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Baylor Basketball

Installment 3 of Big 12 Tourney

On March 11, 2011, in Low Budget Review, by admin

How will YOU catch the Lady Bear v. KSU game at noon this Friday?

by Karen Schexnider Tracy on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 10:10pm


This is a gratuitous note:  a public service announcement if you will.  I understand that not every Lady Bear fan can take a week off of work to attend the Big 12 tournament and cheer on our favorite team.  Let me tell you the many ways that you can enjoy the game at NOON tomorrow:


1.   If you have an i-phone, download the free ESPN app, add NCAAW as one of your sports and the Big 12 as your conference, Baylor as your team.  You will see an icon with the game.  Push that icon and then go to the “gamecast” button and you will get a live feed of play by play.  This is the most discreet way to track a game and I have used it with great success during weddings, funerals, and court appearances.  I only wish that this technology would have existed when Jordan was in school and I “got to” go to all of those school programs and awards ceremonies.


2.  Noon is your God-given, and Fair Labor Standards Act protected time for a lunch break.  If you don’t have time to get home, then have lunch as BWW, or BJ’s brewhouse, or Hooters, or Fox and the Hound.  Get those chick-ball hating establishments to turn on the game.  If they say they can’t find it, then tell them that is is on FOX SPORTS SOUTHWEST.


3.  If you can’t get to a TV and you don’t have an iPhone, then go to

http://www.baylorbears.com/sports/w-baskbl/spec-rel/031011aaa.html and click on the link to listen to the game over the internet.  It is free.



Sorry the photo is of a prior year tournament. It is all that I have handy at the moment.  SIC EM BEARS!!



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I have yet to perfect the ability to be in two places at one time and I have tickets for the men’s and women’s Big 12 tournament games.  Because the dates and times severely overlap and I attempt to catch as many games as possible, I know that there are some tickets that will not be used.  If the unused tickets are for the women’s games, well, I might as well blow my nose on them because there is no resale market.  But the men’s tickets have value.  So I endeavored to find a civilized way to sell my tickets for the men’s session tomorrow morning because I will be at the Lady Bear games.


I have bought through Stubhub in the past.  I have sold tickets well in advance through stubhub, but I have never tried to sell at the last minute.  It is quite the adventure.  I will share with you how it works because a lot of people don’t care for women’s basketball and won’t read further once I get into that.


The first thing you have to do is to list your tickets on Stubhub by event, section, row, seat and how much you want for the ticket.  I merely wanted my face value of $45.  Stubhub then tells you what that will net you.  They take their fair share. Then Stubhub tells you that because you have waited sooooooooo late, you have to participate in a late delivery system unless you have electronic tickets (which I don’t). You list them, tell them your paypal account and then a day later they tell you what you need to do to get your tickets to stubhub.


The big jolt is that, until Stubhub has your tickets in hand, your listing doesn’t even get posted online.


So I get this email to take my tickets to David somebody at the Marriott in Kansas City at the corner of Main and 12th. Really, that’s pretty much all you get. And to put your tickets in an envelope with your email, phone number, etc etc etc.


So I get to Municipal Auditorium early (9:30 a.m.) as it is located near 12th and Main Street.  And (pause for dramatic effect), there are Marriotts on TWO CORNERS of the intersection.  I pick the larger one, go in and ask the desk person to help me find the stubhub person (they set up temporary offices, apparently, to faciliate these special events).  The desk person (Rod) has a fedex envelope to deliver to David also, so he takes me with him to find David.  David is usually set up in one of the conference rooms.  Alas, it is occupied by Weight Watchers.  I tell Rod that Weight Watchers really works.  He doesn’t respond.  Given his body shape, I would have thought that he would take a greater interest.


So we take off for David’s room, which puzzles Rod, because Rod thinks it is a little sketch that Stubhub David would be operating out of his hotel room.  But there we stand, outside of Room 640, just a-knocking.  No David. So I leave my tickets with Rod to give to David.


