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With the 2010 world Series unfortunately behind, it is now time to look towards the season….basketball.  But first, I wanted to muse a bit about the results of the 2010 world series.  I am a Texas Rangers fan. So naturally it pains me to see the loss in game five last night in Texas Rangers stadium, (actually, Ballpark in Arlington). Lets start with San Fransisco.  Hats off to them. They played deserving of this series.  Their story is a good one, one that we all should feel good about in that this was a team tagged together by mid season changes, waiver claims, and no names doing a great job on the big stage.  You could see it in their eyes when they batted. There was shear determination in nearly every player who stepped up to the plate. Rangers? not so much. I also wished to express my appreciation that the Rangers did not loose to a team of, well, whatever you wish to call the Yankees….insert it here . Four letter words allowed.  San Fransisco is what I would consider a friendly team, and I am glad a good group of guys (and some characters) won it.

But focusing on the Texas Rangers, it again pains me to say that I just do not think they were ready for the biggest stage. The top hitting team in baseball was held to just a little under 2.5 runs per game.  SF pitchers were good, but not that good.  Our guys did not have the look.  They looked clueless many times, if not scared. Fortunately, our starting pitching, for the most part was good. Lee pretty much did what he is paid to do. CJ Wilson, well, he did well also, with the exception when the Texas Rangers did not play well behind him, then he would fall apart… Washington would say:  “that just what CJ do”. Tommy Hunter did not do well overall, but you know, in the end, his performances were not that bad if the offense had a clue. No run support equals game loss.  The math works every time.

But in the end, my hats are completely tilted toward the Texas Rangers.  “White Lines” Washington said it best after the second loss in SF.  He said that if you would have told me that we would be in the World Series, down 2-0 at the beginning of the season, would you feel good about that?  I would. Washington said.  You know, I completely agree. I have never been one for being satisfied with a consolation prize, but in the end, this team was special, and they a had a mi-rad of stories of their own. There was no real leader on this club.  While most sports analysts would question whether this was good or not, I believe this team was, well, a team. They played the season as a team.  They had many a screw up, yes. And with my own lack of patience throughout the year, I called for Washington’s head several times. But, he got them there.  And the NY series for the most part was a total pleasure to watch with all of the aggressive Texas Ranger baseball inserted that helped them win a bunch of games in the regular season, then pummel the best two teams on paper throughout the playoffs. Hats off to them.

I believe the team is swelling with potential. Great new ownership. OK. Cliff Lee is probably gone. Really, I do not think he was that good in the club house.  If the Stankeys want him, well, it is his loss. Maybe he should think long and hard going to play in the streets of NY….it is a frigin long way from Benton, Arkansas.  Do you sign Vlad again, hell yes. In fact, I believe this team has a future no matter what the player moves are, because, while they failed on the big stage due to lack of experience, they have hit a home run in team chemistry and getting the most out of the farm system. In the end, two teams with very reasonable payrolls played the 2010 World Series.  Ok. The other team won.  But I appreciate San Fransisco, and I appreciate the Texas Rangers for all they did this year, and what I firmly believe, will continue to do in the future.

Maybe its time to get season tickets again……..

And to follow up on the opening line of this post, I will review the Number Two ranked Baylor Lady Bears in a following post.

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