Some People Just Don’t Get It

On November 24, 2013, in Politics, by admin

In this world of political divisiveness, people across the country seem to be jumping on the bandwagon to throw spears at the other party, or group, or whatever. Never has this country seen a division of opinion of this magnitude. There many potential reasons for this, certainly too many to go into in this writing. Whatever the reason, it is interesting that these purveyers of opinion need to vent in public places like social networks as if we are going to 1)read, 2) care what they think, or 3) engage in debate. I recently did the later with a friend who represents the far right. So far right, in fact, that his multiple posts a day are filled with barbs on how stupid liberals are.  He regularly accuses the liberal media outlets of falsifying stories, holding firm that his beloved suite of Fox News Channel shows (you know, talking heads like O’Reilly, Greta something or other, well you know), represent the stone cold truth without spin or agenda.

This is a college educated person who worked in the public sector. You would think that the approach would be that of addressing issues rather than buying into a media stream which clearly has its agendas. (For the record, I believe both sides media outlets have agendas). And alarmingly, it goes beyond mere discussion of issues to resort to most of the posts providing some kind of accusation of lying, cheating, stealing, and general communism.

When I joined in this coven of right wingers, the dialogue was gracious and each spoke their points without emotion. Also, in these exchanges, he learned that while I do not side with a particular party, my opinion on issues frequently side against his right wing flight of the seagulls. But, good exchanges and then, right back to lobbing the spears at anyone who claims to be liberal…..and I mean serious name calling barbs proving that if I joined to change someone’s mid, I was sadly mistaken.

Now I am not certain why any sane person would buy into the rhetoric, but there are millions out there like him. These people have little world experience, most having never left their respective states, and the formulate their opinions totally on a partial media. Interesting. It just seems, in this case, that this right winger is calling liberals stupid…..but when you peel the skin back, it is merely a reflection in which he looks as his fingers roll the keyboard

My encouragement to anyone out there is to make up your own mind.  Address issues, not partisan politics.  Figure out the big picture, not just your little corner of the world.  If we continue our divides to this level, THAT IN ITSELF, my friend is what will bring this country down, not some partisan policy.  Think again night train. Quite being a sheep


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