Here’s what is supposed to happen next: your tickets get listed when Stubhub gets their grubby hands on them. I check via my phone periodically throughout the day. Nothing listed until 3:00 p.m.  My solo ticket has not sold yet and apparently I have to confirm the sale if it happens. We shall see. But in my quest to find out if my ticket was listed (to met me about $30), I noticed that the Thursday a.m. session prices were sky high! I look at see that in the first game of that session, Kansas is playing and in the second game of that session, Kansas State is playing. Baylor men are not in that bracket so even if they win tomorrow (insert laughter), then they would play in the evening bracket.


It looks like I can sell that one session ticket and net about $170. I paid $360 in total for all of my tickets. Kid you not. So I listed it and I will be back at the Marriott bright and early tomorrow a.m., once again looking for Stubhub David.


Last year, I sold my championship game ticket so if the Baylor men are not playing in that game (insert laughter), then I plan to sell THAT ticket, too.


No surprises in the women’s brackets: the higher seeds all advanced.  The Iowa State v. Nebraska women’s game was a real mawtapper and it looked as if the Lady Cornhuskers would advance as the 12 seed but, alas, they did not.  The two teams leaving the Big 12 were the teams that bowed out first.  Lady Bears get Kansas tomorrow.  We drummed Kansas pretty good in January (39 points), but anything can happen in the Big 12 and if you take a game for granted, well then just pack those basketball shorts up and get on the bus.


I smuggled quite a bit of food and I was super excited to discover that I have an excellent place to smuggle a banana in (but they were all green at the store). I have one of those rain hoods that you can fold into a snap down collar.  I opened the collar up and it would be perfect to hide a banana. I stuffed something into every zip pocket of my lands end coat and then put my coat over my arm and walked in with it.  The ushers do not seem to notice that I am eating a ham sandwich on multigrain bread with baby organic spinach on it. The lady behind me was amazed by my orange that I peeled and ate and she told me that she had an apple that she wanted to bring, but didn’t.  She also brought in some nuts!


The Baylor men play Oklahoma tomorrow. There was something in the paper about Jeff Capel possibly losing his job. That makes me sad. I think that he is a good coach.


I loved the quotes attributed in the paper to Pat Knight today. He’s not sad at all about being fired.  He was quoted as saying something to the effect that he is a basketball coach and not a doctor, policeman or firefighter that actually makes the world a better place.


Pat, Pat, Pat, you shortsell yourself.  You brighten my existence by your mere presence.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!


Baylor Football: Another Bridesmaid Night

On November 13, 2010, in Other Interests, by admin

This has been part of a fantastic weekend in Waco, Texas where 5 separate sporting events took place. 3 BU Lady Bears basketball games, one Men’s BU Basketball game, and one football game. Great time.  So far, all the basketball teams have won solidly with one Lady Bears game to go. But let us this time focus on football.  No doubt, the Baylor football team has enjoyed a year of resurrection, to some degree.  Bowl eligible for the first time in over a decade, and in the hunt for the top spot in Big 12 South.  Or was, more appropriately put. Great. But the thing is, it is still Baylor football.  Tonights clash with Texas A&M only proved, the old BU ghosts still fly uncontrolled. Yes, BU has a great offense, and a star quarterback in RG III.  Great. My hats off to these guys. This posts is not meant to take anything away from the RG III or any other hard playing BU football player. Nope.  This one is squarely on Art Briles. I know he came packaged with RGIII.  Yes he is a good guy. Yes he fits the BU coaching mold. But in the end, he is outcoached regularly in these tough Big 12 games.  I loved watching the first half as BU piled up yardage and points to take an 8 point lead.  If not for questionable special teams play, the lead would have been more.

First off, hats off to you Aggie people.  Just know, I do not like you. I heartedly resisted putting up rebuttal posts in Facebook tonight on some of the Aggie pro comments.  But in the end tonight, your team showed great resilience, and your questionable coach Sherman adjusted to out score BU 28-0 in the second half.  You won, and you won firmly.  And I tip my hat to your team for this and your coach, who clearly, once again out coached Art Briles. What team goes into half time down not looking to adjust?  Apparently, not Baylor.  With all that talent, not Baylor. This is Coaching 101, and Briles has failed once again. Sure you can say we played them well, blah, blah. But in the end, you must close the deal.  You must play an entire game. You must keep the intensity that brought you to the half time dance to begin with.  The players talents did not change at half time, they were every bit still capable as in the first half.  But coaching;  a) attitude, b) play calling, and c) overall player mental preparation has to be there as well. This is the coaches responsibility. If you cannot prepare accordingly, go back to high school coaching.

