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The following is a post from a family vacation in Hawaii.  We posted as this was a great overview of the island and it’s charms
We had a great adventure in Maui this summer and I had been planning this trip ever since January to spring on my wife’s 50th birthday.  She does not look anywhere close to 50. I had thought about another Alaska cruise and then even entertained the cruise idea for Tahiti….but in the end just figured the logistics are hard enough and I didn’t want any “passport” or “customs” issues to worry about.  Also since the whole family is pretty healthy and we often take hikes , etc , there was only one way to do Maui and that is to be on the island and pick up several of the additional packaged side-trips offfered.
Yes, it was an expense be we had stayed in states last 3 years so this time I decided expense was a non-issue for this kind of trip.  Travelocity for 7 nights at Sheriton plus airfaire plus car for 7 days was $6200 for family of four and then the food and other trip expenses while there was about another $1500.  The positive was that I was able to prepay the core trip before we even left over the 4 months….so it was just pure good.
Day 1 – 5:30 am and routed from Indy to Dallas , picking up a mid morning flight from Dallas straight to Maui.  Got in Maui at about 3:30 pm which was really close to 10pm our indy time.  Tired as we were we, stopped in Lahaina safeway and actually picked up sandwich meat, bread, cereal and fruit, plus drinks so we wouldn’t have to alway go to restaurants….ps we never at at Sheriton since Lahaina was only 14 mins away and I had scoped out online numerous places for meals $20 strategically located near the tourist sites we would go to around the island.
Got into the Hotel and the first night they had us on an inside corner , low level, “ocean view” room but could only see some of the ocean and a little of Black Rock cliffs.  Room was spacious and we just roamed the grounds, hung out by pool and beach and just ate the groceries purchased.  Watched divers from Black Rock.
Day 2 – first thing I did was request from reservations if they had other “ocean view” class rooms.  Surprisingly they moved us up two floors plus out 4 rooms and that gave us total courtyard, beach, Black Rock, pool view —- same price but the rooom right next door would have been $30 more a night.(so a good resolution).  Traveled to Iao state park which is valley within mountainous terrain and gets rain 300 days a year.  Tall jagged peaks and streams usually with rain clouds touching top….sunny for us and we hiked some small trails.(this park is on the “head” portion of Maui east of where we stayed;  While Haleakela takes up most of the “body” land mass.  Had lunch at a deli/bakery near the park.  Awesome tuna sandwiches and pastries.  Had burgers near hotel and spent rest of day/eve swimming in beach and sunning around pool.  Night Cocktails by the many pools in eve.
Day 3 – Surprise #1 – I booked “Quicksilver” double decker huge boat for a snorkel trip out to Molokini island 9 miles off the coast.  This lasted from 7:30 to 3:30 and consisted of snorkeling the reef at molokini, breakfast and lunch (awesome grilled chicken and pork bbq sandwiches plus salads, etc.)  Then from Molokini we stopped at “Turtle Town” reef and were able to swim with 5ft diam. green see turtles.  they just glide past you like UFO’s.  not suppose to tough them but often nearly bumped into them they were 6 inches away.  Captain also gave us tour of south part of island showing celebs homes and we attempted looking for dolphins but none seen.  Day trip was fabulous.
That night we watched sunset at restaurant in Lahaina near beach then just had desert and cocktails at Hotel.   NOTE: surprisingly we pretty much were crashing every night at 10:30 since our days were full.
Day 4 – back to Lahaina,  The rest of the family hung out around Lahaina shops (Mango smoothies) and also the Banyan tree looking at crafters wares.  We also rented cheap snorkel gear and snorkeled just 10 and 20 yards along the black rock cliff in front of hotel.  Tons of colored fish just right there.  More cocktails and deserts at restaurant and just did jacuzi in eve around pool.
Day 5 – *I reallistically could have watch my wife die this day;  we headed out early for Road to Hana and stopped and hiked numerous trails along this narrow switchback road on north side of island.  Waterfalls, jungle rainforrest trails, surfers, bamboo forrests, – we had a great time and made it just outside of Hana to our next stop at a Black Lava Rock beach with lava tubes, etc.  Beautifull. Getting out of the car in the parking lot, Dana’s eyes popped out of her head and she gasped “I can’t breath”;  she had popped some Tylenol and the pill aspirated into her Laynx and Trachea causing massing laryngo-spasm and produced copious tenacous mucus.  She could barely breath in around it!  But I knew I had to keep her calm cause we were in a remote area and helicopter would have been only solution(ie. takes hours to drive the switchback road).  So I stayed calm and coached her to breath slow around it and occasionally use the force to clear her airway.  The pill was dissolved but the spasms where there for 2 more hours.  Only then I knew it was safe to drive back but she also could not swallow(ie. take water) and she was not fully recovered until about 14 hours later the next morning.  This is the second time such an event has happened and last time Alicia was in utero and Dana had to call ems to take her to hospital.  We at least did walk down to lava beach and walked through lava tubes.  Great pics you can see posted on the Snapfish invite.  This was almost total airway closure and not just Oh she choked on a pill.   Very Very scary.
Anyway, we were only 2 miles from Hana but had to drive back at 3:30,  didn’t get to hotel until about 8pm.
Day 6 – Surprise #2, went back to Lahaina for an awesome breakfast and then took mitch and alicia over to a private surfing lesson with Maui Wave Riders.  They had a blast and the instructor was great with alot of other people on the adventure.  Dana and I shopped some more around town.  Then we drove to another Bay area and went to an Aquarium with some great displays.  Later that afternoon, we snorkeled again near black rock and there were a cluster of 5 sea turtles eating algae on the rockes.  we swam right into the pod and were 6 inches again away just watching them eat and float around.  Went to a nearby fashion mall in Lahaina that night and they were having a free hula show with male and female dancers of all kinds in the open air mall so made for great free entertainment that night..
Day 7 – Drove up to Haleakela volcano, at 9am next day and were at 10000 ft , totally clear as we broke through cloud cover at 7000 feet.  Viewed the crater and could even see the silhouette of the big island 75 miles away.  Lounge by pool rest of day.
Next morning back to airport and took all night flight to get us in Dallas at 5:30 am – crap our flight was cancelled at 7:30 and we got bumped all day from each flight ….finally got on at 4:30 and back in home in indy at 8pm.   I called in sick the next day and took me day or two to recover. Note to readers:  we do not recommend you call in sick….I could get away with it, you likely, cannot.   ps. . I wont wait another 19 years to go back again.  Fantastic.
You need to go if you never have…….
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