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Now here is a new one from the Low Budget Review Guy.  Many of you know on this web site that our LBR guy is an expert on travel reviews, rums of the worlds or regions, and a few other low cost items. But here, he offers us a review of the Texas Best BBQ….a link that I had embarked on earlier in my drives back from Central to North Texas. This review comes from his Low Budget Review on his trip to historic Texas.  All you Russians and Polish folk spamming this site, read carefully, you may learn something.  With out further ado, the Low Budget Review Guy on Texas Best BBQ

This lunch review took place last month in Cuero,Tx.  We were just passing through and stopped for a late lunch.  I love trying new places to eat, from the occasional high-dollar, to the dives, to the mom-and-pops’ places, especially BBQ.  Some of you may know that I have a few things in my life that I obsess over. Rum, football, and BBQ are three of my top 5. The other two are best discussed around a fire after a football game, eating BBQ and with a Rum-and-Something in my hand….While passing through Cuero on the main street of town, next to the railroad tracks was, “Barbecue Station”.  The building it was housed it looked as if it was 100 years old, and may have been.  The Texas memorabilia and bric-a-brac on the steps as we climbed them was not necessarily encouraging.  Some places use ambiance as the main course instead of the food.  The restaurant was bigger on the inside than it appeared.  It had long wood fence railings directing the incoming traffic to the ordering/serving line.  The menu was encouraging, written on some grease board were the daily specials and a brief non-nonsense description of the sandwiches, and plates.  Like many BBQ places you could order separately or order a two or three-meat plate that came with two sides and bread. My companion ordered the pulled pork sandwich (which is relatively unusual in beef-oriented Texas) and I ordered the 2-meat plate.  They offered a number of sides, including a rarity in BBQ spots, real baked potatoes.  However, as a somewhat traditionalist (more on that later) I asked for Potato Salad and Coleslaw.  My spouse ordered the beans.  I was offered (free) pickles and onions (yes to the pickles, no to the onions) and then was asked about BBQ sauce. (Ed Note: Good choice for this one on skipping the onions, if you know what I mean)

Now at this point I am going to digress a bit, and discuss one of my pet peeves about BBQ and some BBQ enthusiasts.    Over the many years I have lived in Texas, I have run across what I consider “BBQ Snobs”.  These folks are of the strictly “No BBQ Sauce” allowed cultists.  While I understand that the smoking of the meat, so the brisket is juicy, yet has that beautiful red smoke ring on the outside, with the crunchy char edges is damn near heaven on earth.  I understand that some folks think people should ” eat the meat, not the sauce”, and I applaud your choice, if that’s what you want to do.  Me? I like sauce, lots of it. All different kinds, from the Carolina-style vinager based, to the more tomato/molasses based.  But it ticks me off, when BBQ places/people state, “No sauce here—don’t even ask”.  I will generally not do business with them more than once.  Give me a choice.  And that’s what I applaud Barbecue Station for.  They asked, “you want sauce or not?” Imagines, actually asking the customer what he wants!  That way, both sides of the sauce/no sauce argument can get what they want.

Now I am off my small soapbox, back to the sides.  The brisket was tender but firm, great texture and flavor. Not the most tender I have ever found but very good.  The sausage had an interesting spice added that kept us guessing.  Good, but not great.  The pulled pork overflowed the warm bun and was covered with a vinegar-based sauce that was flavorful and very tender.  The mustard potato salad was fresh, crunchy, delicious.  The coleslaw was vinegar-based, and a little too stout for me. Not their strong suit.  The beans were wonderful, full of flavor (and sauce!), cooked just right.  Add a couple of slices of white bread right out of the bakery loaf, home-made Texas Sweet Tea, and friends, you’ve got some good eatin’.  Hard to get much more traditional Texas than that.

And that brings up another thought.  Like most people (Certainly Texans), I order iced tea just about every time I am out to eat. But as my spouse put it so accurately, the best sweet tea in the world is found in Texas BBQ places.  I don’t know why or how, but it is true.  If you set out 10 glasses of sweet tea, with 5 from BBQ joints and 5 from restaurants up and down the spectrum, I bet I could name 4 of the 5 from the BBQ places.  And those would be the ones I would drink.  They do it well, people.  No brag, just fact.

In summary,  Barbecue Station gets a very good grade—an A.    I would go back again next time we are in the area, and try some of their other sides.

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