Oklahoma looms as the final game.  Each week I hold out the possibility that something good will happen as it has several times this season. Baylor will likely be headed to a bowl game for the first time in a long time.  But, in the end, resting on that achievement, doesn’t that feel a bit like accepting a brides maid role to each you?  It does to me…………

Baylor Mens Basketball Review

On November 10, 2010, in Other Interests, Uncategorized, by admin

This is a rather quick post to review the opening game for the Baylor Men’s Basketball team, a team that went to the Elite 8 last year. Although there are significant losses of personel from last year, namely Epke Udoh, who was drafted as the sixth pick in the NBA draft, there is (was) significant anticipation for this year as well. Newcomer Perry Jones III arrives as the nations Number 2 recruit last year, according to ESPN.  Returning scoring star Lace Dunn would provide the senior leadership for the team. Mesquite Texas’ own Quincy Acy returns to scare the hell out of the opposition.  A strong supporting cast of returning players now with more experience under their sneakers.

Well Coach Scott Drew (I call him Skippy, and hereto forward in this article, that is what he shall be called), known for turning this titanic of a basketball program around, has seemed to run into a few bumps in the road. All that glitters is not gold, at least for too long apparently.  You see, it seems that Lace Dunn allegedly rearranged his girl friends face….oops, one star player out while they sort this matter out.  Please note, I said “allegedly”  God only knows how accurate this is.  But, Dunn is out indefinitely as a result. Skippy is also now a bit tarnished as NCAA is investigating the program for allegedly (there I go again, using that “A” word) texting a Columbian recruit…a clear violation of rules, if it indeed did happen. And further, the texts allegedly (thats three) were very aggressive and basically threatening the kid that he will never leave his native Columbia if he does not come and play for BU.  Now thats not very Baptist, Skippy.

Bottom line:  Distractions are a plenty at the beginning of this season.  The game I witnessed was an exhibition game against a very scrappy, aggressive DII school, Midwestern State, coached by ex-BU basketball players.  The starting line up for BU was Anthony Jones, a third year underachiever from Houston area, AJ Walton, a sophomore point guard who got a lot of playing time last year, Quincy Acy, best known for the blown call by incompetent refs in the game against Duke last year when they called Acy for a charge in a drive to the basket which was no more than me bumping into my grandmother…..(believe me Mr. Incompetent Boob of a Ref, you will know when Acy really charges, and next time may it be at you). Perry Jones started as well.  Perennial journey player Fred Ellis was the fifth starter. The team continued its normal tact of 5 individuals playing a basketball game while the Midwestern State team put on a clinic on passing around a zone defense.  In the end, BU won 68-59.  But they were out hustled, out played, and nearly out rebounded even though at any given time BU has at least three player on the floor 6-7 or more. Jones did not do much. 5 total points, and I think 5 rebounds.  The one thing I witnessed that was impressive, however, was his ball handling. After a rebound, he took the floor, and for a 6-11 dude, he looked like a natural point guard.  Rumor has it he is a three point threat.  But then again, so was Anthony Jones to be as well, and his three point game has spiraled to hell since his freshman year. The impressive player in this group was junior transfer J’Mison (think ‘Jameson’) Morgan, transferring in from UCLA.  This dude served up a double double with 15 rebounds playing half the game. I consider him to be the potential impact player on this squad. Match him with ever aggressive Quincy Acy (love this guy), and if the Dunn situation does work itself out before the season wears on too long, this could be a great combination.  Jones III? Hey, first game.  But if he going to be the one and done like I think he think he is, and certainly the way Skippy likely did the recruiting sales job for one and done, the kid will have to make a impact quickly.  This was no Kevin Durant out there.  As number two pick in the nation, I expected more

WE will see how this sordid saga of distractions mix into this season’s agenda.  Heres to hoping that somehow, God sweeps in and makes everything better with the NCAA and personal issues on the team….and they just get to playing ball.  Ranked 14th in the nation, they have an opportunity, and the personnel, to make this another great season.

