Lexington Kentucky Travel Review

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Today we explore the world of business travel. Our destination this time was Lexington Kentucky, home of what seems to be a million horse farms.  Uh, should we call them equestrian centers?  I have no idea. I know very little about this sport.  What I can say is that Lexington Kentucky has two things that are painfully obvious:  their love for University of Kentucky basketball, and their many horse farms.  In fact, the city seems to be branded by these, as there are statues of horses throughout the city.  Now of course, you wonder, business travel to Lexington Kentucky?  Well I cannot really go into that, but suffice it to say, this was the a business travel destination.  Not knowing anything about the city, the first impression was the fly in.  Acres upon acres of horse farms surrounding the airport. Each farm had matching fences, same color, same height, apparently same wood. Yes the pic about depicts the standard issue fence.  Secondly, each pasture was averaging around 50-100 acres, near as I could tell, and there would be like 3 horses on them total. Spoiled ponies, really. The view was breathtaking from the air, and equally as impressive on the ground. Now as far as hotel goes, I had no idea where I was going, and I was put in a down town Hilton.  Here is where the basketball comes in.  It was right across the street from the University of Kentucky basketball arena.  Once I got to this central city, all the horse images all but disappeared and the talk and wardrobe of choice had to do with University of Kentucky basketball, and coach John Capelari (spelling?) sightings in the city.Though no where near basketball season, this is all they talked about.  Arena holds 24,000.  They stand all game. They are loud. They are rabid.  We Big 12 ( or Ten, or Big 12 going on 10, whatever) could use to tear a page from their book.  We have the teams, now we need the true fans.

My business destination was strange indeed.  We had to drive through miles of horse farms to get to our destination.  Very cool indeed. Along the way we saw a

few tobacco farms.  My traveling buddy had never seen tobacco in the field before.  Not much of that in Waco Texas.  I had not seen it since a kid. Western Wisconsin used to have some tobacco operations when smoking was much more in vogue. These fields were laced in between the horse farms.  And in the end, the thing that struck us was that all of the fields, for miles around, were all well manicured. It appears the folks cut the fields where their spoiled ponies roam. Now none of this is particularly earth shaking in its own rigtht, but we found this very interesting.

The restaurants were excellent.  A down town spot called Bellini’s served us dinner the first night. Excellent high end Italian food that well made up for its lackluster and unimaginative name. Lunch the next day as at a joint called Malones. Decent, nothing to write home about, but still enjoyable.

Couple of this with an airport that is easy to get in and out of due to its smaller size, coupled with truly nice people in the services industry there, and this was a pleasant experience. I am certain my travels will take me back there….and I look forward to it.

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