Kelly, our bookee…uh, I did not say that!  Comments after the list,as well as in the body

MY lisit:
     1) The Beatles-what other group has had more and substaining impact on music than these 4,their music covered by more artists than any other, far more hits than misses Ugh
      2)  CREAM- great riffs from Ec, rock,  ballads, blues, what a power trio Good call, “In A White Room” Great song
      3)  SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE-energy, drive, a group that did what many could not bring racial diversity to music huh?
      4)   RARE  EARTH- great songs, doing some ofv Motown’s tunes with RnR energy drums, horns,always one of my favorites
      5)   THREE DOG NIGHT-one of the best hit groups of the 70’s -harmonies from Chuck , Danny and Corey wow Nice
      6) IRON BUTTERFLY-ok ok but for a great 60’s groove, and not just because of the 17 min. inagotadavida listen to ssome of the other stuff
      7) BEACH BOYS- just fun stuff from america’s beatles Another group that deserved not to be
      8) COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH-just for you Dave,  hey   they did have some hits
      9) BREAD- what song writting  and I do have the double cd greatest hits if you want to copy it Dave Seems all of us have this one in the list
     10) BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS- I just love those horns, vocals by David Claton Thomas, great power , rock and roll love songs  
 So again the ? begs why are always stopping at 10??  Because your boy Marty could not even come up with 10! Yours musically Kelly

My god, another Beatles top. My peeps must smoke crack…I HATE THE BEATLES.  There, I said it again.  Thanks Kelly for the list, now get your ass busy back to booking the Dazzling Weasel FacesYou are way below your quota and you will not get paid unless you get busy!


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And now back to the top 10 favorites list. This one on the bands from Marty, but as you can see from his explanation below, he could not quite get there….so it is his top 6.  Take that! Search engines. Now I throttled him some back a bit as well, because last Saturday while conveniening at a wonderful night at Chuy’s, he asked if top 10 groups included individual performers…and I kept it at groups for now (Dan Fogelberg would surely have made a top 10 list if I included) However, we will do another top 10 on that one

1. The Beatles – Everything’s pretty much been said about these guys, but it keeps getting rehashed.  My only point to add is this:  I defy you to name me EVEN ONE other band that still gets regular air play, 40 years after the band broke up, of songs which were never even released as singles in the first place.


2. The Moody Blues – Still at it after over 40 years, and sounding better than ever.  You can count on them to have a heart-wrenching ballad or two on every album, usually composed by Justin Hayward, who has been re-working the lost-love and meaning-of-life themes since the mid 60’s.


3. The Beach Boys – known as America ’s Band (and rightfully so), one of the first bands to bring harmonics to rock and roll.  They came up with a lot of catchy tunes that remain extremely listenable to this day.


4. The Statler Brothers – down-home themes of love and home, characterized by awesome harmonies.  The world is a better place because they found each other.


5. The Mavericks – Not your father’s country and western band.  Very progressive, quite fun country music.  If you listen to their music, you get a feel of how highly skilled these guys are, and it’s obvious that they’re just toying with their instruments.  Also, lead singer Raul Malo sounds like Roy Orbison reincarnated.


6. Bread – I’ve always been a sucker for a good love ballad, and these guys put out some of the best.

Jay asked for 10 bands, but the fact is back in the 60’s I listened only to the Beatles, to the near total exclusion of all other bands.  I didn’t even buy the Moody Blues till 1979, or the Beach Boys till 1991.  (I believe I bought Bread in 1972.)  In later years I developed a much deeper appreciation of the music from that era, and indeed, I now own quite a collection of Greatest Hit type CD’s from many 60’s artists.
But for the most part, even if I like a collection of songs from a given band, it would probably be more accurate to say I liked the songs, rather than the groups that recorded them.  So I think it’s a more accurate list from me if I just cut it off here.
No rock for this boy!  And as for the Beatles, well, you know what I think.  Fine choice of Moody Blues.  And now Dave’s comments on Marty’s choices:
Interesting, and somewhat surprising.  My comments on:
1) You say goodbye, and I say Hello…..in this day and age when groups like The Stones, and the Moodys, and The Who (can they still count as a band with 2 of the 4 gone?) are still making music, and touring.   The Stones still churn out the occaisional hit….but people sometimes forget the Fab Four burst on the scene in, what 1964 and broke up in approx 1969. So it is even more amazing the impact they have had, and will continue to have, because of just a few short years.  The sum WAS greater than the parts, and the parts were awesome. 
2) Why do we never get an answer when we’re knocking at the door….Good stuff, under appreciated, kind of the first “mystical” band, but I never got the public’s fascination with Nights in White Satin….so many better songs…..great in concert…
3)We’ll be planning out a route, we’re gonna take real soon…..Incredible harmonies, great songwriter in Brian W, but, living in the Great White North as I did growing up, I could not grasp the “surfer” california lifestyle they promoted and sang almost every song about. Just couldnt appreciate it then or now–it didn’t resonate….
4) Playing solitare till dawn with a deck of 51… this one is the one that surpised me the most.  The group that did “Elvira”? Really? Really?
5)There are no lyrics posted on this one because there may be only 15 people in the world outside of the group that know any of their lyrics.   This one did not surprise me, because I knew of your obsession with the Mav’s.  You are indeed a strange creature, Marty…..but good on you!
6) If a man could be two places at one time….(I’d be in Vegas, but that’s another story)… I thought this was a classic choice.  I have kicked myself for leaving them off my own list.  How many groups have been able to put out two greatest hits albums? And not a bad song on either of them….”Back in the day” it was the one album that EVERY highschool and college age girl (and most of the guys) had in their rooms. Ah, good times, good stuff……
I was surprised you stopped at 6 (What, the Doors didnt make your list? The Mothers of Invention?  Canned Heat? Country Joe McDonald and The Fish? Blue Cheer? The Archies? )
Anyway, some interesting choices there, Martin, thanks for sharing….

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Landing Page

On January 11, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

For the convenience of the increasing traffic on this site, I have decided to put the blog “discussion” page back as the landing page so you do not have to navigate to that page to put up comments to a post. We are still doing the Top 10 favorite groups and favorite music subjects.  The top 10 will continue for some time in  different flavors, includng “worst of”. Sprinkled in between will be concert reviews (Anvil coming up the 26th) and other music news and tidbits.

And for the page redd granite who, it is buried back there.  Many of you know who were are anyway.  Comments on format and content always welcome…

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