Now that I am nearly over the loss of the Rangers in the World Series, I am ready to move on.  Oh, hold it, I kind of moved on Monday night as instead of watching the Rangers loose, I went to a Baylor Lady Bears Basketball game.  This is a exhibition game for the Baylor Lady Bears.  This means that the stats and results do not count toward NCAA stats and rankings. These games are ‘tune up’ games.  The Baylor Lady Bears were definitely tuning on Monday.  They played St Edwards University from Austin Texas.  This is a D III school; hence the exhibition game.

The Baylor Lady Bears come in nationally rank #2 in all polls, behind UConn, who has won (don’t quote me) 79 straight games.  One of those most recent victories was in the Final Four against the Baylor Lady Bears.  What surprised me somehwat is that there were not many new faces on the Baylor Lady Bears bench. Missing was their top recruit, Odyssey Sims.  No one seemed to know, (of my peeps who keep up with the scoop there) where she was or the story behind her MIA.  Sims tore an ACL in mid senior year of high school, so perhaps she is redshirted. That left two new faces on the bench that I saw. Brooklyn Pope, a transfer from C Vivien’s Rutgers, and Coach Mulkey’s very own daughter.

As one would expect, the Baylor Lady Bears had no trouble against an extremely out manned, yet scrappy St Edwards. The 89-46 final score was slightly less margin than last year’s 89-43 against the same St Edward’s scrappiness. With this trend, the Baylor Lady Bears would loose sometime in 2024….Brittney Griner had 28 points and 12 rebounds.  Encouraging signs this year is that she has seemed to develop a 6-8 ft. jump shot, hitting with accuracy.  This is good news, as it will make her harder to defend. Ashley Fields, a junior got the start.  Interesting choice.  Not particularly fast, with only decent shot potential, she seemed an odd choice.  Must have worked her butt off in practice.  She answered with 14 points and I think 8 rebounds. She is kind of a blue collar player.  OH yeah, her sister plays for St Edwards.

The impressive one, in my opinion, was Pope.  She ended with 9 points and 15 rebounds.  As is the case in most years for the Baylor Lady Bears, there has always been one player that scares me, me and the rat in the alley.  Pope is that person.  She stands about 6′ 2″. But she has a vertical jump that impresses.  Her 9 points were a result of the one weakness she showed, that is missing short shots. If she had hit 1/2 of the short shots she had, she would have been high in double figures scoring.  This chick never smiles.  She acted pissed that Fields got the start. She is quick. If she can be harnessed by hard ass Mulkey, this one could be a great player. I think she has two years left…..we will see.  She got into issues with C Vivien at Rutgers, who also scares me….a truly ‘take no shit’ coach.  We will see how attitude plays into this story line.

Absent for the most part as well was the three point game. This is absolutely crucial if the Baylor Lady Bears are to live up to their #2 billing. It must be present if they have any hope of winning at UConn the second real game of the year. Senior Melissa Jones was 1 of around 5 at three point range.  She needs to improve.  The only other three pointers (2) were drained by Mulkey’s daughter…she was 2-3 from the three point line.  No reaction from Mulkey on either.  The dynamics of coaching one’s own daughter must be interesting. Two players did not get into the game, two who played a  lot last year. One name I cannot for the life of me remember…but the other was Mariah Chandler. Not sure what the story is on these two.  Both did well last year. The Mulkey dog house can have thick walls. Not a good place to be.

It is very difficult to gage where they are after this game. With all of the jaded stats in favor of the Baylor Lady Bears, you just cannot draw conclusions against a St Edwards.  UConn looms quickly. One area that was not good stat wise was turn overs.  Way too many.  They had 11 at half time, and fortunately ended up with less than twenty.  But that is way too many to play at a ranked level. Baylor once again shot less than 45% from the field.  This too must improve.

Total attendance for an exhibition game was just short of 6,000. Quite impressive.  I guess everyone is ready for Baylor Basketball.

