Friends Are Worth Their Weight in Beer

On November 17, 2010, in Travel, by admin

Yes, that is right.  Friends are worth their weight in beer.  Tonight I had the opportunity to meet a friend at a half way point of the nearly 100 miles that separates us in the daily lives.  Good times..great to catch up on old times, new times, and bag on our other friends who do not have the personalities and the resulting inclination to drive to meet someone for an hour and half at dinner.  Most of our friends are sheltered or pussies.  You decide.  We met at BJs Brewhouse in Temple TX. This is a great place with great food. Now I will tell you right off, I own stock in this business….so I am jaded.  But there is a reason I choose to buy stock in this place.  Even though the menu has too many items on it, and I always have suspected that restaurants with many choices do things decent, but nothing really well (think high end steak joints), their food is great.  Couple that with the wide choice of beers brewed, and you have the set up for a great time with a friend batting the rat around, and really discussing nothing that really matters. The pizza here is extraordinary, at least by most pizza standards.  I am from the north where pizza is a whole different world, and BJs Brewhouse is not better than that.  But it is great by most standards.  Great atmosphere as well.  There are many big screen TVs for your favorite sporting event as well.  This added up with usually good service make this place a winner. Our server kept bringing out samples of home made sodas, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, all in really, I mean really frosted glasses.  Nice touch. All of this, and the company is expanding in a calculated way while taking on no debt whatsoever.  This last point is a rule that I invest by.

All told, this is a great restaurant with great beers.  Drink three, and the conversation with your friend gets even more animated at the expense of our other friends with too limited vision to come out and do something like this.  Hats off. Try BJs Brewhouse.  They are nationwide. Check out their site on the link above. And for God sake, invite a friend, and go hang.  You will be glad you did.

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