Wow.  I just cannot believe it.  December 31 came and went and we all collectively did not jump off of the fiscal cliff. These notions that the media builds into our thought process as well as politicians who continue to make decisions based upon what their party mates may or may not like vs. what is really right for the country continue to bring us down to a level that soon will approach Jerry Springer. It is just the continued bullshit of the political process and the media who’s only real concerns are ratings and forwarding their own agenda. Congratulations Mr. Politicians.  You did a great job here.  In two months, we will all go through this again. You see, I am all for voting and the democratic process. But this is based upon the premise that politicans, elected by their constituants, make decisions on behalf of, and for them. Unfortuantely, modern politics has move far away from the noble intentions of the founders of this country who themselves risked much more to be in the position to sign a declaration of independence, and form a country that would argueably be the greatest super power of the world. We are told our vote counts.  But in the end, does it really?  Politics now is about personal and party power, lobbyists, and paying back large benefactors who back campaigns in exchange for forwarding their agenda.  Really?  And we are told not to be apathetic as every vote counts? 

No. Sadly we have strayed far from the great intentions and leadership of our founding fathers. Politicians falter the people of this country every day.  The political process needs an enima.  But that will just have to be for another evening.  Meanwhile, I will enjoy my momentary stock gains the true comfort that we have avoided this great disaster…..if but not for a grand total of two months. 


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