We look forward to the next game…..depending upon what Friday brings…..

PS…this related post below is not mine…..shame on them

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Well, it is now official apparantly, the Big 12 is staying together. The Big 12 will now be a 10 team conference, preserving many long standing rivalries and traditions. Of course, following up the last post, it was, indeed, all about money. Seems the steps taken by some of its memebers bought enough time for commissioner Dan Beebe to get busy and renegotiate a TV contract, one that was not due to come up for two years. Hats off to him, he pulled it off, and now the great Big 12 whore University of Texas will get its own TV network, and the rest of the schools will share mega bucks. One can neer phathom what took place in back rooms, but, I think Texas was playing a bit of shell game here. They had to look real interested in the Pac 10, threatening, of course to gut the Big 12 south with it so Pac 10 could create a super league. But, it was the Pac 10 only, who had a new TV contract. That is what started this whole mess. Weaker Big 12 schools jumped quickly to preserve there standing somewhere.  This cut off other weaker links in the Big 12 from going anywhere, threatening a hard landing to nowhere. In fact, I like the leadership the weaker Big 12 schools showed.  Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Iowa State, and Baylor all quickly banded together to show support for Big 12 survival, even going so far as to hold their own meetings without Texas and the other Big 12 South schools. All the while, Beebe was rushing to get a new TV deal done.  And now that it is done, the Big 12 smell just got a lot sweeter for everyone remaining with the new deal.  It reportedly brings in between $17-20M per school, over twice as the previous deal. And, to make matters worse for the departing Nebraska and Colorado (don’t let the door hit your large Buffalo Ass on the way out), they must give up half of their revenues next year while they are working out their final seasons.  Of course, these will be split with the remaining schools.

I am extremely happy about the developments, and hats off to Beebe for pulling this off.  I had wondered where he was all this time, seemingly real silent as his conference literally fell apart on the runway.  Well, he was at work, and in order to pull this deal off for a new TV deal, HE HAD TO HAVE THE COMMITMENT OF TEXAS IN HIS BACK POCKET ALL ALONG….afterall, without Texas (UT) there is no TV deal or conference, for that matter….shell game?  You bet.  Using media to move negotiations along, you bet. Stroke of genious if your (UT) intention was to keep the Big 12 together all along, getting your own network and huge revenues out of it?  You bet.  And as is with all carefully negotiations, there is always risk you loose a few weeklings along the way, and risk even greater issues…..

What a wild two weeks with a stellar ending.  I will sit at my BU bball games now resting assured that solid recruiting can continue, and the programs can continue to elevate their status.  Now BU just needs to get its football act together….but that, my friends, is another story

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Big 12 and Big Money

On June 13, 2010, in Other Interests, by admin

I am sure many of you around the country have followed the upheaval of college sports conferences, specifically the Big 12 conference. I will save my opinion of the activities happening surrounding the Big 12 conference….as most of you know, I am very biased when it comes to the Big 12 conference, with my avid support of Baylor athletics.  No, this column is one of a different variety. I want to go on record stating what hypocrites our society is when it comes to college athletics.

No question the upheaval of the Big 12 conference is driven by money.  Specifically, the Pac 10 conference is going for the golden nugget….Texas.  You see, their television contract is up this year.  In order to get a much more favorable renewal contract, they have eyed the Big 12 conference…..most specifically Texas.  Yes, Colorado went first…this was just a smoke screen, make no mistake.  Colorado was nothing to the Big 12 conference.  Do not let the door hit them on their big buffalo ass….but UT (Texas) is what Pac 10 really wants. Seeing that Texas is valued ($$) far higher than the second school, when it comes to collegiate valuations anyway.  What an add…and if they have to aggressively create a 16 team conference so the other Texas State schools can come along, well, that is what they are trying to do.

While the above is concerning for many reasons, and my biases, again, this post is about something else completely.

