How Naïve Are You?

On October 28, 2015, in political views, Politics, by admin

As the political season continues, it is interesting to observe the continued division between the right of the left. Socialism is a four letter word in most people’s books. Recently Bill Gates came out on record to state that the free market has failed…. And that the only way to save the planet is through socialism. Kind of extreme. But if you look at the platform of the extreme right, it is seemingly loaded with policies that target the less wealthy. Attacks on Obama care, attacks against Social Security, Medicare,  tax breaks to the rich….. it goes on and on. I live in the state that has much support of the right wing mostly in the name of religion. It is interesting that many of these people believe this way are people who struggle in their daily lives financially. While risking stereotyping these individuals, it just seems that the less educated struggling people support these policies that have the effect of only lining the wealthiest pocketbooks. Tell me how the repeal of Obama care helps those people cannot find health insurance? Tell me how raping Social Security and cutting its benefits helps low income people as they drift into their golden years? Tell me how cutting taxes for the rich while leaving the middle class and below untouched is good for the people of this nation overall?

The logic completely escapes me. I dare to say that many who support the right especially under religious premise are likely  less educated than others. It’s the only way that I could possibly conceive the naïve nature of these policies. Please don’t tell me that cutting taxes on the rich will stimulate the economy as it will create more jobs and the tax savings are reinvested. Wall Street greed has shown clear that that’s not the case. The upper 1% of  the country has only gotten significantly richer while the middle class and the lower class financially have been flat or reduced in financial status. The  cuts to current programs that are designed to assist those in need, or delete them all together, leaving no choices for the middle and lower classes seems like and not an answer.

Do not tell me that there are a bunch of freeloaders in this country and that is why right-wing policies take the stance they do. There are freeloaders in the indeed, and we of the left hate that as much as anyone. The truth is this country is made up of people with limited incomes who must struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet. They try to have a life, follow the dream, try to honestly make ends meet. Have they made some bad choices? Sure. Is further education needed for parents and children? Absolutely. But these issues are solved in different ways, not by feeding the rich and hoping somehow it trickles down to the greater  country.

In a recent conversation someone tried to tell that socialism has not worked. He indicated that history proves this. Since I was not into trying to change his perspective I did not argue. But I have to look no further than Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and that matter most of your to show that socialism works. Yes there taxes are higher. But overall these countries enjoy a much more positive and stable quality of life than we do in the states.

When the free market fails the general public someone has to step in. The government may not be the best answer but that is what we have. And to those who proclaim all of the above arguments of the right wing and tea party while struggling to make ends meet and figure out how they will retire with the financially secure lifestyle, I asked, how naïve are you?


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