Instead of merely putting this in our comments field from the last post on Baylor Football on Redd, I decided to put the comments on Baylor Football from Low Budget Review Guy as a separate post.  I believe they are worthy of their own marquee……I wonder of LBR Guy was liquored up as well as I was when he posted…….either way, it makes for great entertainment.  My comments are also included, because, well, I am on a roll.

Low Budget Review Guy states:

1)      Hats off to the Ag’s for playing tough, hardnosed football.  They ratcheted up their intensity the 2nd half and we wilted under pressure, just like the week before.

2)      BU players and coaches are NOT strong mentally or physically.  Push them a bit and they self destruct  like a old rusty  Pinto in a rear-end collision.

Ed:  My point exactly. At least Ford knew to get rid of the Pinto

3)      Why does BU (and UT and a lot of other teams) continue to call that damn WR screen that gains 2 yrds when it works at all. It is a wasted play and should NEVER be called again.

Ed:  Could not agree more. Baylor Football coaches will tell you it is because their receivers  are quick, and these plays ‘create space’ to run the field. Seems they forget that other coaches (not even good coaches, but average coaches and above) watch film. And react to film. Apparently this confuses the Baylor Football (and UT and others) coaching staffs

4)      BU has very little talent on the Defense side of ball.  I believe the coaches are aware of that so instruct the DB’s to play 8+ yrds off the receiver—but still get burned.  If I was an opposing Off Coordinator, I would run 5-7 yrd slants ALL DAY, all the way up and down the field.  It would be 15 play drive for TD every time, and the BU offense would seldom see the field.

Ed Note:  And Bob Stoops will. So will our worthy bowl opponent: University of Minnesota, Duluth

5)      OU will try to score 80 on us next weekend, and just might do it.

Ed Note:  Stoops has new bar to cross for this year, he must beat the 83 the Wisconsin Badgers put up on the board yesterday.  My prediction, he blows by it in late third quarter.  My I am generous.

6)      When we go to the Crest Whitestrips Bowl, if we play any team that can throw the ball, we will lose. The only people watching that bowl game will be parents and friends of the team members from both sides.  No one else in America will care.  It may be the lowest bowl ratings of all time.  Oh wait,( M*^%$y) will watch—if he is not working…

Ed Note:  Sorry Low Budget Review Guy, you have been edited from using names.  I am afraid that all of our Russian and Eastern European spammers will contact Marty directly.  Not sure what he would do with a Russian girl….oh yeah, the parents will stay home.  Far too cold in Duluth, Minnesota.  Ed Note again:  We have heard that TV would not pick up coverage of the Crest White Strips Bowl, leaving the game to played not in a neutral location, but on the home school turf since they had the better record. Stadium capacity, 210 miners.

7)      Having said that, 7-6 (after the bowl loss) is a marked improvement for a team that has gone 3-9, 4-8 or 2-10 or worse for the last 10 years…..

Ed Note:  Good for you.  You are so positive. Find the bright star in a sky that has no stars………

8)      Having said THAT, how many people believe that this is a sign of better things to come, and how many believe the program is topped out, that 7 wins a year max  is pretty much it?

Ed Note:  With the current coaching staff, they have blown their load. It goes back our argument (which I am rapidly loosing), you can recruit athletes, and kids who can get the job done.  If you do not teach mental toughness and possess the skills to coach them, you will never excel beyond the current.

9)      Is D III  (or at least D II) looking better ?

Ed Note:  I have lost this argument. My hats off to you.  I am glad we have basketball…….now if Skippy can control his thugs

10)   Is the glass half-full? Half-empty?  Or, do you look at it like me and say the glass is dirty and needs to be washed?

Ed Note:  The glass has been washed many a time, it still comes out of the dishwasher caked with the foul smell that our defender experiences as he chases the Aggie receiver lumbering to the end zone ahead of him.

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