Regular readers know that we focus on all things Texas, specifically the BBQ of this great state. We are passionate about our BBQ. Our BBQ reviews are merely poor excuses to stop by the roadside BBQ pit to try on some great ribs or brisket. We review Texas Best BBQ joints here.  We cook it. We develop our own recipes. We take seriously the art of smoking our meats, developing rubs, marinades, whatever, you name it, we are into it.

But what does BBQ really mean? How does it differ from different states in the US and abroad?  Well, first, let me finish cooking my ribeye with cooked to perfection with the reddgranite rub (nope, you cannot buy it….yet). So, actually, this is what it is about.  We call cooking steaks on the grill “BBQ’ing” here in Texas.  But this has nothing to do with Texas BBQ at all. It is merely cooking out.  In Brazil, the word BBQ means that ‘gaucho’ type restaurant where they serve all kinds of meat on a stick, some of the meats you would rather not know what they are. BBQ in the northern states seem to resemble that of the south in its intention, but the reality is that you may as well pick whatever choice of meat you wish to call BBQ, grill it, smother it with bottled BBQ sauce, and wella, you have the Yankee version of BBQ.  Indeed, while you can buy brisket up there in grocery stores, many have no idea what a brisket is.BBQ in Europe is unheard of.  It something they all wish to try becuase they heard of it on re-runs of ‘who shot JR’.

Then there is the US BBQ bragging rights.  Kansas City believes they have the best. The Carolinas think they have the best. There are different versions of BBQ in pockets of the central US, St Louis, and Memphis.  Both sport a bit of a twist on BBQ as they focus on ribs, and the emphasis is on dry rubs.  In some regions, the best BBQ is considered an ethnic thing.  So my approach is to try them all.  I have traveled quite a bit. The only region where I have not had BBQ is in the Carolinas

Kansas City has good BBQ.  No, KC Masterpiece (all though good bottle sauce) is not BBQ.  Good brisket and ribs in KC.  Avoid the KC Masterpiece brand restaurants, this is not good BBQ.  Find the hidden gems.  Locals will be happy to guide you. The St Louis and Memphis ribs are great, but I do like a little sauce as well.You have read about Texas BBQ at length on this site….we stand by our BBQ  joints, the seedier, it seems the better

And sauces:  many of the Texas BBQ sauces are a thin, vinegary based concoction that does not resemble BBQ sauce as most know it.  It is weaker in taste.  The reason is simple.  Here we focus on the smokey taste of the meat and thick sauces merely mask this.

We will continue to bring reviews of Texas best BBQ in our travels throughout the State of Texas.  Next up will be a review of a long standing Austin BBQ icon: Green Mesquite. Peace

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