Big 12 and Big Money

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I am sure many of you around the country have followed the upheaval of college sports conferences, specifically the Big 12 conference. I will save my opinion of the activities happening surrounding the Big 12 conference….as most of you know, I am very biased when it comes to the Big 12 conference, with my avid support of Baylor athletics.  No, this column is one of a different variety. I want to go on record stating what hypocrites our society is when it comes to college athletics.

No question the upheaval of the Big 12 conference is driven by money.  Specifically, the Pac 10 conference is going for the golden nugget….Texas.  You see, their television contract is up this year.  In order to get a much more favorable renewal contract, they have eyed the Big 12 conference…..most specifically Texas.  Yes, Colorado went first…this was just a smoke screen, make no mistake.  Colorado was nothing to the Big 12 conference.  Do not let the door hit them on their big buffalo ass….but UT (Texas) is what Pac 10 really wants. Seeing that Texas is valued ($$) far higher than the second school, when it comes to collegiate valuations anyway.  What an add…and if they have to aggressively create a 16 team conference so the other Texas State schools can come along, well, that is what they are trying to do.

While the above is concerning for many reasons, and my biases, again, this post is about something else completely.

The point of all this is simply, when do we get to a point where we stop considering college sports as furthering athletes scholastic endeavors and just admit this is nothing more than a pro league subject to all the short term greedy corporate board rooms intentions?  We go about with our “concern” for these athletes, their education, their potential future without professional sports, have all these goofy rules which many schools (including my beloved Baylor, at least in the past) violate.  Nope.  Its all about money, and money only. Everyone should get off this high horse they think they are on and call it what it is. Go ahead and pay the student athletes…they are the ones bringing in all the money anyway, and many schools find a way to do this anyway, whether intended or not.

Shame on the NCAA that allow such money grabbing few in executive conference rooms dictate fate of so many in a program that is supposed to be about the students.  I am tired of American hypocrisy.  Just say it like it is…and the above actions just smell of another notch of greed in the corporate charts. 

And clearly, the schools are willing participants as well.  Hell, the Big 12 Conference shuffle has touched off a fury of strategies and political dances. A&M wants to go to the SEC, Kansas and Baylor do not have a home.  Long standing rivals of Texas and Texas A&M split if A&M goes to the SEC like they would like to.  Kansas and Kansas State likely would no longer be rivals…Baylor may have to go to a much lessor conference, risking many recruiting efforts for largely the basketball programs (which went to the Elite 8 ((men’s)) and Final 4 ((women’s)) respectively). Why would a recruit who signed with BU want to continue if they end up in some nothing conference like some would like to see, a conference without, you guess it, TV exposure and revenues to promote their own professional goals.

Yes.  Shame on the conferences, shame on the NCAA for allowing this, and to a degree, shame on the schools for jumping on as well.  Come on everyone, just admit it.  College sports is nothing more than the minor leagues for the respective pro sports, and we may as well begin paying the athletes who are responsible for getting all these revenues the corporate greed monsters insatiable appetite desires…..


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