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In the days gone by, those blessed, or cursed with artistic talent had very little outlet for which to get their work into the mainstream. For musicians, it was chasing the big record deal, writers sought the holy grail of a big publishing house, poets, well hell, unless you won the lottery and your work was placed in the New Yorker magazine; you get the idea. Flash to today’s digital, social networking and applications age where you can get a decent recording program as an application on your cell phone (Garage Band). Additionally, there are so many outlets to sell your artistic works.  You can name a few well known, and maybe not so much on others.  Amazon and iTunes come to mind as the well known. There are likely a whole bunch of others that are lessor known.  It takes all of about 10 minutes to set up an account to sell on Amazon, and for iTunes, a little longer, unless you have a Mac.  Lovely Apple, trying to keep competition beat down.

Then there is another level of marketing assistance out there. For musicians, Tunecore, for a fee, will set up your music to sell on all of the major sites, letting you keep 100% of your share of the revenue due you after Apple or Amazon’s cut. They will even help you create a demo quality piece offering mastering services for your recorded tracks. They use well seasoned engineers for this who have decent resumes of work for the mid-level famous.  Are you going to make a lot of money doing this, no. But between these outlets, and social media like Facebook (yes your friends and family have to put up with these kinds of posts) you have an opportunity to be heard, or read, or seen or whatever, all while maybe putting a few dollars back toward all that ridiculous costing music equipment you purchased over the years.

Any band with original material should not be playing publically without their original works recorded and on the above outlets.  After all, how times have you been sitting in a bar listening to live music, and you hear some original music that you think, man, I would mind buying a CD or their stuff.  Well, the new age is Amazon, iTunes, eBay……spend some good quality time capturing your work, then get out there and market it a bit. Unless, that is, you simply like playing, or reading your own works to yourself, and that is a whole ‘nother story.



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