The point of all this is simply, when do we get to a point where we stop considering college sports as furthering athletes scholastic endeavors and just admit this is nothing more than a pro league subject to all the short term greedy corporate board rooms intentions?  We go about with our “concern” for these athletes, their education, their potential future without professional sports, have all these goofy rules which many schools (including my beloved Baylor, at least in the past) violate.  Nope.  Its all about money, and money only. Everyone should get off this high horse they think they are on and call it what it is. Go ahead and pay the student athletes…they are the ones bringing in all the money anyway, and many schools find a way to do this anyway, whether intended or not.

Shame on the NCAA that allow such money grabbing few in executive conference rooms dictate fate of so many in a program that is supposed to be about the students.  I am tired of American hypocrisy.  Just say it like it is…and the above actions just smell of another notch of greed in the corporate charts. 

And clearly, the schools are willing participants as well.  Hell, the Big 12 Conference shuffle has touched off a fury of strategies and political dances. A&M wants to go to the SEC, Kansas and Baylor do not have a home.  Long standing rivals of Texas and Texas A&M split if A&M goes to the SEC like they would like to.  Kansas and Kansas State likely would no longer be rivals…Baylor may have to go to a much lessor conference, risking many recruiting efforts for largely the basketball programs (which went to the Elite 8 ((men’s)) and Final 4 ((women’s)) respectively). Why would a recruit who signed with BU want to continue if they end up in some nothing conference like some would like to see, a conference without, you guess it, TV exposure and revenues to promote their own professional goals.

Yes.  Shame on the conferences, shame on the NCAA for allowing this, and to a degree, shame on the schools for jumping on as well.  Come on everyone, just admit it.  College sports is nothing more than the minor leagues for the respective pro sports, and we may as well begin paying the athletes who are responsible for getting all these revenues the corporate greed monsters insatiable appetite desires…..


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Elite 8 Duke vs. Baylor

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Is it just me, or is there, or should there be, something to the fact that both men’s and women’s teams for Duke and Baylor must face each other in the road to the final four? Any school that gets both men and women teams into the sweet sixteen deserve accolades…this is a tall order. And the Elite 8? All the more! This is the improbably situation as the tourney moves to the Elite 8. Of course the Baylor men thumped St. Mary’s Friday in a game which I think included one of the best halves of basketball I have ever seen played at the college level. Now they face Duke in Houston, which pretty much translates into another home game for BU with the Texas fan support. Now BU did only knock off lower seeds in route to this trip. More improbable I have to say, was the Lady Bears. They handed number 1 seed Tennessee a loss in the sweet 16 in a game that basically was a home event for Tennessee since this was played in Memphis. I never thought I would see the BU womens team in the Sweet 16, let alone knock off a 1 seed to get into the Elite 8 to face, Duke. Of course, it is no secret that Duke’s basketball programs on both sides of the gender fence have been top notch. Duke is one of these “branded” schools I speak of. You would never know what a Duke is if not for the basketball program. Mostly on the men’s side with Coach K and company. And on the Baylor side of the equation, well, everyone still loves to talk about the Scott Drew (Skippy) turn around from the men’s morbid past. We will not regurgitate this here. Drew deserves great credit as do those players in the early tenure of Drew who signed on to BU in spite of coming sanctions. Those players are hardly mentioned these days. But Curtis Jerrells, Henry Dugat, Aaron Bruce, Tim Bush,and Kevin Rogers signed and/or stayed with the program when a bunch of other players hit the road when given a chance (yeah, thats you John Lucas). It was their commitment that began the healing process in both talent and the other.

But Baylor has been in the spotlight as well. An improbable run int he Big 12 tourney last year led to a loss in the NIT finals. And the women, lets not forget that Mulky and crew won the 2005 national championship against Joann P. McCauley’s Michigan state. This was a game after, where McCauley would not credit Baylor talent in the loss blaming only on their poor play. Not so good blood on this one. And of course, back to the subject of the Duke vs. Baylor square off, it is the same MacCauly now coaching Duke women in this Elite 8 match up. Hmm. Should make for interesting game.

But in the end, I do believe it is interesting that both men’s and women’s teams face off for Duke and Baylor in the Elite 8. I think it is a new line. Mulky agreed in a interview today. I will enjoy my seat in Houston to watch the men play Duke Sunday. Good times.

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