Baylor Bowl Bound: Now Fire Art Briles

On November 22, 2010, in Other Interests, by admin

All right, some of you will think I am way too cynical quite like others of my group. Fine.  Some of you will think this is way too harsh.  What you say?  Baylor is going to a bowl for the first time since, well, I am not really sure, and you are bitching and moaning? Coaches are measured in part by appearances in bowls.  I understand. Briles is a great recruiter in Texas, I understand. Sure he turned University of Houston program around in three years.  I understand. There is great improvement.  I understand.  The media tries to build up Briles and the program improvements. I understand.

But the thing is, he is not a good coach.  Week in and week out, he gets out coached and puts teams on the field who are not prepared to play the competition. His defense has been non-existent. His play calling is highly questionable. His teams execution on offense is inconsistent at best. Penalties and untimely errors occur way too much. He does not understand that teams against him adjust at half time, he does not. 20 straight losses against Oklahoma…..the list goes on and on. In short, Briles lacks the mental toughness of a coach, and his talented kids reflect their coach’s mental toughness.  OK.  Maybe I should give him a break. After all, just a short 6 years ago he was a high school coach. And turning U of H around, well, this is a weak conference, a sort of B league if you will.  So his lack of experience shows in the Big 12.  BU will return a lot of players next year, but I expect a similar result as this year.  Another bowl appearance, OK. But really, I am looking for so much more. I am not satisfied with the feel good story of the football program turning around.  You see, I actually believe in the talents of these kids. I see others as thinking it so dramatic that they have achieved what they did as if they are Jerry’s kids stepping on the big stage for the first time. No, I believe BU has talent, a lot of it.  It is raw talent that remains under coached.

I make no secret that I think that football is a game the dwells more on the mental side of the mind than the talent.  I know Baylor Football will not recruit on the same level of the state schools who have the branding, think Texas, Oklahoma; or with the schools who’s programs have been purchased by a wealthy donor aka OSU.  But I think at this level, talent is relatively flat across most players, and the difference is attitude, mental toughness, and sheer will to win. This is what a coach must instill in the players. I do not think Briles is the guy to do this. What he does have in motivation, he lacks in coaching skills.  He is solidly out coached in most games.

I am not a cynic for the sake of being one. I am a true supporter of the program, and the other Baylor Sports. I also demand more out of programs than apparently most of our supporters do.  So Art, either figure it out or step aside.  These players deserve more than you have to offer.

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