In N Out Burger’s Dallas Area Plans

On October 17, 2010, in Low Budget Review, by admin

We reported here several months back that it was rumored that In N Out Burger, the California based cult chain, many whom believe it to be the best fast food burger chain out there, was coming to Dallas area.  We first heard this via a contact in the banking industry, but quickly dismissed it as a humor website known for pranks played a big ole April Fools joke on the New York area stating it was arriving there.

Then a small article in the Dallas Morning News reported that a local area suburb had cleared a zoning request for what was rumored to be an In N Out Burger location.  I reported this once again at this time in a separate post.

Well they are speaking freely of their plans now. 9 area DFW locations are planned along with a distribution center. All locations have not yet been committed to, but the original zoning request in Garland, Texas has been confirmed as one of the locations.  Another has been committed in near north Dallas along one of the major freeway arteries. They are rumored to be spread evenly throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area.

As reported previously, we look forward to the arrival.  We believe In N Out Burger is clearly the best in fast food. Every time we go to Las Vegas, which as you readers know is quite regular, we go to In N Out Burger several times during one four day trip. We have the extra poundage to prove this, as these are not low calorie trips. But they are great trips to the best fast food out there.

All In N Out Burger outlets are corporate owned.  There is no franchising. Most of the local competition is shrugging this off, and I agree, there is space enough for their existence in with the rest of the DFW fast food landscape…after all, we have enough large people in their electric chairs to feed all of the local fast food business.  But we do believe there will be some impact on the current fast food scene.

But the one question remains…this chain has near cult like status.  Part of this is because they stay very geographically tight on the west coast.  With their expansion, will they truly retain their cult like status?

I welcome In N Out Burger to my area….I will drive miles to provide my patronage.

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There Goes My Waistline!

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A while back we reported a rumor that In n Out Burger was coming to the Dallas area. For those of you who do not remember, (and for you really old folks, you can refer back several posts to the In n Out Burger post), this is a California burger chain that enjoys nearly cult status on the west coast (what do they know anyway?), and a joint I always frequent when I go to Las Vegas. I reported a while back that they were coming to the Dallas area, something they have never considered in the 30 years of this family owned chain. Then I recanted in another post, not trusting my source after reading a popular humor website (check them out, very funny stuff) had started a rumor that In n Out Burger was coming to NYC…all of this as part of an April Fools joke.

Well, my sources were correct, and I humbly recant my recant. Dallas Morning News reports today that the city council of Garland (yes Dallas area goofies, read that, Garland) has approved zoning for a unnamed fast food chain restaurant which is being reported as In N Out Burger. My collective hand shoot to the sky in cheering. No timeline was given for the rapid demise of my waistline, but as a Project Manager by trade (at least on of them), I would say we are looking at 3Q 2011 for opening, depending upon motivation by the In N Out Burger folks. And here is another tip of the hat…the selection of Garland over other burbs like Plano, Texas, where the bubble of blonde housewives who do not work and drive their stark Suburbans with the 4 out of control kids and 2.6 pets apparently will not get to turn those heathen kids loose in my beloved In N Out Burger.

Dallas area: Look for this to develop on State highway 78, just north of the Geo Bush, on the edge of Firewheel Town Center.

I look so forward, I may have to change my future plans.

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The Rumor Is….

On April 1, 2010, in Other Interests, by admin

There is a distant rumbling in the horizon.  Ever so subtle.  If you put your ear to the ground you may hear it. Follow it’s trail if you can.  Use your tracking skills…it is the beating sound of the rumor mill of a huge, huge news event: In n Out Burger is coming to Dallas! What? You say.  You west coast mavens know that for years and years your beloved California based, family owned, privately held burger chain refused to venture east of Las Vegas. That is part of the appeal, you say. Why should Texans enjoy such California delicacy?  How can this be?

Yes, for those of you  “easterners” who do not know what I am talking about, this is the best burger in the country. It is also one of the worst for you, so belt line; look out. This chain is an icon on the west coast. I discovered it in my business traveling days, in Ontario, California in the late 80’s.  And let me just say, this place is the bomb.  Everything is made fresh daily. The menu is limited to burgers, burgers, and more burgers…as in that will be a single, double, triple or however many patties you tell them to put on burger. The cost will put you back very little; the calorie counts will put you back a lot and clog your arteries.  The single cheeseburger checks in at a brisk 480 calories. In other terms, you must walk 133 minutes or jog 55 minutes, or swim 40 minutes, or cycle for 73 minutes to burn that rat bastard off.  Add the 400 calorie fries, and nearly double that take.  My personal favorite is the double double cheese burger meal. That’s just a crisp 1070 calories:  no worries. Add a shake and this wondrous trip to the burger joint tacked on 1760 calories to the waist line; but oh is it worth it.

This chain enjoys a unique brand. Even with their west coast roots, many across the nation know of this chain and visit when they travel to the area.  This is always my first stop in from the airport when arriving in Las Vegas. The location I-15 and Flamingo must do well over $20K per day with the extended hours they keep and the ‘can’t find a table’ busy that they always are. While there are other localized burger huts in each city that makes things up fresh, with many of them being great, no one quite compares the true low cost, the freshness, and the unique taste (they add what’s called an “onion sauce” , on top of the crisp freshly chopped onion) as In n Out Burger

This is a no frills menu.  No chicken, no rings, no breakfast, no anything else, just burgers, all made fresh in store.  Their fries are made in store as well. All of this and a assembly line of people turning out burgers fast.

So I am glad to hear of the rumor that they are entering the Dallas market in early 2011.  Probably will be located far from where I live, but is better than flying to Vegas for a burger. Oh, and if any of you bright entrepreneurs out there get the idea to call them for franchising, don’t. They only do company stores.  I called years ago…

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