Jani Lane Dead at 47

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Jani Lane, the oft in and out member of Warrant was found dead at a Woodland Hills Hotel room on Thursday, August 11 2011. Most of the world will not notice, and frankly, much of the rock world will not notice as well. Lane was a troubled soul with a boat load of talent, yet undeniably underrated for musical writing, voice and overall performance. He was a founding  member of the ‘Hair Band’ Warrant, who actually rose to popularity toward the latter part of the hair band era.

Jani Lane dead at 47

For those of you not familiar, the hair band era was from the mid 80’s to right around 90-91. The bands were known for outrageously big hair, makeup, and hard rock songs with a ‘hook’ in them.  The big metal ballads were part of this era as well.  Bands in this genre include Dokken, Cinderella, Great White, and a host of others. Warrant too was part of this era, but with a more rich talent for songwriting, which is attributable largely to Lane.

Warrant’s success was a bit short lived, but filled with great songs.  The top selling song was the ballad “Heaven”, penned by Lane, topping the singles charts at number one in 1989. Other great pieces include Uncle Tom’s Cabin, included in the You Tube video above, and a host of others.  However, for the rest of their careers, the remaining Warrant members and previously Lane was tagged with the reputation derived from their immensely popular song “Cherry Pie”.

Like many of the hair bands, Warrant continued, and continues today to tour. Before Lanes sudden death, he, in the last decade was in and out of Warrant several times. At times, when sober, he was a real performer on the stage and truly thankful and humble to his audience.  When blasted on stage, he was horrible and disruptive to the show, many times not finishing songs.  The band had finally had enough, when in 2008, he joined up with them once again, only to be kicked out shortly thereafter.  I had recently seen Warrant in a club in the Dallas area (post is here on redd of course, just search the site) with a much younger lead singer who was so good it was hard to miss Lane.

But in the end, Warrant was Lane.  He had so much talent.  The rest of the world will not notice, but I will. He was too talented to end this way. It was reported that a half consumed bottle of vodka and prescription medications were found on the night stand. Official cause of death will likely not be released for quite some time.

In the end, it looks like whatever demons haunted him will cease, for nowCherry PieCherry Pie



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