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I am not one to steal thunder from one of my valued contributors, but Rum Guy has fallen on the job, and I must go pick up the pieces. We review Balcones Rumble Rum.  This comes from the Balcones Distillery, in my very own Waco, Texas.  Now in order to assure Rum Guy I am not retiring him, I must reveal the misconception that led to this review. I went into my fav liquor store in Dallas this weekend seeking some whiskey.  On the Whiskey shelf was this unique smaller bottle labeled Balcones Rumble.  Now, since we review liquors regularly on this and our sister sight VODKAFACTS.COM, I pay attention to things like packaging, pricing, and word of  mouth.  But this little mis shelved gem had nothing but unique packaging.  So upon picking up the bottle, we realized that this was a Texas Distillary for making and marketing Whiskey. In fact, the only one in Texas.  In fact, right from my second home town of Waco, Texas.  Curiosity peaked. We had to purchase.  Of course, we thought this was a whiskey.  But one taste, and it we found this would be the most unique tasting whiskey ever.  So further research to their website Balcones Distilling revealed this is actually a rum……now I should have known that from the taste.  Well, I am not the rum expert, Rum Guy is.

Balcones Rumble, Waco, Texas

Balcones Rumble, Waco, Texas. Not Your Mother's Rum

This rum has a truly unique taste. In their marketing pitch, they embrace everything that is Texas Hill Country.  They make it with Texas honey. They make it with figs.  They use turbinado sugar.  Anyone in their right mind out there know what turbinado sugar is?  Then they tease you further by saying “this is what happens when whiskey distillers play with sugar”.  OK.  I know understand my favorite liquor store’s confusion.  I am confused.  Is this whiskey or rum?  Well, it tastes like one of the best rums I have ever consumed, so lets call it rum. In fact, tonights dinner is this mixed with my favorite soda.   But do not get me wrong, mixing this is somewhat of a sin. This is a strikingly smooth drink that is better suited for sipping. I would put it over rocks, especially now since it is been over 100 degrees in this distillers home town of Waco, Texas for over two weeks.  The honey taste leaps forward.  There is a smoothness to this drink that smacks of sipping over rocks. It starts fresh on the palate.  It never has a chemical burn or after taste despite its advanced alcohol content of 47%, ah thats 94 proof for you newbies.  A party waiting to happen, but please drink responsibly.  As stated earlier, the taste of honey is recognizable. In fact, this is the driving taste of the rum. There is a hint of fig in the taste as well.  OF course, if you mix it, which I am doing for my dinner tonight, these tastes fade somewhat.  You need to put this over ice, and slowly sip it.  Never mind, you northern states.  You likely cannot buy this rum, or global warming has not completely caught up to you yet.  But for us Texans struggling with one of what I believe will be the hottest summers in many years…….this is a mind altering godsend.

This rum is available in Central Texas, which includes some of the Dallas liquor stores.  Not sure about the planet Houston.  The other interesting thing is the name.  “Balcones” is a fault line that runs prominently from Dallas (most people in Dallas have no idea there is a fault line in Dallas, but a trip to southwest Dallas around Duncanville will prove it) to south of Austin, Texas.  In fact it is the Balcones Fault that creates the gorgeous Texas Hill Country.  If you check the website, one of the owners lives in Austin (the site for other liquors like Tito’s Vodka, subject to an upcoming review) with a ‘512’ area code number.  In fact, there is little on the website that would indicate this is a Waco Distillery.  Waco is just not cool enough.  I am surprised in this city of 125,000, home of the largest Baptist University in the world, and a ultra conservative attitude to boot, that we have this distillery smack dab in the middle of town. I love Waco in a sick way.  I find it interesting that these blokes marketing this product try to give the impression it is from Austin, which stands for ‘everything cool in Texas’, at least in an Austinite’s mind.  But check the bottle folks.  It is Waco.  17th and Franklin to be exact.  Sorry owner’s, you have been outed.

Go buy this if you are in Texas, but do expect to pay $30-40 for a 750 ml. bottle. And if you are not in Texas, well, you are screwed, because this one is well worth the money.


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