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I have mentioned before in prior posts, I travel frequently to Las Vegas. When I travel to Las Vegas, I spend a lot of time off strip in dining and doing other things that are readily available to the Las Vegas traveler. Today,we review one of our favorite off strip restaurants in Las Vegas.  We believe that this restaurant truly embodies Las Vegas Best Restaurants: in quality, value, and service. Pasta Mia is located on Flamingo Road, west of the the strip and the I-15, Just past the Palms.  Go through the lights at Arville Road and the first shopping center on the left contains Pasta Mia. I go through these directions, because is in a obscure location.

When you go to the restaurant, you will likely be greeted by Warren.  He seems to act as host, waiter, and head sales person. However, you view him, his service is stellar. The menu is full of the normal Italian fare offerings.  However, it is the specials on the chalk board that Warren will guide you to.  These are told to be nightly specials, but in reality, the board has not changed in the 6 years I have frequented this place. Pricing is moderate across the board, especially for Las Vegas standards. Most of you pasta dishes range in the $14-16 range. Each meal includes a fine salad, served family style, along with endless garlic bread that is robustly buttered, a strong dose of garlic, topped with a subtle dab of parsely. Truly fabulous.  But forget calorie counting.  It is that good. The pastas are all done nicely. Our favorite we gravitate to is the gnocchi with sausage. For those of you who do not know what gnocchi is, it is a small potato dumpling, made fresh on site at Pasta Mia. A strong, slightly acidic sauce adorns the dish.  The sauce has a pleasant smokey flavor.  It is standard Italian with a slight unique flavor.  If there is a pasta you like but wish to change the way it is prepared, just ask.  Warren, he will accommodate. I had them switch the Tortellini to a Tortellini Pesto.  Though I did not see a pesto dish on the menu, they made a great pesto…..

The chalk board specials are good. These are priced a bit higher, with the topper being the Ozzo Buco, A lamb recipe.  At $37, you think your in a high end steak house.  But it is worth it if you are in for a special evening.  Otherwise, all of the veal plates are truly wonderful, topped by the marsala family of plates for chicken and veal. Tender meat, and a marsala sauce that has a unique flavor, a bit sweet, with a hint of maple in it. Truly extraordinary. These run about $22-25.  The serving are very generous. Also highly recommended is the Veal Saltumbuca. More than you can kick back in one evening, but tasty and rich, again, with tender veal throughout.

If there are dishes to stay away from here, I have not found it.  I do not highly recommend the spaghetti, as it is just average. The sauce is a bit thin…although I will tell you my Italian friends we have dine with at this restaurant did like the spaghetti, and they have since returned.

At the end of the day, this is a great value and dining experience. One of the many reasons I return to Las Vegas 4 times a year.  I always seek Las Vegas best restaurants, and this, my friend, is high on the list.

Check out the Pasta Mia website by clicking the name here.

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