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Congratulations to us…this is our 200th post!  And there was much rejoicing….yea

August 10, 2011.  Gexa Energy Center, Dallas Texas.  Another night out under the stars to take in some more head banging concert fare. The Mayhem Tour made a stop to this soon to be desert city of Dallas, Texas. The Mayhem Tour features Disturbed, Godsmack, and Megadeath in the headlining role.  Other bands like Machine Head were on two side stages. The twist to this stop on the Mayhem Tour was that Dallas and the entire Texas region has been crippled by 105 + degree heat and extreme drought conditions. So the madness on this stop of the Mayhem Tour included more sweat than the usual.

Mayhem Tour - It Doesn't Look 107, But It Is

The first stop was the side stage for Machine Head.  Although I have heard of them, I had never seem them before. The pic above was from the side stage where Machine Head played. Interesting group in that their metal guitars are laced with a rolling, wandering string of guitar licks that glue together to create a sound. Nothing much more on these guys.  The crowd was receptive, But nothing more stood out about this performance.

Megadeath came on in the early evening on the main stage.  Dave Mustane promptly informed the crowd that his doctor advised against playing this evening for an undisclosed reason.  He had the toy DJ who introduced him say the same thing.  Bottom line, they played for just short of 40 minutes a set that was typical Megadeath. Mustane seems to have shook his asshole ways of the past, and was gracious to the crowd and his stated attempt to play against better wisdom. I am OK with Megadeath, but will never go see them has a headliner.  Tonight, they were OK, but I did not mind it was a shortened set.  More time for $12 beer.

Godsmack follwed.  I like these guys. Their sound is so unique, not from music structure, but from the settings and sound out of the electric guitar.  I have not seen this unique electric sounding since Tom Sholz of Boston invented his contraption that was the Boston sound. Sully, the lead singer, is a no BS entertainer with a good sense of humor.  The only misstep  in the show was the once again obligatory solos that do nothing for me and the audience.  Only the real drunks trying to keep their buzz or highs intact cheer for these. The stage was straight up.  NO frills. Sully goofed with the audience at one point, and was truly funny, something you rarely see in concerts.  Go see Godsmack. They are good.  I hope they keep it together for a long time.

Disturbed headlined. I do not like these guys, but must review with an open mind. The stage was incredible.  Full of color and visual effects, including video running through most of the songs. I swear they were trying to send messages to audience.  Disturbed is a bid military supporter. Many of the videos captured that in a framing of ‘war really is stupid and shitty’ approach. Disturbed played all the hits in the 1:15 hour set. They are a tight band, and like Godsmack before them, they definitely have a sound of their own.  The political statements get a bit much.  Audience is there to loose their minds, not use it thinking about heavy subjects.  Still, I do not fault them. Most bands are just plain mindless, and my seven years of university are often lost on the mindlessness (which usually is very entertaining). In the end, they indicated to the audience that they would be taking a break.  The rags state they are not breaking up, but on indefinite hiatus, to ‘get away from eachother’ for a while.  So if you are really a fan, go see them, this may be the last for a long, long time.  And frankly, while I see the Hair Bands touring with great success in a reunited state, somehow, I just do not think this type of music that Disturbed plays will be the type to come around again in 20 years.

Go see them. I am calling them done for good.

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