Guilt in America, Weight Watchers 101

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Yup.  You got it, fat America. This post is about our obesity and not so much the effects on America overall. First of all, lets get business matters straight.  I stole this pic from their website.  So sue me. This is the pic you see in their sign up page of the official weight watchers web site. As far as dieting goes, this thing is a god send to fat people everywhere, but, only if you really choose to do something about it. Now, let me say, I am not meaning to throw darts at all the fat people irresponsibly. But for those fat people who find it necessary to con their insurance companies to getting them an electric chair because they are just to lazy to walk, well, I am throwing darts at you.  And may they land as a direct hit.  If I have to go through one more narrow grocery store isle doing battle with the electric chair piloted by some fat jockey who has convinced themselves that life has just dealt them a bad card, so screw it, they are going to get what they deserve and consume 46,000 calories a day doing it, well, I may go postal.

Now for the apologies due in line here. I know some have physical ailments. I know some have metabolism in-balances. Some have other medical issues I am to stupid to know about.  This post is not for you. Only you can disseminate your conscience appropriately.  The rest, they are fooling themselves at best.

Now for my own darts. I am a graduate of Weight Watchers. But, as is the case for many people, I lost a bunch, and put back a bunch. The numbers:  I started at 231 (6’2″ male), reduced to a low of 188, and now at 215. Break. Let me get a sip of wine before I continue.  So you see, I am not saint.  I throw this criticism at myself as well as anyone else.  Also, please note, there is not advertising on this website for Weight Watchers, so I am not trying to sell you anything for personal gain (at least in this post…ha).

Here is the fact and why I write this.  I am headed back to the program. I am a life time member, but, did not do what was necessarily to keep this up without paying again.  But, what I learned in loosing those 43 lbs (count em, from top to lowest),will never leave.  I do not need to go back and pay the initiation fee once again.  I know it all. It all comes down to the discipline to follow the program.

In a nut shell, this program is no more than calorie counting. But, they put a formula in place that translate calories to points based upon certain parameters for the food quality, fiber, fat, all the usual suspects.  They allocate you points based upon your body type. And then, it is up to you.  This is where the meetings help.  I do not believe the on-line folks overall have as much success as those who go to the meetings.  Many food tips and ideas are shared there.  And you guess it. The meetings are filled with those huge beasts who may have dawned an electric chair….the difference?  They are truly trying to do something about it. They are struggling, cause they are serious. I am amazed at the openness of most of these people, and my heart goes out them.  Not in morbid sympathy…they do not want this, but because, they are really, really trying.

I was overweight, but did not show it that bad. When I lost all that weight, many friends said I went too far…..but medically speaking, my maximum weight is supposed to be 194.  So I am now 21 pounds over my maximum. Only I can change this.  Thanks to Weight Watchers, I have tools for life to know how to deal with it….no follow on, no shitty hype driven sale, just true practical results.  Weight Watchers does not promise the moon.  They give the tools to deliver just what you personally put into it to deliver.

Really, kinda wish they had an affiliate program to put an ad on this website.  I believe in this that much.  And, I am faced with the necessity to do something once again about the weight to pull it back to something a little more reasonable.  Yes, I failed, only in the fact that I gave in to what most dieting people give into, they loose and put back.

I will hope to contain this once again.  And you see, my criticism of those electric chair jockeys do not come without responsibility of my own. But I have the tools to change once again, and it may be a on-going struggle as I love to eat and drink.  IT IS UP TO ME.

I love to tell the story in one of the early meetings as I was on the road to loosing 43 pounds, after I lost my first 6 pounds in a week (guys have it so much easier than women), the Weight Watchers leader asked me to share my success with others in the meeting.  “What did you do to loose 6 pounds so quickly?” I responded that she really did not want to know. She said, “C’mon, share with everyone so they can know:.  I said, ” I drank my points away with Vodka”.  She said, “seriously, what did you do for your success?”  I repeated that I drank my points away with Vodka.

You see, that is the beauty of Weight Watchers, YOU CHOOSE how to spend you points. They preach healthy foods and you will get many suggestions for the such, but in the end, you decide.  I love this program.  And you know, it is really a spin on good ole common sense. You consume more calories (points) than you take in.  Tonight, I am choosing to drink my points away, without dinner.

Now if you electric chair fat people can go with this, go for it.  I am behind you. There is room for failure.  I am proof. I have back slid. But with the tools that Weight Watchers gives you, my friend, it is totally up to you, and noone else.


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