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Heard today on the radio an interesting thing the FCC was considering as we enter into election season.  Seems they are considering a study, performed by their own personnel, of going to radio stations to query about their programming, to understand their decisions on what gets programmed on a daily basis. Interesting. Not sure who or how this would be funded, and it appears that this has no independence of 3rd parties, as much as we can trust them anyhow. As we enter into the tip of election mania, the agenda of this cannot be ignored. Part of the discussion is the intent. There have been many circumstances where democrats have felt that the media favors the other party. If you tally the total of outlets in the media, it would seem to favor the republicans, and beyond, namely the Tea Party and all the other far right who have lost touch with society based upon some belief or media outlet that feeds them what they wish to hear.  But that is the point, isn’t it?  While I personal abhor the right and conservative, I cannot, in good conscious, control the amount of media content based upon what I wish to hear.  Sure.  I would hope that it would be equalized… but in the end, it is wrong to attempt to control the media to an extent that would assure some sort of equalization. I cannot help the fact that many of the  conservatives buy into their agendas.  Hell, the liberals do the same through whatever outlet they have available to them. So what.  If you believe in the open market overall, it is difficult to justify. The media will be the media, and our constitution protects them to publish whatever they feel.  I cannot control what content they deliver, nor do I wish to.  I will be the first to say that it would seem that the right is much more represented in the media than the left (remember, I hate these tags, but it is the political world as we know  it today). On the surface, I do not like this, but in the end, it is what it is.

Apparently in the Reagan era, there was a law that has since been repealed that tried to provide fairness between the parties based upon content published.  OK. But back then there were much fewer media outlets from which to derive news from. Today, we have a plethora of outlets.  I would be the first to admit that more of them favor one party over the other.  So what.  I am not of that party, nor close to it, but in the end, in today’s world, I am convinced that people are only going to hear what they wish to hear or support.  No question, for those, there is a media outlet for them to deed their opinion.  No government survey, at the cost of the taxpayers is going to change this. Give it up FCC. It just not in your agenda to waste tax payer money to perform such a study, especially since there is not a clear intended use of this data.

I do not agree with the results of this, in that I believe that there are much more conservative outlets int he media than liberal.  I do not care, again, I disdain the tags, but they are there and part of the reality of our world. The fact that there appear to be more outlets that I am opposed to means nothing.  It is the market.  I focus more on the fact that people hear and believe what they wish to believe, and they will find whatever outlet that satisfies there thirst to justify their opinion. I cannot control that, and neither should the government. Take a look at the constitution people, read it…government most of all.

I do not necessarily like the situation, as I think people are way to impressionable by what they hear and see….but it is the way the country is formed. Just because I am not agreement with the media and masses means nothing, this is how our country was based, and it is all of our collective responsibility to adhere to our country principles, even if they conflict with our personal opinions

Give it up FCC. Save some taxpayer dollars



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