Installment 3 of Big 12 Tourney

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How will YOU catch the Lady Bear v. KSU game at noon this Friday?

by Karen Schexnider Tracy on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 10:10pm


This is a gratuitous note:  a public service announcement if you will.  I understand that not every Lady Bear fan can take a week off of work to attend the Big 12 tournament and cheer on our favorite team.  Let me tell you the many ways that you can enjoy the game at NOON tomorrow:


1.   If you have an i-phone, download the free ESPN app, add NCAAW as one of your sports and the Big 12 as your conference, Baylor as your team.  You will see an icon with the game.  Push that icon and then go to the “gamecast” button and you will get a live feed of play by play.  This is the most discreet way to track a game and I have used it with great success during weddings, funerals, and court appearances.  I only wish that this technology would have existed when Jordan was in school and I “got to” go to all of those school programs and awards ceremonies.


2.  Noon is your God-given, and Fair Labor Standards Act protected time for a lunch break.  If you don’t have time to get home, then have lunch as BWW, or BJ’s brewhouse, or Hooters, or Fox and the Hound.  Get those chick-ball hating establishments to turn on the game.  If they say they can’t find it, then tell them that is is on FOX SPORTS SOUTHWEST.


3.  If you can’t get to a TV and you don’t have an iPhone, then go to and click on the link to listen to the game over the internet.  It is free.



Sorry the photo is of a prior year tournament. It is all that I have handy at the moment.  SIC EM BEARS!!



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