If I Were King…..

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With the election pressing upon us, it is time to crawl out the shell and state the platform for which I support. I will get off the fence and reveal my party platform.  I call it the “Erotic Politician” Party.  Yes that is a direct steal of quote from Jim Morrison of the The Doors, back in ’67…….the same Jim Morrison I have written in as a vote for 6 of the 10 presidential elections I have been able to vote. That ought to tell you what I think of politics in general……OK.  Now for the platform.  If I were king……..

  • DEBT. I do not like debt any more than the other person.  We need to proactive steps to reduce it, but in the end, you must not loose sight of the fact, that if the government lays off the number of their workers they should lay off to be aligned properly, the country would go into a massive recession. It would literally take hundreds of thousands of layoffs of government workers to reduce the debt…..and guess what?  These people now add to our GNP….with this many laid off at once, a already dire job market becomes stalemated……..think about it folks……we need to take gradual measures to reduce the debt. Also, clearly, we need more revenue as well.  So, what do I do?  You’ll love these I am sure:
  1. Get rid of the dollar bill and go to dollar coins.  Yes, everyone hates them, but guess what?  We are one of the few countries who still have paper currency at such a low level of exchange. This alone has  been estimated to save $1.5B a year…further, move to plastic based currency. The average paper bill lasts only 3 months.  The average plastic currency last at least 3 times this leaving less need for printing.  BTW, Australia and New Zealand have such a currency.  It is also very difficult to counterfeit
  2.  Sin Taxes.  This is not a judgement. For those things that are purely discretionary, and generally not good for the general populous, like cigarettes and liquor, raise the taxes.  Raise them significantly.  look, when I want to go on a bender, I have no problem paying the piper……
  3. Fuel Taxes. Yes, I would put an additional tax on gasoline.  I would exempt most business, as increases in fuel costs are very inflationary.  I am more interested in energy dependency as anything
  4. Special Interests. There is a butt load of these out there.  Bottom line, you do not want to retard technological advances, but lets face it, many of these funded things are just plain frivolous.
  5. Aid To Other Countries. Stop the flow of American dollars to countries that are not responsible to work out their issues. Cold.  I know.  It is what it is.  We need to quit being big brother and focus on our own shores.
  6.  Legalize Pot. And tax it heavily. Increase substantially the penalties for drug trade and black market. Afterall,  the cartels are getting their money…..and we in the US have proven that it is a market that is not going away.  End the prohibition.

Those are the major ones for budget.  Overall I do believe the government needs to be as small as possible. The only reason I sway from this is the fact that the free market needs adjustment once in a while.  It is based upon short term greed. The old MBA business principles are out of the window. We in America are held hostage to the Middle East and the oil companies.  If there is an issue with delivery of proper amounts of affordable gas based on the latest hurricane or refinery switch over, well, the government steps in.  Do they do it better? Hell no.  But somebody has to step in. Corporate greed has gotten out of control.

  •  Immigration. Big issue for sure.  Secure the borders.  No need to make the matter worse. But for those here, amnesty for those who can 1) prove they have paid taxes in the last two years…and 2) If they have been here over 5 years, no criminal record, then they can stay. However, they must file a tax return the next year if applicable for them. This means all the illegal nannies will have to come clean.
  • Defense. I am jaded, as I work in this industry. That’s the qualifier. But in the end, if we had not played big brother in Iraq and Afghanistan, we would have saved hundreds of lives and save billions of dollars. Face it politicians  we do not understand the culture. We had little business being there. In the end, Iraq was about oil….well get of the teat of the Middle East and you will not have that issue. Speak softly and carry a big stick (not a sexual reference you perves).  We need to invest in defense technology and stay well ahead of all else…..but use it only when absolutely needed
  • Energy Policy. Do not call me a tree hugger. But in the end, we need to be off the teat of the Middle East. I fully support electric and hybrid technologies.  I believe we should have serious tax abatement’s for purchase of these vehicles, much more than has been. Also, the car companies should get serious tax relief for development of alternative technologies. I do not care what it is is, but if we can reduce our gas/oil consumption by as little as 20%, the markets will think differently, in spite of the other countries that are increasing the use of gas and oil. Further, drill, drill, drill. I do not care where it is.  If it is wildlife effecting, we can compromise on how to drill with little impact.  C’mon peeps, our country is tops in technology.  Surely we can figure this out.
  • Education. We are screwing up here.  We are being passed by virtually everyone……I do not have good answers here, but pay and screen teachers much more.  Make college costs more affordable for the masses
  • Health Care. Here is the biggie. I believe affordable health care should be able to everyone. Call me socialist.  I do not care.  And do not say Canadians hate their system.  They laugh at America on health care. whether the government is the right party to administer this is a good argument. But lets face it, a healthy country works more than than one not. Not everyone is blessed with wealth. Now I hate the welfare slackers as much as the next, and if I see another fat fuck in an government paid for electric chair when they should be walking, well, I may go postal. But I believe that those are more the minority, and we can put in place better oversight for such abuses. But people need healthcare.  I think we can all agree that healthcare costs way to much in this country. Provide basic healthcare.  If someone wants specialized or more individual service, they can pay for it

Well, there are many more issues, and If I Were King, I would be will to talk about them all……but I am not, so go out and vote.  But I am writing in Jim Morrison……..call me apathetic, it matters not to me.


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