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On August 25, 2010, in Travel, by admin

A recent trip to Las Vegas merits a review, but this one with a bit of a business twist. With the economical times teetering on the brink of a lapse into double dip recession, I was interested to return to Las Vegas for some time off. I am a regular visitor to sin city, but not in the typical sense.  I am not that into gambling. I into the restaurant, drinking, people watching, and most of all over the last two years:  the business end of Las Vegas. With the economical meltdown came the same meltdown of the Las Vegas economy…it fell and landed with a resounding thump.  But I have noticed the trend over the last few trips that the numbers seem to be returning. This trip was no different. In fact, the numbers really seemed to be close to what it was pre-meltdown. A trip to one of my clients on this trip confirmed.  My client from my practice as a consultant is very well connected in Las Vegas, as they have done a lot of work in the city. They quickly indicated, over a cup of coffee in the 115 degree heat, that business had picked up. In fact, they indicated the pricing for Saturday night rooms has “gotten ridiculous”.  I found out. The Las Vegas economy is returning, despite our current economic climate where there are a lot of nay sayers thinking we are headed for double dip recession. I secured a room using the wife’s frequent player card for Harrah’s. I selected the Imperial Palace (IP) as it was the cheapest of the cheapest on this offer.  However, when my wife was unable to make this trip, I tried to check in.  She needed to be there. So what started as a $94 rate for 4 nights (yes, I said 4 nights) turned into a $320 rate for 4 nights. Yes, as my client indicated, the driver was Saturday night rate, at $130. Even my beloved Motel 6 (the Stratosphere…I really like this place for a cheap stay normally) was $150 a night….$150! I have never seen the Strat at that price.  This was going to be my fall back. OK. I guess this is less of a Las Vegas review than a quick post on the Las Vegas economy….it really seems to be coming back.

The restaurants we visited were the usuals High End Steakhouses, a martini at Binions Ranch, our must visit to In n Out Burger (yes, coming soon to Garland Texas), and a wonderful evening at Pasta Mia (this one you need to go to in Vegas….it is outstanding….decent pricing and kick ass food…do not let the location fool you). We also did Diablos in front of Monte Carlo….great balcony above the street.  While there was a battle of the bands night that evening, the food was very disappointing, unlike prior visits.  The prices had increased, and the food was just a lot less appealing. Skip it this time.

Despite the alarmist in the Las Vegas economy and our economical times currently, get out and spend some in Las Vegas….just do not go into debt doing it.


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