Elite 8 Duke vs. Baylor

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Is it just me, or is there, or should there be, something to the fact that both men’s and women’s teams for Duke and Baylor must face each other in the road to the final four? Any school that gets both men and women teams into the sweet sixteen deserve accolades…this is a tall order. And the Elite 8? All the more! This is the improbably situation as the tourney moves to the Elite 8. Of course the Baylor men thumped St. Mary’s Friday in a game which I think included one of the best halves of basketball I have ever seen played at the college level. Now they face Duke in Houston, which pretty much translates into another home game for BU with the Texas fan support. Now BU did only knock off lower seeds in route to this trip. More improbable I have to say, was the Lady Bears. They handed number 1 seed Tennessee a loss in the sweet 16 in a game that basically was a home event for Tennessee since this was played in Memphis. I never thought I would see the BU womens team in the Sweet 16, let alone knock off a 1 seed to get into the Elite 8 to face, Duke. Of course, it is no secret that Duke’s basketball programs on both sides of the gender fence have been top notch. Duke is one of these “branded” schools I speak of. You would never know what a Duke is if not for the basketball program. Mostly on the men’s side with Coach K and company. And on the Baylor side of the equation, well, everyone still loves to talk about the Scott Drew (Skippy) turn around from the men’s morbid past. We will not regurgitate this here. Drew deserves great credit as do those players in the early tenure of Drew who signed on to BU in spite of coming sanctions. Those players are hardly mentioned these days. But Curtis Jerrells, Henry Dugat, Aaron Bruce, Tim Bush,and Kevin Rogers signed and/or stayed with the program when a bunch of other players hit the road when given a chance (yeah, thats you John Lucas). It was their commitment that began the healing process in both talent and the other.

But Baylor has been in the spotlight as well. An improbable run int he Big 12 tourney last year led to a loss in the NIT finals. And the women, lets not forget that Mulky and crew won the 2005 national championship against Joann P. McCauley’s Michigan state. This was a game after, where McCauley would not credit Baylor talent in the loss blaming only on their poor play. Not so good blood on this one. And of course, back to the subject of the Duke vs. Baylor square off, it is the same MacCauly now coaching Duke women in this Elite 8 match up. Hmm. Should make for interesting game.

But in the end, I do believe it is interesting that both men’s and women’s teams face off for Duke and Baylor in the Elite 8. I think it is a new line. Mulky agreed in a interview today. I will enjoy my seat in Houston to watch the men play Duke Sunday. Good times.

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