I just have to step back and marvel at the entertaining world of politics, especially as it relates to people.  A quick check on a daily basis of the social media, and it seems a majority of the friends and acquaintances are hanging some shingle out there for their candidate, or who won what debate, or throw spears at Obamacare, or whatever. It seems that never has a nation been more divided. The good news is that people seem to be standing up and taking notice, even if it is their own, jaded, little minded corner of the world that they thinks revolves around them. Well, one thing I have learned over the years is that one’s perspective is merely that, a perspective.  It is not right or wrong, it is the reality that is that person. If you accept that premise at some level, then one has to ask why everyone feels compelled to throw their opinions out there in such a strong manner?  Especially in friend circles like found on Facebook and other social sites. I do not get it, or maybe I do, it depends upon your perspective.  Sure, some of us may be on the bubble as far as candidates go, but shouldn’t we all take responsibility for our own decisions and opinions, vote responsibly and according to our opinions, and move on?

Politics as Usual, and We Buy It

Instead you get this barrage of people staining the face of your Facebook wall apparently trying to cram their opinions and views down your throat. Oh joy.  This is what I joined this social page for.  I look forward every single day to the self annointed iconic suggestions of these “friends” who apparently feel I need guidance on my political views and choices. Save it folks. You are not changing my mind, or likely that of any other person.  Get back to the light hearted environment that I believe Facebook was originally meant to be. Yes, I know that Facebook is really nothing more than a advertising platform.   Believe me, I get it.  But most of us, I believe, look beyond the marketing side of sites such as these and focus on content. Many of us, me for one, have connected with long forgotten friends from decades past. I utilize Facebook to keep up with family that is geographically separated.  This has been enjoyable. But as we get closer and closer to the election, it seems everyone is coming out of their foxholes to put forth the proposition that we must agree with their political (or in many cases, anything else) views. Really?  Who anointed you God of my sphere? Why should I care?  Because you are a friend or acquaintance? Again, really?  Is this what friendship is based upon?  My way or the highway?

Interestingly enough, many of these posts can get quite derogatory. Like that is what this country needs,yet another opinionated self appointed royalty to throw out a bunch of jaded philosophy on the masses as if it is God’s given truth.  Well, I am sorry, largely, we are not interested in your singular epitaphs of wisdom that you deem so robust. My real feeling on this is that it is another narcissistic attempt to call attention to oneself…..a kind of calling card to the circle of friends to put your stamp on who you really are. Branding. ‘ I am a democrat, no, I am a Republican, or I am Tea Party, or’…….you see the point.
The thing is, the reason we put up with the commercial platform that is Facebook is that we like hearing about what is going on in your life, your trials, your tribulations, your joys, or (God willing) a suggestion of something in life that you found useful and feel that others could benefit from. Personally, now about 20% of my wall posts are for dog rescue groups, and that is what I now choose to focus on and it brings satisfaction to the Facebook experience.  Yes. If you wish to call attention to yourself, why not brand yourself as someone who is helping and concerned about something  rather than landing a political scud on the social sites in the friendship circle?  All, is this really what the idea of social networks were all about to begin with?  I will live with the advertising.  I will live with the pages you have a choice to hit “like” on Facebook.  I can live with that, because  right wrong or indifferent  that is what America is, an ad driven capitalistic society driven by greed.  And we are not alone.  All of the 40+ countries I have been to (my own brand of narcissism) have the same commercialism.  Maybe they are on different levels and intensity, but they are there.

But at the end of the day, I am not interested in being a friend or acquaintance if it comes with the qualifier that ‘you must be like me’. I understand that everyone feels more comfortable around people of a like kind.  But we have some serious issues to attack here. The political process is broke. I am fairly certain it matters not who gets elected….decisions are made along partisan lines with little or no regard to what is really the answer. Let us not draw friend ship lines along political lines.  It just seems wrong.

Enough.  Go vote.  Vote your heart. I honestly do not care who you are voting for. But hopefully, you can cleanse your mind of all the influences that people try to insert into you that is nothing more than assisting them to assure themselves they are right.  That is not voting.  As you find on this site, I highly believe the political process is seriously broke and needs and enema.   But, it is what we have to live with now……..please, vote how you will vote.  But please, allow me to do the same without all the  pompous  opinions submitted on the social networks.

Yes. I can choose  not go into FB or other social networks.  It is like the radio and TV with potentially offensive stuff….my opinion is that you can always turn it off if you do not like it, but do not attempt to edit it.  But in the end, many of us are on social networks to  (get ready for it) connect with friends of the past and current…..and keep involved in the lives of friends and such.  For God’s sake, please, please do not subject us to your political platform (or other for that matter).  Recognize what Facebook and other social media platforms are:  A way to connect and communicate.  And please note:  Anything more than the above, well, most of us are just not interested.

Unfortunately, I am not sure I have the gall to use the many tools I have to immediately paste this to FB.  I had thought of doing an experiment, count the number of friends before and after the post……….that is too calculated.  Lets just let the article stand on its own.

P.S.  I did decide to put it on Facebook.  After all, why not join the narcissistic parade? I will report the estimated friend total I lose as a result of this post……….peace.




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