Bone Daddy's Is Smoking Something

The BBQ road takes us to a different destination than the usual. Usually our reviewers seek out the true BBQ joints in Texas, those who smoke up a brisket unique to this region’s great BBQ. On this trip, we review Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke.  This is a limited chain in the Texas area with four total locations throughout the state.  It is owned by a  group that also owns a cajun themed eatery called Razzos. Bone Daddy’s comes with a twist, in that it has a ‘Hooters’ approach to serving BBQ. And like Hooters, it is immensely successful with this concept. You cannot help but wonder if the food is any good or is it simply the female influence?

A stop to this eatery will answer this question. The menu, for a BBQ joint is quite exhaustive.  It ranges in plates that come with all kinds of meats with a limited choices of sides. The thing is, the BBQ is really good.  Not sure how they achieve this.  As you drive up there is no smell of mesquite wood wafting through the air.

Yes, they really do look like this

There is not the run down shack with the old geezer sitting in front inquiring how your day has been.  This is a slick operation. There are also a healthy dose of sandwich offerings, highlighted by the “Flying Pig”.  This thing, with a combination of ham, pulled pork and bacon will light up your taste buds and stop your heart. Top it with some of the BBQ sauce served warm in bottles brought to the tables, and you have a great sandwich which includes fries and a small dish of baked beans, all for $10. The meat plates come with a choice of sides from a limited menu.  The sides are good, but nothing to jump up and down for. The brisket here is done very well.  It is a hight quality brisket prepared slowly to produce a beautifully tender, and tasty plate.  The smoke ring is a bit scant, and the taste is not quite as smoky as one would hope. So the inclusion of their good BBQ sauce is helpful to to top off the experience. Pork ribs are also specifically good here.  Although they are drowned in BBQ sauce before charring in the oven, they are quite tender and tasty.  Once again, the smoky taste here is a bit distant, and of course, further masked by the bath in BBQ sauce before serving.  So this does not make it the true Texas BBQ we are used to, but still, a very tasty, and overall enjoyable plate. There are some specialty menu items as well.  There is the “Beer Can Chicken”  This is a marinated whole chicken with a beer can shoved up its posterior. Please cut around the beer can before jumping into your entree.

No, They Don't Look Like That, I Threw That in For You Perve Puppies

The prices are a bit on the steep side, no doubt due in part, to its branding with babes image. As is the case with most of these establishments, the bar scene is important.  A full, but limited bar is offered, but most of the mainly male population are sucking beers from appears to be about a 32oz. glass. Weaklings will have an issue hoisting a full glass of this, so when you get it to your lips for the first time, cannon ball about half of the glass so you can lift it a second time.

Service is friendly and efficient.  Of course, like all of these female based eateries, the girls go out of the way to be of good service, and tips in excess of 20% are expected and the norm.  Silly males.  We are such dumb shits, but there you go, it is what it is.

Overall, I give this place (for the food) a 6.5 out of 10. Add the chicks in, and well, go there for yourself for those of you local to Dallas area, Austin, and Houston, and judge for yourself

The BBQ Road continues, hopefully back to a true joint next time.

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