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For those of you who have been under a rock,Baylor University  (BU) has won, outright, the Big 12 Conference Championship.  Not bad for a team that our portly purveyor of BBQ said should be in a DII or even a DIII school. I will not dog him, as he continues to place great reviews for Texas BBQ joints on TexasBBQReviews.com. But this is not about the portly one. It is about the fact the BU got help from Oklahoma on Saturday, by beating the Oklahoma State Cowgirls in their home turf.  So at the end of the day, my wife and football fanatic said she would post five positive things about OU coach Bob Stoops if they won thereby opening a door for the BU championship outright. So, keep in mind, we both hate Stoops.  We think he is a total tool…..so for her to come up with this list was an amazing feat….one that should not go unnoticed. Witho9ut further rambling, here it is:


1. First and foremost, I admire your ownership of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. So much that you could take your team on the road, in terrible playing conditions, against a sold out crowd, with a Big XII championship on the line, and still beat OSU. For this, I admire and thank you. Your team gave Baylor the opportunity to compete for an outright Big XII championship.


2. I admire the fact that you wear a white visor, even at night, notwithstanding that it is a terrible look for anyone. But particularly for you. Because you want to and you don’t care what anyone thinks about your appearance.  That is how a person SHOULD be and for that, I admire you.


3. I admire the fact that you have built a football program that has the expectation of winning. Specifically of winning your conference and competing for a national championship. And that anything short of that is considered a disappointing season for the program.  It takes a lot of consistency to raise expectations to that level and, for that, I admire you.


4.  I admire that you and your brothers were all coached by your father in high school.  And I am sorry that your father died after suffering a heart condition during a game coached against one of your brother’s teams.  And that your brothers are all still involved in coaching. I am sure that he would have been proud of your success and your brothers’ success.


5.  I admire that you have a working wife and that you raised three children together and are still married. I am sure that was difficult because your attention must have been strongly focused on your work and your family made significant sacrifices for those accomplishments to happen.  I hope that your relationship with your children is good.

Pic: Bob Stoops being a tool

I will add as well, Stoops is a great coach. We dog him as he is a runner of scores, very little apparent personality, and all in for the OU program.  However, when I step back a bit, I must ask if that is a bad thing?  He knows the politics of BCS, and the inequity therein. He knows how to win…..but he also knows the politics of college football.  And if any of you think that college football is not about the money, guess again night train.


Well here it is…..Stoops in his total toolness…….he ought to read this post and frame it, cause I guarentee, such positive will not come from us again



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