Wings Of Steel – 15 year olds playing hair band rock….go figure

New Years Eve proved to be another installment of interesting times in an interesting place. We took our troupe down to one of our favorite watering holes in the homeland territory in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  “Cooler Near The Lake” (yes, that is the name of the bar and if you lived in this town of roughly 100K on Lake Michigan, you would understand the rather creative name for a bar) is a small but nice family run local watering hole in Kenosha. Redd Granite and the Dazzling Weasel Faces play here on our annual Wisconsin tour. Host Jodi always has something creative planned, and tonight was no different.  Music was provided by Boys and Toys, a local 3 piece electric outfit that plays rock music largely from the 90’s and 00’s.  This was a solid, well coordinated outfit that provided strong entertainment for a ready and willing NYE crowd that had to exceed at least a 150 people coming through this smallish bar throughout the night. Dancing was plenty, a sign that the band was entertaining.

But what really struck me is when the band took a break. The Boys and Toys basis asked if it would be alright that his kid’s band play a few songs.  “Wings of Steel” as a three piece group, using Boys and Toys equipment that got up there and played……80’s hair band rock?  Really?  Seriously?  They started with Dokken, went into several other artists of the genre, although they would regularly return to Dokken. Boys and Toys bassist dad insisted it was not all his influence.  They were fairly tight in the few song set played.  Vocals needed to come out stronger, but overall, I was impressed.  Not sure where their market is, since I regularly get dogged about my love for 80’s hair bands.  Not sure how deep their knowledge went as they seemed not to know who Great White was, but alas, they are 15 and such. Pleasantly surprise, I enjoyed the rest of the night with the primary band Boys and Toys, the excellent hosting of Jodi, and the great time hanging out with the locals.  I appreciate them letting them into their circle, because, overall, even though I am from here, I have been gone a long time and only return generally around the holidays and when Dazzling Weasel Faces play here.
If you are ever in Kenosha, Wisconsin, stop in at Cooler Near The Lake and say hi to Jodi….and tell her that redd sent you.
Make 2011 a great year.
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