I have yet to perfect the ability to be in two places at one time and I have tickets for the men’s and women’s Big 12 tournament games.  Because the dates and times severely overlap and I attempt to catch as many games as possible, I know that there are some tickets that will not be used.  If the unused tickets are for the women’s games, well, I might as well blow my nose on them because there is no resale market.  But the men’s tickets have value.  So I endeavored to find a civilized way to sell my tickets for the men’s session tomorrow morning because I will be at the Lady Bear games.


I have bought through Stubhub in the past.  I have sold tickets well in advance through stubhub, but I have never tried to sell at the last minute.  It is quite the adventure.  I will share with you how it works because a lot of people don’t care for women’s basketball and won’t read further once I get into that.


The first thing you have to do is to list your tickets on Stubhub by event, section, row, seat and how much you want for the ticket.  I merely wanted my face value of $45.  Stubhub then tells you what that will net you.  They take their fair share. Then Stubhub tells you that because you have waited sooooooooo late, you have to participate in a late delivery system unless you have electronic tickets (which I don’t). You list them, tell them your paypal account and then a day later they tell you what you need to do to get your tickets to stubhub.


The big jolt is that, until Stubhub has your tickets in hand, your listing doesn’t even get posted online.


So I get this email to take my tickets to David somebody at the Marriott in Kansas City at the corner of Main and 12th. Really, that’s pretty much all you get. And to put your tickets in an envelope with your email, phone number, etc etc etc.


So I get to Municipal Auditorium early (9:30 a.m.) as it is located near 12th and Main Street.  And (pause for dramatic effect), there are Marriotts on TWO CORNERS of the intersection.  I pick the larger one, go in and ask the desk person to help me find the stubhub person (they set up temporary offices, apparently, to faciliate these special events).  The desk person (Rod) has a fedex envelope to deliver to David also, so he takes me with him to find David.  David is usually set up in one of the conference rooms.  Alas, it is occupied by Weight Watchers.  I tell Rod that Weight Watchers really works.  He doesn’t respond.  Given his body shape, I would have thought that he would take a greater interest.


So we take off for David’s room, which puzzles Rod, because Rod thinks it is a little sketch that Stubhub David would be operating out of his hotel room.  But there we stand, outside of Room 640, just a-knocking.  No David. So I leave my tickets with Rod to give to David.


Here’s what is supposed to happen next: your tickets get listed when Stubhub gets their grubby hands on them. I check via my phone periodically throughout the day. Nothing listed until 3:00 p.m.  My solo ticket has not sold yet and apparently I have to confirm the sale if it happens. We shall see. But in my quest to find out if my ticket was listed (to met me about $30), I noticed that the Thursday a.m. session prices were sky high! I look at see that in the first game of that session, Kansas is playing and in the second game of that session, Kansas State is playing. Baylor men are not in that bracket so even if they win tomorrow (insert laughter), then they would play in the evening bracket.


It looks like I can sell that one session ticket and net about $170. I paid $360 in total for all of my tickets. Kid you not. So I listed it and I will be back at the Marriott bright and early tomorrow a.m., once again looking for Stubhub David.


Last year, I sold my championship game ticket so if the Baylor men are not playing in that game (insert laughter), then I plan to sell THAT ticket, too.


No surprises in the women’s brackets: the higher seeds all advanced.  The Iowa State v. Nebraska women’s game was a real mawtapper and it looked as if the Lady Cornhuskers would advance as the 12 seed but, alas, they did not.  The two teams leaving the Big 12 were the teams that bowed out first.  Lady Bears get Kansas tomorrow.  We drummed Kansas pretty good in January (39 points), but anything can happen in the Big 12 and if you take a game for granted, well then just pack those basketball shorts up and get on the bus.


I smuggled quite a bit of food and I was super excited to discover that I have an excellent place to smuggle a banana in (but they were all green at the store). I have one of those rain hoods that you can fold into a snap down collar.  I opened the collar up and it would be perfect to hide a banana. I stuffed something into every zip pocket of my lands end coat and then put my coat over my arm and walked in with it.  The ushers do not seem to notice that I am eating a ham sandwich on multigrain bread with baby organic spinach on it. The lady behind me was amazed by my orange that I peeled and ate and she told me that she had an apple that she wanted to bring, but didn’t.  She also brought in some nuts!


The Baylor men play Oklahoma tomorrow. There was something in the paper about Jeff Capel possibly losing his job. That makes me sad. I think that he is a good coach.


I loved the quotes attributed in the paper to Pat Knight today. He’s not sad at all about being fired.  He was quoted as saying something to the effect that he is a basketball coach and not a doctor, policeman or firefighter that actually makes the world a better place.


Pat, Pat, Pat, you shortsell yourself.  You brighten my existence by your mere presence.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!


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