Motley Crue and Poison Review

On June 15, 2011, in Concert Reviews, by admin

Every once in a while you must imbibe. Once in a while you must throw caution to the wind and pursue true Bohemian attitude.  This is what I considered ding to go drive 110 miles to see a mid-week concert featuing Motley Crue and Poison. This was the 7th time seeing Motley Crue, and now double digits for Poison at 10. Naturally I was drawn to this event given my musical taste of which most of you are well aware. Given the harsh economical times, I decided that I would take advantage of $16 tickets….yes, that includes all the bullshit fees Ticketmaster places on the tickets.  Welcome to a mid week concert.  My thought process was that I can always sneak up closer to the stage to get a better view of the bands to write this review. Plan executed. But lets first go over the show…..

The New York Dolls (warning, not sure this is official site) opened.  Reformed in 2004 with David Johannason at lead, these guys put on a nice show if you like the pop/punk influence. They were a tight band, but really, misplaced on this bill.  Apparently Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue consider them an influence and that is how they got on this bill.  Well, good for Nikki not selling out, as these guys, while good, just was not a match for the other two bands from a musical genre point of view.( Sorry Robert, I know you were pissed in your own way for missing the first two songs while delivering my ticket to me. )

Next was Poison. Brett Michaels cashed in one of his nine lives to appear unscathed once again after a bout with potential death inclusive of a hole in his heart…or some medical thing as this.  But here is my tribute to him.  This dude has been a Type 1 diabetic for well over 40 years.  He injects himself with insulin about 4 times a day. He has lived his rock lifestyle. He survives.  In fact, he looked great on the stage this hot Texas evening. For personal reasons which I will not go into (but read the lyrics of “Learning To Breathe” on the Song Lyrics page of this site), I have the most respect for this person and what he has gone through.  OK. Enough mush.  That said, the show was all Poison.  They have not changed in several years.  They always open with “Look What the Cat Dragged In” (really a clever song lyrically if you peel the onion back). The show is full of Brett Michaels fake smiles. He plays the audience, but really never looking into the eyes of anyone of the concert goers. It comes off quite fake.  He has to kiss D.D. Deville’s ass so many times during the concert. I would not be surprised if C.C.’s acknowldgement by Michaels was not written into the contract…..and this night, it was over the top.  That said, C.C. was spot on in his guitar.  Looking good and drug free (for many years now, sans one relapse) he is was force on the stage. Also in the Poison show is the solos.  Guitar, Drums,  Really shitheads?  I know you can play those instruments,. why do this?  And why did not bassist Bobby Dahl get a solo? OH well, Poison is Poison, and I will continue to support them. I have seen Michaels 4 times solo as well, and well, he is consistent there as well with his plastic smile…..but still……..

Motley Crue. What can you say?  I have seen versions of this band missing original members. But they have been basically back together as originals since 2004. Each member has his own branding.  Vince Neal, the lead singer is well know for his debauchery….( I once witness him clock a sound guy on a solo tour, and yes, the sound guy was a rental for the gig….read,  lawsuits in Dallas ensued). Bassist Nikki Sixx was known for his near death experience with heroin addiction.  Mick Mars, the quiet one branded himself in mystery, kind of the implied satanist of the group.  In reality, he has battled a life long health issue called ankylosing spondylitis, which is an advanced form of arthritis of the hip and back.  Tommy Lee was branded for his big ‘you know what’, sex tapes, and his twice shortly lived marriage to PamelaAnderson. Now he does the DJ circuit in top clubs when not touring.  I snuck down from my hill side perch to get a good view of Motley Crue.  They all look good.  Mars moves decently considering his position.  Nikki Sixx, looks fantastic, although sporting a few extra pounds.  Neal the same.  They are a tight band, know the moves of each other on stage, and put on one hell of a show. The stage was elaborate.  Colorful…..and topped off by a circular roller coaster rail where Lee’s drum kit, and Lee, could go upside down.  In fact, Lee pulled a dude from the audience to strap onto the elaborate set up and take an upside down ride as well.  While I am there more for the music and performance, this was entertaining.  Neals voice is very bit as strong as the earlier days.  AT times, however, he would float off key between phrases which is a sign of not enough volume in feed back speakers, or fatique. (Great voices and singing require one to be in good shape). They played nearly two hours, but some of that time was the drum kit thing, which easily consumed 15 minutes overall. Of course, all the hits were there.  But I like their newer music as well.  They played ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ very early in the set.  I think this is one of the better Crue songs out there. These guys are entertainers…….they are great to see in concert.  I will go every time I have a chance, even if it is a hillside in the 100 degree Texas hot…….

Unfortunately, the crowd for this event was seriously off.  Call it mid week blues.  Hard to cut loose and party when you have to get up the next day and return to the job you hate…….. When I got closer to the stage, the same.  They did not have a pit for this event.  This is a mistake.  Screw you legal people, you likely drove that decision. Go see them the Crue, you will be glad you did.


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